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About the POWERotics Foundation and Hans Meijer

Erotic Power Exchange Information

The POWERotics Foundation existed from the mid 1990s through the mid 2000s.

Hans Meijer, the chairman of the POWERotics Foundation, permitted me to post several of his articles on my website.

For a fuller understanding of what the POWERotics Foundation was and what it did, here is a contemporary description copied from the DarkPerfection.com website.

The POWERotics Foundation is an independent, international non-profit organization, built by people from the erotic power exchange (BDSM) world. The organisation was founded in 1995 with the objective to both support organisations an individuals, publishing high quality information about erotic power exchange or produce and publish such information.

As an Internet publisher the Foundation is predominantly focussed on the heterosexual dominant man & submissive woman relationship. It offers basic, important information for free plus a fountain of knowledge and entertainment in various members sites:

  • POWERotics: a site offering standard and in depth information for the Maledom/femsub oriented erotic power exchange lifestyle
  • La Societe Libertaine: a site concentrating on the gothic oriented Maledom/femsub erotic power exchange lifestyle
  • The Femdomme Zone: a site, offering information for those, oriented on female dominantion
  • Shibari: information about erotic Japanese bondage
  • The Torquemada Collection: an entertainment/information site about torture
  • The Academy: online personalized workshops for dominant men and submissive women

External facilities, hosted by the POWERotics Foundation:

  • Boudoir Noir online BDSM magazine
  • The Erotic Power Exchange Information Center information for professionals, confronted with erotic power exchange in their profession, such as lawyer therapists, journalists, law enforcement and educators
  • The International Maledom/femsub Guild an organisation of responsible erotic power exchange oriented Internet site owners

The POWERotics portal site can be found at http://www.powerotics.com

The POWERotics Foundation tries to avoid the obvious stereotypes and offers open information on all aspects of erotic power exchange, without being pornographic. The POWERotics Foundation offers non prejudiced information and opposes prejudiced or discriminative legislation, including efforts to limit the freedom of speech on the Internet as well as elsewhere or efforts to limit the right of people to inform and express themselves.

The POWERotics initiative was born on the Internet when a group of friends decided it was time to set up a facility, totally dedicated to the Maledom/femsub erotic power exchange culture. At that moment in time there was little or no dedicated information available. The initiative has been non-profit from the start. The POWERotics Foundation is a Dutch-based organisation with an international board with both male and female boardmembers. The Foundation heavily relies on a volunteer team, but just as much on members and sponsors. Its sites are visited by tens of thousands of people every day. The POWERotics Foundation deliberately keeps it membership fees at a very reasonable level, in order to try and keep the treshhold to information low and available to everybody.

This description of Hans Meijer appeared at the end of another article he authored in 2007:

Hans Meijer is 54, a Dutch former journalist and government spokesmen, webmaster and filmmaker, active in the sexual and erotic information realm. He the chairman for the www.powerotics.com Foundation. This organization is dedicated to provide quality information about alternative lifestyles. His 5 e-book series Shibari Fumo Ryu about the Japanese erotic Shibari technique and art is considered groundbreaking.

Here is a review of Shibari Fumo Ryu by Dom Manator from 2005.

An author with the same name (possible the same person) has written two books available on Amazon.com including The Slave Girl, a novel of BDSM erotica (March 31, 2019.)

Thank you, Hans Meijer. I wish you the best of luck for all your endeavours.

Articles by Hans Meijer, the Chairman of the POWERotics Foundation