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Recommended Fonts

This page replaces the old "About This Site" page. The Contributors section and the Miscellaneous External Links section have been moved to their own pages.


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Font Samples

Decorative Fonts

This site is best viewed with one of the following fonts installed:

  • Burton's Nightmare: similar to the writting used in Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Goodfellow: Similar to the font above.
  • Creepygirl: Freeware Truetype font.
  • Morpheus: a Freeware Truetype font which resembles the lettering used in Neil Gaiman's Sandman series.
  • Dauphin

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Body Fonts

Most of the text on this site is best viewed with at least one f the following fonts installed:

  • MS Serif
  • New York
  • Helvetica
  • Arial Narrow
  • Arial

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Cool Fonts

The following decorative fonts aren't use on this site but they're still nice:

  • Bluegum: closely resembles Goodfellow and Burton's Nightmare. (Is it the same as one of them? I can't tell.)
  • Infinite Sadness: Another similar font.
  • Lansbury: Yet another sililar decorative Font
  • Caligula
  • Abaddon
  • Mephisto

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Miscellaneous External Links


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