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Ambrosio's Personal Ad

Central Texas Gentleman Top ISO Friends and Play Partners

Someone's playing a game with you. You are part of it, and you are getting to like it.
  - Emmanuelle Seigneur as the Girl
    The Ninth Gate
    wr. Enrique Urbiz, John Brownjohn, and Roman Polanski


I'm an experienced gentleman top with dominant tendencies: height weight proportionate, on the heavy side but not obese, drug and disease free, single white male professional in his early 40s. I am self-aware and caring. I currently live in Austin but I am well known in San Antonio, Louisville (KY), and Lexington (KY.) I've been in the BDSM scene since approximately 1994 and active since about 1995. I'm a member of GWNN, National Leather Association International, and SASSY. I founded SAS/M and SADD. I've served on the boards of KUFS (in Lexington) and SAS/M. For more details, view my profile.

Up Close and Personal

BDSM is a big part of my life but I don't define who I am by my role as a top. I'm a real person. I'm more than an adjective.

When one bases one's identity on a lifestyle, isn't one confusing the artifice with it's creator, the house with it's occupant, the facade with the feeling self? A house without an occupant is not a home, a life-style without a self is not a person.
- Alexander Lowen, MD
Narcissism: Denial of the True Self   (209)

There's more to me than BDSM. I'm intelligent, well-read, caring, considerate, talented, honorable, polite, funny, and imperfect.

when you're pretty as a picture
they pound down your door
but i've been offered love
in two dimensions before
and i know that it's not all
it's made out to be
let's show them how it's done
let's do it all imperfectly
 - Ani DiFranco

I'm a geek -- an endearing geek with a quirky sense of humor. I collect obscure books, make esoteric references, spend far too much time on my computer, and watch cult movies, foreign films, & Star Trek.

So if you're looking for an infallible, omnipotent "true Master" who's always in control, keep looking. That's not me. (At least not all the time.)


I am looking for an intelligent, healthy, height weight proportionate, special single female bottom or female switch (Single White Female 36-62.) Above all she must be sincere, honest, and communicative. I also value intelligence, kindness, and open mindedness. I'd like her to be well read or widely read.

My Type?

I don't have a particular type per se. I'm not indiscriminate but I can find beauty in many different shapes and sizes. I'm attracted to ...

  • healthy rubenesque beauties
  • petite gurrls with peach fuzz buzz cuts and body mods
  • classical beauties with corn feed good looks
  • women who are none of the above
I have to admit that appearance isn't everything (but it is something.)

First Meeting Expectations

For first meetings I try to meet potential play partners in coffee shops or restaurants. I won't be in "Dom mode" and I don't expect the submissive to be in "sub mode" either. I don't like feeling like I'm auditioning for a role. I want to meet and get to know a "real" person before we start playing roles.

In a first meeting I only expect the same respect and consideration from a potential submissive that I would give other people -- dom, sub, switch, and vanilla alike. Any role playing would have to follow negotiation. In other words, I'm not in the habit of "pulling rank" without negotiating first.

I don't expect honorifics from someone before I've negotiated with them. Although I must admit I find it very pleasant when ladies call me "sir." However, I do not want her to address me as "master." That might come later -- ot not at all -- after time and negotiation.

Sexual Identification:

I'd like to believe I'm tolerant and open minded. I have gay and transgendered friends and I respect their sexual orientation and gender identitification. However, sex with another man does not interest or appeal to me. Don't misrepresent yourself if you are male. When you do that, you're messing with someone else's sexual identity and that's a poor way to start a relationship.

Online Virtual D/S?

I'm not really interested in Online Virtual D/S. I'm a terrible typist and it takes me too much effort for too little return. I'd be willing to correspond via email for a while but I prefer telephone calls and face to face meetings. If you are only interested in submitting online, we wouldn't be a good match.

About Service:

In addition to playing, I am open to a strictly service oriented relationship -- non-sexual. I will accept petitions from a submissive who sincerely wishes to make my life easier by performing domestic duties or computer related tasks. He or she would have to be detail-oriented, loyal, hardworking, and respectful with a positive self-image and clear objectives. If you are interested, write me a short biography, a list of objectives, and a list of the skills you are offering (such as cleaning, sewing, painting, cooking, art, mathematical, automotive, grammatical, spelling, writing, and computer.)

I will not request or accept any financial contributions from a submissive.

Caveat: If you wish to be part of a long-standing leatherman tradition (i.e., "old guard") I cannot oblige. I have not been mentored in the old guard tradition or "earned my leathers." But I am knowledgable and honorable.

Meeting Safety

If you are considering meeting a stranger online or in person -- myself included -- please read Some Notes on Safety for Meeting Online and Off . I don't take any offense at someone being cautious with me. (I know that I'm safe and honest but you don't.)


If you want more particulars then view my profile: "Big Time Sensuality". Are you ready to open a dialog? Then contact me.

Postscript on Writing Conventions

You might notice that I don't automatically capitalize "dom words" and type "sub words" in all lower case. ("Thank you slave pam for your gift to Me. I appreciate the care that you showed in preparing My gift.") I am aware of the slavese convention but I choose not to observe it in public writing. I'm not criticizing how other people choose to identify themselves. I am only trying to incorporate the rules I learned -- with great effort -- in my English classes. You may use what ever text case you wish -- EXCEPT PLEASE NOT ALL CAPS. (I always feel like someone is yelling at me when I read text in all caps.)

I hope you liked my ad. Please write me if you think we'd make a good match.

Yours in Pleather,
Ambrosio of Austin

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