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About the Mailing List

Even though the monthly newsletter and the monthly privacy review have been discontinued indefinitely -- see the item below for more details -- this list will remain active with press releases, announcements, and forwards.

Ambrosio's BDSMTX News is a low volume mailing list featuring announcements, press releases, occasional relevant articles about WIITWD, privacy issue links, interesting URLs, etc., The emphasis is on Central Texas but the rest of Texas, the U.S., and -- occasionally -- the World are covered. Contents will be identified in the Subject header. They will include:

  • ACT - Action alerts with detailed contact information. (No email petitions or dubious warnings about an Internet sales tax.)
  • ART - Articles and essays -- mostly by other authors and in the public domain or reposted with permission -- that relate to WIITWD. Proper attribution given whenever possible.
  • FLUFF - humor and attempted humor with strictly BDSM themes -- no O.J. Simpson or Florida recount jokes.
  • ME - Short personal notes from the moderator or announcements about "Ambrosio's BDSM Website."
  • MOD - Announcements that relate directly to the mailing list
  • NET - Netiquette, Internet, and Technology
  • NEWS - BDSM news: San Antonio, Austin, Greater Texas, and National.(The monthly newsletter has been discontinued.)
  • OT - Off Topic -- Esoterica with a tenuous connection to WIITWD
  • POL - Politics that effect individual privacy and sexual freedom
  • PR - Press Releases
  • PROTO - D/s protocol and scene etiquette
  • SEX - (very occasional) mainstream articles about sex, relationships, and gender issues.
  • URL - links to interesting websites

(While this seems like a lot, the number of posts will remain low.) Some items which won't be included are: Flames, chain letter petitions, fake virus warnings, personal attacks on friends or enemies, and spam. Ambrosio is willing to forward relevant announcements and press releases. Please use the standard press release format. For help, you can use the Press Release Generator at

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About the Old Newsletter:

June 7, 2003

Dear Fellow Leatherfolk,

The past few months have been challenging for me.  In March I left my job as a professional web developer.  That's lead me to take on new challenges and excuse myself from old responsibilities.  I've had to reluctantly resign from the Board of SAS/M and put aside some projects I had been working on.  I didn't want my newsletter to be one of those projects but I've concluded that I don't have the time or energy to continue it in the way I think it should be done.  I wanted the newsletter to encompass all the scene activity in Central Texas *and* to include the most pertinent scene news from the rest of the state, the country, and sometimes the world.  

But there are other newsletters that do a great job -- some at reporting regional news and others covering national and even international news.  I've listed them at the bottom of this message.

One day I might start up this newsletter again -- if no one else creates something similar before I get around to it.  In the meantime I will continue to forward relevant announcements, articles, and news items that I think deserve your attention.  I hope you will find them informative.

In closing I want to thank the people who have helped me with the newsletter or have provided me with news items -- including but not limited to Bamm! (SAADE), Carolyn, Sally (GWNN), David (SAADE), Kenneth (ADD), and Travis ("Just Travis") of Houston.   Most importantly I must thank bunny of Bosco and bunny who spent many hours proof reading several issues and who prevented me from look worse than I would have otherwise by correcting grammatical errors, editorial oversights, and noomerous spelling misteaks.  ;-)

Yours in Leather

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    Periodically (3-4 times a month normally) there is an email update of BDSM oriented things happening in Houston, or things that happen elsewhere that would be of interest to those in Houston who are into BDSM/Fetish. If you would like to be on that email list (it is free), visit on the HoustonBDSM Page of Travis ("Just Travis") at
  • kinkytexans
    This is a discussion and information group for people in the B*D*S*M lifestyle in Texas. Find out about groups and events in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and elsewhere in Texas and the surrounding states. Discuss any issue related to B*D*S*M - b0ndage, D/s, S/M, etc. Not affiliated with any group and open to all.
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National Lists

  • POWERotics BDSM Daily News
    The only global BDSM Daily Newspaper
    Published Monday - Friday from the POWERotics Daytona and Amsterdam News Desks.
    Sources: NCSF, SWL (Germany), LeatherMedia.
    All user info:
  • NCSF Media Updates
    NCSF has a distribution list for pertinent news stories from mainstream news publications but it's difficult to subscribe to it and even more difficult to stay subscribed.  
    The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) is a national organization committed to altering the political, legal, and social environment in the United States in order to guarantee equal rights for consenting adults who practice forms of alternative sexual expression. NCSF is primarily focused on the rights of consenting adults in the SM-leather-fetish, swing, and polyamory communities, who often face discrimination because of their sexual expression.
  • The Leather Journal

Calendars of Events:

Opinion and Articles:

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