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The Leather History Timeline


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Die Fledermaus archives historical documents
Time Event
ADDENDUM: BR2000, Black Rose achieves peak attendance with 2000 attendees.

contrib. Chris M. Dec. 2022.
2000, Feb. Mark Frazier announces the beginning of his SM Video Project. The documentary film, eventually titled Out of the Darkness- The Reality of SM, premiered in February 2001.
2000, Feb. 1 Club X A jury in San Diego, CA unanimously acquitted Crickett Watkins, the first of The San Diego Six charged with committing a Lewd Act in Public. The city attorney of San Diego drops all charges against the remaining five plaintiffs in the Club X play party raid. The board of Club X San Diego accepted the recommendation by its LeatherFest executive staff that LeatherFest XI be postponed 2001. The new date would be Labor Day Weekend of 2001 and it was held in Palm Springs, CA.
2000, Feb. 17-20 The Leather Archives and Museum opened its doors on Friday, February 20 in cold Chicago weather. The dream of Leather Archives founder Chuck Renslow has finally been realized as over 200 Leatherfolk were in the Windy City for the ribbon cutting, the Centurion Awards and tours of what they helped raise over $200,000 to get started.
2000, Feb. The 15 Association of San Francisco celebrated its 20th Anniversary on the last weekend of February. The club was recognized by San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown for its long history of community service.
2000, Mar. Menamore held Lion's Pride XI. The special guest was To Love, To Obey, To Serve and Damphir author Viola Johnson. Over $5,000 was raised for the Leather Archives and Museum.
2000, Mar. The New York Eagle closed its doors in the Meat Packing District after 30 years..
2000, Mar Mystic Rose Books releases The Academy: Tales of the Marketplace (The Marketplace Series, 4) Laura Antoniou (Author), Cecilia Tan (Author), Michael Hernandez (Author), David Stein (Author), M. Christian (Author), Karen Taylor (Editor)
2000, Mar. KC Pioneers The Kansas City Pioneers celebrated their 25th Anniversary with their Silverado 2000 run at the Downtown Marriott Hotel in Kansas City, MO. As part of the weekend, the first Conference of Conference took place with member clubs of the Mid-America Conference of Clubs, American Motorcycle Conference of Clubs, Texas Conference of Clubs, Southeast Conference of Clubs and the Houston Conference of Clubs. Also, Northwind held Rubbout X in Vancouver, Canada This has become one of the major stops for rubber/latex players each year. The Shipmates held their 26th Anniversary.
2000, March
ADDENDUM: According to the English version of the "Datenschlag Chronicle of Sadomasochismus (DACHS)": The Gießen based SM group SMall attempts to run ads in the daily newspaper the Gießener Anzeiger. The Gießener Anzeiger does not feel it appropriate to print ads with this type of content and advises the group to contact other newspapers.
CITED by DACHS: Schlagworte March 22, 2000 contrib. Ambrosio. late 2022.
2000, March/April
ADDENDUM: "Safe Sane and Consensual" a Proposed Definition by Chris M. --- An attempt at a formal definition of our most famous rubric --- appears in Petal and Thorn, March/April 2000.

contrib. Chris M. Dec. 2022.
2000, March 6
ADDENDUM: According to the English version of the "Datenschlag Chronicle of Sadomasochismus (DACHS)":

The first version of the Datenschlag Chronicle of Sadomasochism (DACHS) is published as an HTML document on the Internet by Kathrin Passig and Wolf Deunan (BDSM Berlin e.V.). The document is approximately 90 KB.

contrib. Ambrosio. late 2022.
2000, Mar. 11 The members of Spearhead in Toronto, Canada celebrated their 30th Anniversary at the Royal Canadian Curling Club founded in 1970, Spearhead is the oldest Leather/Denim affiliation in Canada.
2000, Mar. 31-Apr. 2 The fourth Leather Leadership Conference is held in Washington, D.C.
2000, May. 13 Representatives from 31 groups and organizations gathered at the Leather Archives and Museum in Chicago for Illinois Leather Summit 2000, a one-day conference that focused on legal issues of concern to the Leather community, specifically concentrating on Illinois laws. The Summit was the result of months of work by kink-friendly attorneys, legal consultants and dedicated volunteers who spent endless hours researching Illinois state, county and municipal statutes.
2000, May IML: Mike Taylor, Mr. Heartland Leather 2000, is named IML 2000.  First runner-up is Scott Bloom, Mr. Pistons Leather, sponsored by Pistons LLC, Long Beach, California. Second runner up is Bob “ Puppy “ Pedder, Mr. Boston Leather 2000, sponsored by CRC Associates, Boston.
2000, July
ADDENDUM: According to the English version of the "Datenschlag Chronicle of Sadomasochismus (DACHS)":

In the DSM-IV-TR, a revised reversion of the diagnostic handbook DSM-IV, the American Psychiatric Association alters the diagnostic criteria for „Sexual Sadism“.

In the revised version of the handbook such a diagnosis is now only allowed if the impulse or fantasies cause distress. Consensual acts are excluded as diagnostic criteria.

CITED by DACS: Schlagworte July 22, 2000

SEE ALSO: Some Notes on Psychology, Homosexuality, and Sadomasochism

contrib. Ambrosio. late 2022.
2000, Jul. 8 Attleboro, Massachusetts Police Two police officers in Attleboro, Massachusetts, break into a  warehouse looking for stolen guitars, interrupting a private play party. The resulting arrests and publicity quickly become known as the "Paddleboro case," one of the recent court cases involving SM. They seized partygoers’ Palm Pilots, which contained personal contact information. One of the arrestees was charged with “possession of an item of self-abuse”—the sort of thing that you apparently know when you see it—and another was charged with “possession of a dangerous weapon,” which turned out to be a large kitchen spoon.
2000, July 21
ADDENDUM: According to the English version of the "Datenschlag Chronicle of Sadomasochismus (DACHS)": The American SM activist and creator of the Leather Pride Flag, Dr. Anthony DeBlase, dies after a prolonged illness.

CITED by DACHS: Schlagworte July 22, 2000

According to an obituary written by Joseph W. Bean:

Tony DeBlase aka Fledermaus
written by Joseph W. Bean

Tony DeBlase, one of the great innovators and leaders of the leather community and creator of the Leather Pride Flag, died peacefully in Portland, Oregon, on July 21, 2000, after an extended illness, largely involving liver failure. He is survived by his lover of more than 24 years, Dr. Andrew Charles in Portland, as well as his mother, Ida, and two sisters, Stephanie DeBlase and Mary DeBlase Hurst, all of South Bend, Indiana. DeBlase, born April 3, 1942, was just 58 at the time of his death.

Dr. DeBlase—a mammalogist, specializing in the biology of bats—was engaged in museum administration and development for much of his professional life. His career in museums included at least ten years at Chicago’s Field Museum and substantial work in the development of the Connor Prairie Museum in Indiana before he became involved in the founding and development of The Leather Archives & Museum, where he served as Vice President of the Board of Directors from 1992 until 2000.

A renowned gourmet cook, DeBlase was active in various cooking and dining organizations, and felt it was a great honor in 1999 to be permitted to cook for the International Association of Culinary Professionals at his home in Oregon.

Also known as Fledermaus—a name he usually reserved for fictions about leather and SM—and as Richard W. Krousher (you work out the nickname), author of Physical Interrogation Techniques, Tony DeBlase was one of the most active lecturers, demonstrators, instructors and one might even say philosophers of leathersex in the latter third of the 20th Century. His accomplishments as a leather leader are legendary.

An early member of Chicago Hellfire Club, DeBlase attended all but one of the club’s infamous Infernos, a record only matched by one founding member. What’s more, DeBlase was a major factor in the development of Inferno and in exporting the lessons learned and formulas tested there to other, less experienced SM clubs. He was the founder of the Contest and Demonstration Schedule at Inferno which, since its inception more than 20 years ago, has become an important factor in the success of the event.

In 1982, as Fledermaus, DeBlase produced a collection of stories, published by Larry Townsend as The Fledermaus Anthology, many of which have become imitated classics of the genre.

As the founding publisher of DungeonMaster magazine—49 issues from 1979 to 1994—DeBlase practically invented the field of SM technique publishing, preceded only by Larry Townsend’s Leatherman’s Handbook. Many of the articles from those DungeonMaster magazines, a major portion of them written by DeBlase himself, remain the best, most extensive or even the only published sources of the information they explain so carefully.

It was in 1986 that Tony DeBlase and his partner Dr. Charles moved from Chicago to San Francisco and purchased the Drummer family of magazines from Alternate Publishing. The previously ailing titles, Drummer included, thrived under DeBlase’s passionate direction, reaching their peak in power and influence by the time they were sold in 1992. And, in 1988, as publisher of Drummer and owner of the Mr. Drummer contest, DeBlase moved the contest from Gay Pride in June to late September to coincide with the Folsom Street Fair, creating "San Francisco Leather Pride Weekend," a six day calendar of leather and SM events, many of which depended on DeBlase for their success in some way.

As a project of the Leather Archives & Museum, DeBlase created the Leather History Time Line. Four editions of the time line have been published so far, the first in 1993 and the most recent in 1999.

Among the many honors and awards given to DeBlase in recognition of his achievements were NLA’s Man of the Year award in 1987, Pantheon of Leather’s Business Person of the Year Award in 1990, its Lifetime Achievement award in 1994 and the Forebear Award in 1997. Among the honors bestowed on him by the leather community, the one DeBlase said he treasured most was the coveted Caligula Award from Chicago Hellfire Club for service to Inferno.

Of course, the most widely celebrated of Tony DeBlase’s achievements in the world of leather is and probably always will be the Leather Pride Flag which he presented to the world as a "proposed design idea" on May 28, 1989, at International Mr. Leather. As the creator of the flag, he was often asked to explain the colors and design, but consistently refused to do so, insisting that each person could do that for himself. The design was immediately embraced and began appearing in parades within a month of its

introduction, and turned up in shops as a bumper sticker barely two months later. Deconstructions and recompositions of the flag’s familiar black, blue and white stripes with a red accent—originally a heart—are common, but the design itself was accepted worldwide as introduced.

DeBlase the teacher and leather leader, the editor and editorialist, the writer and publisher; Fledermaus the story teller; and Dr. DeBlase the brilliant gourmet cook, scientist and textbook writer will all be long and fondly remembered, but it is Tony, the loyal friend and constant counselor of so many leathermen and leatherwomen who will be most profoundly missed by the hundreds or thousands who had come to depend on him for advice, instruction and comfort.

contrib. Ambrosio. late 2022.
2000, Jul. 21-23 Atons of Minneapolis host Gopher XIV, The Legend of Paul Bunyan
2000, Sep. 29-Oct. 1 The first Great Lakes Leather Conference is held in Louisville, Kentucky.
2000, Oct. 13-15 The Tom of Finland Foundation hosts its sixth Erotic Art Weekend in Los Angeles
2000, Nov. NGLTF The Leather Archives and Museum, National Coalition For Sexual Freedom (NCSF) and The Leather Leadership Conference (LLC) hosted a reception and weekend outreach effort at the 13th annual NGLTF Creating Change at the Westin Peachtree Plaza in downtown Atlanta, GA. This was the first time such a collective of SM/Leather/Fetish national organizations were represented at the world's largest GLBT conference. 750 Leatherfolk made a highly-visible presence.
2000, Nov. 10-11 GMS/MA (Gay Male S/M Activists) of New York, NY has been around 20 full years. The club with over 500 members worldwide celebrated its 20th Anniversary during its Leatherfest.
2000, Nov. 17 Christopher Posler has been hired as assistant director of the Leather Archives and Museum.
2000, Nov. 27 Cuff Comples Scott Rodriguez, co-owner of The Cuff Complex died on November 27. Scott was a Seattle Men in Leather member, the founder and president of the Washington State Mr. Leather Organization and was named the 1999 GSBA Business Man of the Year. Scott served as a judge for the International Mr. Drummer Contest, American Brotherhood Contest and numerous local and regional contests. He was recipient of the Pantheon of Leather Business Person of the Year Award in 1994 and Northwest Regional Award in 1997. He served on the boards of Generic Leather Productions (GLP), and NLA, Seattle Chapter.
2000, Dec. 12 NLA Florida presents a proposed pledge of allegiance to the Leather Pride flag at its holiday party in Fort Lauderdale. The pledge reads: “ I pledge allegiance to the Leather Pride flag, and the union of Leather people for which it stands, with safety, sanity and consent for all .”
Time Event
2001 Celebrating 10 Years:ABW American Brotherhood Weekend, ABLE Productions, Washington, DC; Defenders: Denver LLC, Denver, CO; Edge Bar, San Francisco, CA; Key West Wreckers, Key West, FL; Leather Archives and Museum, Chicago, IL; Leather Walk by AIDS Emergency Fund, San Francisco, CA; Mr. and Ms Alameda County Leather Contest by Alameda County Leather Corps, Hayward, CA; Rubbout X by Northwind, Vancouver, Canada' Texas Leather Pride X by NLA: Austin, Austin, TX; Uniform Leather Ball by Phoenix Uniform Club, San Francisco, CA.
2001 Celebrating 15 Years: Golden Gate Guards, San Francisco, CA; International Ms Leather Contest, Omaha, NE; Utica Tri's Motorcycle Club, Utica, NY.
2001 Celebrating 20 Years:Cuffs bar, Los Angeles, CA; Defenders NY, New York, NY; Lesbian Sex Mafia (LSM), New York, NY; North West Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf, Seattle, WA.
2001 Celebrating 30 Years: DC Eagle, Washington, DC; The Eulenspiegel Society (TES), New York, NY; Tribe, Detroit, MI; Unicorn Motorcycle Club, Cleveland, OH; 25th Anniversaries.
2001, Jan. After a storied history of 27 years, the SFGDI Club voted to disband in January. A huge crowd turned up at the Eagle on January 20th to wish them well.
2001, Jan Mystic Rose Books releases The Slave (The Marketplace Series, 2) by Laura Antoniou writing as Sara Adamson
2001, Feb. 13 Out of The Darkness - The Reality of SM, a video containing interviews with leading psychotherapists, PHDs, MDs, CSWs and activists who share information and studies in an effort to distinguish SM from abuse debuted in Dallas, TX. The video was created and produced by Mark Frazier in conjunction with the National Leather Association.
ADDENDUM: According to Youtube: Filmed in 2001 by Mark Frazier and Hardy Haberman, the film discusses the myths and misconception about SM with members of the Leather Community including Race Bannon, Tony DeBlase and Joseph Bean. (14:58)

contrib. Ambrosio. late 2022.
2001, Feb. 17 San Francisco held the 35th Annual Motorcycle Awards presented by the Inter Club Fund at the California Club. There was a three way tie for Man of the Year: Tom Galante of the GDI, Cam Solari and Philip Turner. Two special presentations were to Cam Solari, Lifetime Achievement Award, and Gary Kenyon, The Frank Benoit Award.
2001, Feb. 25 DC Eagle Richard A. "Dick" McHugh, a fixture in Washington's gay community and owner of the DC Eagle tavern on New York Avenue from 1987 to 2000, died of lymphoma at his home in Washington. Mr. McHugh used the bar for benefits that raised funds for a variety of charities, including Brother, Help Thyself and Food for Friends. McHugh helped many gay organizations get off the ground, including the Atlantic States Gay Rodeo Association. He also supported the Centaur Motorcycle Club, the DC Bear Club and the DC Boys of Leather.
2001, Mar. 2-4 SPLF Productions held its inaugural annual event, South Plains Leather Fest at the Radisson Hotel - Dallas in Dallas, TX which offer over 35 workshops and more than 20 vendors.
2001, Apr. 2 Death of the leather poet John Eric Larsen, creator of Songs to My Master.
2001, May Stefan Mueller, Bavarian Mr. Leather 2001, becomes IML 2001, the second German to hold this title.   The first runner-up is Darrell Moyers, Mr. DC Eagle 2001, and the second runner-up Houston Davenport, Mr. San Francisco Leather 2001, sponsored by the Powerhouse Bar and Stompers Boots.
2001, May

Glenn Hughes, the Leatherman singer for the Village People passed away due to AIDs.

2001, Apr. 6-8 The fifth Leather Leadership Conference is held in Chicago,
2001, Jun. Throughout the month of June, In The Life, a gay/lesbian news magazine broadcast its first report on SM/Leather/Fetish on PBS television stations across the country.
2001, Jun. 20 Brush Creek Media's publishing offices in San Francisco and The Bear Store, their retail operation were closed in late June by the Internal Revenue Service for nonpayment of certain taxes owed. Several days later Brush Creek was back open and operating.
2001, Jul. 1 Mystic Rose Books releases The Trainer (The Marketplace Series, 3) by Laura Antoniou writing as Sara Adamson
2001, Jul. 5-8 Living in Leather XVI is held in Chicago.
CORRECTION: While scheduled for that weekend, the event was canceled due to the NLA's financial problems. They held the next Living in Leather the following year in Dallas (2002). That was the last Living in Leather conference. The book Living in Leather has more details on the NLA's history.

contrib. Steve Vakesh April 25, 2023.
2001, Aug. Aubry Hart Sparks A new Pride Foundation community based scholarship was established for students in the Pacific Northwest entering the fields of sex education, sex therapy, research or something that furthers the understanding of human sexuality, especially alternative sexuality. The scholarship will be named the Tony DeBlase Scholarship Foundation and was created by Aubrey Hart Sparks.
2001, Aug. 7 In Washington, DC on August 7, gearing up to expand its lobbying and education programs, The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) opened a Dupont Circle office in Washington, DC in August. AJ Altheimer, an NCSF staff member from Chicago, relocated to serve as NCSF's office manager.
2001, Aug. 10 The Hearts Foundation, a nonprofit organization in Chicago, IL that holds several fundraising events annually, donated $7,000 to Chicago's Leather Archives and Museum, the largest single donation ever made to the Museum. The huge donation was from proceeds raised at a first-ever IML (International Mr. Leather) -sanctioned tea dance produced by the Foundation.
2001, Aug. 24-26 The Leather Archives and Museum celebrates its tenth anniversary
2001, Sep. Only three days after the terrorists' attacks, San Francisco's Leather community rallied at Club Townsend to raise over $10,000 to contribute to the Red Cross and benefit those in New York and Washington, DC who were in need.
2001, Sep. 1-3 The first Ms. World Leather contest is held in Dallas, Texas.
2001, Sep. 12 In Memoriam OsadaThe world of Japanese Rope Artists was saddened with the news of the passing of Osada Eikichi. Osada Sensei was one of the most famous Nawa Sensei's in Japan. He was born on March 15, 1925 in Tochigi Prefecture. He was the founder of the Osada Seminar, a private membership SM organization in Japan. He was well known as an architect of the Japanese SM scene, and is regarded as the founder of the SM/Rope Art show in Japan. Indeed he was recognized as the Grand Master of Rope Art in Japan.
2001, Oct. 20 Northbound Leather of Toronto, Canada sponsored North America's largest fetish party, Ultra. Thousands participated with a huge fashion show, play parties and more.
2001, Nov. 10 The new owners of the Eagle's Nest in New York City had their grand reopening at 554 West 28th Street in Manhattan. The Eagle features two large floors, both with bars and pool tables. The previous location was closed on March 5, 2000 after being operated as a Levi/Leather bar since 1970.
2001, Nov. 25 Old guard Leatherman Jim Babin died at the age of 83. He was a charter member of Delta International, as well as a member of Chicago Hellfire Club, The 15 Association, Houston's Brotherhood of Pain and several other BDSM groups. Jim was survived by his slaveboy caspian.
2001, Dec. 11 NCSF On December 11, the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) and Barbara Nitke, an acclaimed New York City artist who operates her own web site, www.BarbaraNitke.com, filed a court challenge that aimed to overturn the last remaining Internet censorship provision of the flawed Communications Decency Act. In papers filed in Federal District Court in New York City, the NCSF and Nitke claimed that the CDAs remaining obscenity provision is so broad and vague that it violates free speech and inhibits the discussion of sexual issues on the Internet among adults.
Time Event
ADDENDUM: BR2002, Fakir Musafar and Cleo Dubois pay their first and only visit to Black Rose. They perform their “energy pull” for the first time on the east coast.

SEE ALSO: Gifts of the Circle: A Chronicle of the Hook Pull performed by Fakir Musafar and Cleo Duboise at Black Rose 2002

contrib. Chris M. Dec. 2022.
2002, Jan. 25-27 The book, Chainmale: 3SM--A Unique View of Leather Culture by Don Bastian was published. This fast-paced account of one man's experience with his own sexuality, and eventual involvement in a loving and successful threeway kink relationship, is uninhibited and honest. Flowing craftily between coming of age memories, thoughts, and philosophies, and personal scene-related experiences. Mr. Bastian's autobiographical tale of how his 3SM family came to be is engaging and intelligent. Hot yet informative, Chainmale is sure to be an instant classic!
2002, Jan. 25-27 CLAW CLAW (Cleveland Leather Annual Weekend), was a huge success with $5,000 being raised for the LGBT Service Center of Cleveland and the Leather Archives and Museum. Mr. Cleveland Leather Dennis McMahon hosted CLAW with the assistance of Mr. West Michigan Leather Robert Miller.
2002, Feb. 15-17 Pantheon of Leather is moved to Chicago from New Orleans due to security concerns and a conflict with the Super Bowl.
2002, Feb. 22 The bidding was fast and furious as The LA Boys of Leather held its first Boy/Boi Auction at Gauntlet II in Los Angeles, CA on February 22. $1,600 was raised for the Lupus Foundation and the LA Leather Coalition.
2002, Feb. 22-24 The 15 Association celebrated its 22nd Anniversary with a formal dinner at the Officers Club at Fort Mason and two hot dungeon parties the weekend of February 22-24 in San Francisco. Dave Rhodes and Peter Fiske presented the club the award they won for Small Event, Boot Camp XII, the weekend before at Pantheon of Leather in Chicago.
2002, Mar. The Leather Archives and Museum entered a new era at the beginning of March when Rick Storer took over as executive director. Storer has lived in Chicago for 12 years and has worked as a volunteer for International Mr. Leather and the Leather Archives and Museum and was actively involved with Masters and Slaves Together.
2002, Apr. 7 Guy Baldwin Guy Baldwin delivers a powerful speech at the sixth Leather Leadership Conference in Manhattan Beach , California, rejecting the philosophy of inclusion and emphasizing Old Guard values and self-responsibility as guides to developing as a leatherperson. The speech causes widespread debate. What strikes me most about those who question me closely about the Old Guard is how passionately they seem to be searching for something which they believe will somehow satisfy a deeply felt need....a longing for something they sense has been lost to us. When I question people closely about what this need is ... it almost always can be reduced to a few key words: sexiness, cohesion, intimacy, trust, reliability, integrity, accountability, and perhaps most importantly, a sense of family.
ADDENDUM: "The Leather Restoration: Sacred Cows Make the Best Hamburger"

contrib. Ambrosio Jan. 27, 2023.
2002, Apr. 26 St. Louis Leather and Lace held Beat Me In St. Louis VI in St. Louis, MO the weekend of April 26-28 with noted Leatherman and author of The Master's Manual, Jack Rinella, and author of The Loving Dominant, John Warren, topping the bill.
2002, May Stephen Weber, Mr. Texas Leather 2002, , sponsored by the Dallas Eagle, becomes International Mr. Leather 2002. First runner-up is Borisz Mos, Mr. Leather Holland 2002, and second runner-up is Herb Kaylor, Mr. DC Eagle 2002.
2002, May 12 ONE Institute and Archives, the oldest gay organization in the United State threw a benefit party while celebrating its 50th Anniversary. ONE Institute and Archives, founded in 1952, has accumulated the largest known collection of gay historical materials.
2002, May 28 Stephen Scott was born May 5,1963 in Stamford, CT and died from a drug overdose in the morning of May 28, 2002 in Chicago. Stephen was the first Mr. South Plains Leather in 2001 and the first Mr. Sooner State Leather in 2000, was a Leatherman for over 12 years and served as male cochair of the National Leather Association (NLA) Oklahoma City chapter. Stephen was one of the founders of Tribal Fire. Stephen helped raise thousands of dollars for the Winds House-OKC, the Walt Whitman School-Dallas and the Leather Literary Project through various fundraising endeavors. Stephen was elected to the board of directors of the Leather Archives and Museum and served as director of Outreach and Development. He lived in Oklahoma City with his partner of six years Gregory Gray.
2002, May 31 JJ's Clubhouse A committee of 13 local men and Ms St. Louis Leather Pride 2002 organized a Leather 101 Weekend at JJ's Clubhouse and Bar in St. Louis the weekend of May 31 - June 2. The weekend offered classes geared for the curious, the beginner, and to re-energize the Master. The special guest was Leather Archives and Museum director Rick Storer.
2002, Jun. 6 The first pansexual Southern California Leather Gathering took place at Frank G. Bonelli Regional County Park in San Dimas and exposed the Inland Empire area to Leather, BDSM, Fetish, Motorcycle and Bear groups.
2002, Jun. 15 San Francisco Drummerboy 2001 Jack Garcia and Mr. Edge Leather 2002 Scott Brogan founded the San Francisco Boys of Leather. The formation meeting was at Daddy's.
2002, Jul. 19-21 Atons of Minneapolis celebrate 30 years of existence at Gopher XV, including a spectacular outdoor sunset ceremony with a ring of torches set to light the parade of colors and a large XXX symbol set afire.  The Mid America Conference of Clubs also met at this event.
2002, Jul. 27 Russ Cosgrove of Calgary, Alberta becomes the first woman living outside the United States to win the title of International Ms. Leather at the contest in Omaha, Nebraska.
2002, Aug. 3-11 A proclamation is issued by Mayor Vera Katz of Portland, Oregon, designating this week as “ Leather Pride Week “ and recognizing the local leather community for its contribution to the city’s diversity  The move was immediately attacked by the Concerned Women of America.  Portland was the second city in the United States to issue such a proclamation, San Francisco having been first.
2002, Oct. Orange Coast Leather Assembly celebrates its tenth anniversary.
2002, Oct. 18-13 The Third Annual New York SM Film Festival took place October 8-13 and featured a program of films and videos that explored various aspects of sadomasochism, bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, role play and fetishes. Presented by TES, the festival also included demos, a brunch, a special fundraising gala and an SM play party.
2002, Oct. 11-13 VASM (Vancouver Activists in SM) celebrated their 20th Anniversary in Vancouver, British Columbia.
2002, Nov. Jack McGeorge become the center of international attention after his appointment on the UN team seeking weapons of mass destruction in Iraq when his SM affiliations and activities with such bodies as the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom is made public. McGeorge is retained in his position.
2002, Nov. 3 Touche' celebrated its 25th Anniversary in Chicago recently with a week of events. Highlights of the weekend included a Camaraderie and Cabaret party and show at the Leather Archives and Museum featuring the Men of Chicago Beef Dancers in the club room and Big Band music by Bopology.
2002, Nov. 8-10 Women at Amsterdam Leather Pride 2002 drew about 175 Leatherwomen to Amsterdam, NL.
2002, Dec. The Chicago Leather Club (CLC) was formed in Chicago. CLC's primary goals were to support good causes for those less fortunate and to support the Leather community. Among the causes CLC supports are Toys for Tots, the Chicago Hellfire Club's McAdory fund and the Leather Archives and Museum.
2002, Dec. 9 Jonie Perrie International Ms Leather 2001 Joni Perrie was elected to the board of directors of the Leather Archives and Museum on December 9. Three members of the board were reelected. Melinda Chateauvert of Washington, DC, Lawrence Fox of Fort Lauderdale, FL and Robert Guenther of Baltimore, MD were elected to serve additional terms.
2002 The Leather Archives and Museum released a CD containing erotic art images and kinky history articles. The artwork contained on the CD became available to the Leather/Fetish/BDSM community to use on web sites, newsletters, event programs and other mediums.
Time Event
2003 LA&M; Highlights: The Leather Archives and Museum received a check in the amount of $5,679.56 from the Leather Literary Project. The Second Annual CLAW (Cleveland Leather Annual Weekend) took place in Cleveland and was a huge success with over $15,000 raised for charity The primary beneficiaries were the LGBT Center in Cleveland and the Leather Archives and Museum. Pantheon of Leather Community Service Awards Show at the Leather Archives and Museum in Chicago, IL. Mr. Ebony Leather Contest Cain Berlinger producer presented Chuck Renslow of the Leather and Archives and Museum a check for $1,000 from funds raised during the Mr. Ebony Leather 2003 Contest held during IML in May. Mr. Drummer 2000 Daniel J. Rabone teamed up with Gay Coffees, to offer Grind, Wet and Enjoy, a fundraising campaign throughout North America to benefit the Leather Archives and Museum and the Gay Mens Domestic Violence Project.

International Ms Leather 2003 Tammie Nelson and Midwest Ursine Indiana editor John Schmitt have started the Protect our Past and Future Fund.
2003 New on the Scene: Black Beat Black BEAT (Black Expressions, Alternative Tastes), Washington, DC; Black Gloves White Magic by Brough, Louisville, KY Calamus Communities, Phoenix, AZ; Cavaliers Motorcycle Club, New Orleans, LA; Community Forum on Asians and Leathersex, kinky GAM and the Pacific Islander Wellness Center, San Francisco, CA; Folsom Fair North Productions, Folsom Fair North, Toronto, Canada; Instigator Magazine, Los Angeles, CA; Las Vegas League of Gentlemen, Las Vegas, NV; Latin Leather Club, San Francisco, CA; Leather Girl Network, San Diego, CA; LeatherPost.com, Redwood City, CA; New York, New Jersey, Connecticut Jewish BDSM Match; Mama's Leatherman Contest, San Francisco, CA; Midwest Bound Magazine, Wichita, KS; Minnesota Storm Patrol, Minneapolis, MN; National Leather Association: Kentucky, Lexington, KY; Palm Springs boys of Leather, Palm Springs, CA; Together in Leather, North Carolina; Women's Educational Board (WEB), Central Texas; West Coast Pup and Trainer Contest, Los Angeles, CA
2003 The publisher of O, an adult fetish magazine lost a lawsuit that claimed that television star and self-improvement guru Oprah Winfrey's publication, also named O was tarnishing his trademark, a New York court ruled in February German publisher Brockmeyer's magazine have rarely appeared in the United States since 1995.
2003, Jan. The Georgia Supreme Court struck down a 170 year-old law that made it a crime for unmarried people to have sex. The January ruling came in the case of a 16 year-old boy discovered having sex with his girlfriend in the bedroom of her home. The young woman's mother made the discovery. "Our opinion simply affirms that ... the government may not reach into the bedroom of a private residence and criminalize the private, noncommercial, consensual sexual acts of two persons legally capable of consenting to those acts," Chief Justice Norman Fletcher wrote.
2003, Jan. 27 Richard Chatterton, beloved member of the Leather tribe and respected leader of the San Diego community, died early in the morning at age 34.
2003, Feb. 8 Icon Detroit marks its tenth anniversary.
2003, Feb. 12 Rocky MountaineersJames "Jim" Kane died on Wednesday, February 12, 2003 from complications of strokes, at the age of 75. Jim was a founding member and officer of the Rocky Mountaineers Motorcycle Club. Following the reorganization of the Janus Society in San Francisco, Jim became a board member there, and also a regularly contributing faculty member for Janus educational programs. Cynthia Slater, the founder of the Janus Society, became Jim Kane's tenant in an apartment building he owned with his slave, Ike Barnes. Photos of Jim's basement dungeon appeared in a Drummer Magazine photo-essay called, Dungeons of San Francisco. Most of Jim's personal collection is now housed at the LA&M.;
2003, Feb. 22 The Warriors Motorcycle Club celebrated their 34th Anniversary in North Hollywood
2003, Mar. The spring meeting of the Mid America Conference of Clubs (MACC) is held at the Conductors run in Nashville, Tennessee.
2003, Mar Mystic Rose Books releases The Reunion (The Marketplace Series, 5) by Laura Antoniou
2003, Mar. 13 American Leatherboy 2001, Bryan "Pup" Mullikin departed this life at his home in Chicago. He was 33 years old. Bryan died of an accidental drug overdose. He served as president of the DC Boys of Leather for two years.
2003, Mar. 22 The Sanctuary of the Dark Angel closes in Atlanta. Doug Harris hosted A final gathering of friends and family at the home at The Sanctuary Of The Dark Angel on Saturday, March 22. Attendees were asked to bring a brief statement or small memento of their time at the Sanctuary over the last 10 years which were acknowledged and placed inside a sealed repository for a future time.
2003, Apr. The Lure, a bar which made a major positive impact on the Leather community in New York and nation wide, closed in early April. Much of the Lure's papers and some artifacts including the negative of the famous poster by Rex, and the "Lure Angels" which were also in the Mineshaft were donated to the LA&M;
2003, Apr. 5 Minnesota Storm forms in the Twin Cities.
2003, Apr. 25-27 The Trident International  holds its thirtieth anniversary celebration at the run hosted by Trident City of Angels in Los Angeles.  A meeting of the chapters house of delegates is also conducted.
2003, Apr. 25-27 John Pendal, Mr. Hoist 2003, is named International Mr. Leather 2003, becoming the first Englishman to hold the title. The first runner-up is  Donald Dotson, Mr. Suncoast Eagle 2003, and the second runner-up is Stephen Blackwell, Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2003
2003, May. 25-27 John Pendal John Pendal, Mr. Hoist 2003, is named International Mr. Leather 2003, becoming the first Englishman to hold the title. The first runner-up is  Donald Dotson, Mr. Suncoast Eagle 2003, and  the second runner-up is Stephen Blackwell, Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2003. John donated his grand prize, a 25th Anniversary Harley Davidson motorcycle to the LA&M; to raffel off to raise funds for the museum and the Spanner Trust. David Kloss, IML 1979 won the bike in 2006.
2003, June 26
ADDENDUM: The Supreme Court rules in Lawrence v. Texas that state bans on private, consensual same-sex conduct violated the constitutional right to privacy.
contrib. Ambrosio. late 2022.
2003, Jun. 21 The Los Angeles Leather community gathered together and participated in Los Angeles gay and lesbian pride festivities the weekend of June 21-22. The LA Leather Coalition, with the help of the Christopher Street West committee, produced a successful Second Annual Erotic City Expo on Saturday and Sunday and nine Leather community units marched together in the pride parade on Sunday.
2003, Jun. 27-29 Phoenix Uniform Club San Francisco's Gay and Lesbian Pride Weekend drew over 500,000 to its two-day festival and Sunday parade the weekend of June 27-29. There was a big Leather visibility including the Leather Contingent which was the largest in the parade, the Phoenix Uniform Club's Leather Uniform Ball on Friday night, The 15 Association play party on Saturday night, the Dyke March which had Leather visibility on Saturday around dusk, Folsom Fringe hosted by smOdyssey in San Jose, the Fifth Annual Pride Brunch organized by Mr. San Francisco Leather 1996 Gary Virginia and Empress Donna Sachet and a Leather Alley section in the pride festival.
2003, Jul. 6 Susan Kaplan, 56, passed away. Kaplan was an active member of Congregation Or Chadash. Sue did volunteer work for over 10 years with Leather United, Dedicated and Safe, CDG, and organizations, including International Mr. Leather, for which she served as transportation co-coordinator for the last three years. A volunteer for the Chicagoland AIDS Walk in the early years, Sue was instrumental in galvanizing the Leather community's assistance for the event.
2003, Jul. 11 Leathermen Remi Collette and David Kloss , the first IML, are legally married at the Toronto City Hall under a new ruling that the Canadian government must allow same-sex weddings.
2003, Jul. 25-27 Trident Windy City holds its first run, Neptune 1: Pirates on the High Seas, in Chicago.
2003, Jul. 27 Death of Greg Ammell,  founding member of the Stallions and co-owner of Laws Leather in Cleveland.
2003, Aug. 10 Oregon Leather Pride Week ran from Friday, August 1 through Sunday, August 10 in Portland, OR and featured the Fourth Annual Leather, Feathers and Fur Fetish Ball, Uniform and Buzz Cuts Party, a concert by Mark Weigle and Maria Webster, Leather Family Barbecue, Leather and Lace Show and the Mr. and Ms Oregon State Leather Contest.
2003, Aug. 22-24 The weekend of August 22-24 was a special one at Saratoga Springs Resort in Lake County as 244 Leather/Levi men and women gathered together for Leather Levi Weekend III. Leather Levi Weekend was established to encourage those interested in any of the facets that make up the greater Leather community by proving them a weekend where they could sample a bit of everything, and to do so at their own pace in a safe and Leather-positive atmosphere.
2003, Sep. 26-28 Les Cuirassés de Québec celebrated its milestone 10th Anniversary.
2003, October 1
ADDENDUM: Publication of 80 Days That Changed the World by the Editors of Time Magazine. TIME recognizes the Stonewall Rebellion as one of the "80 Days That Changed the World. It reflects how the Gay Rights movement had moved mainstream. The magazine's web site states: By 2003, when TIME included Stonewall on a list of the “80 Days That Changed the World,” the moment’s influence—and that of the diverse crowd that helped make it happen—was no longer a matter of debate

The TIME magazine web site states:

It was 1:20 A.M. when eight cops stomped into the Stonewall Inn, a dive in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village district that had no liquor license but served watery drinks to a mix of drag queens, street kids, gay professionals and closeted and straight mafiosi (who ran the place). Within two hours, the Village was bleeding and burning as hundreds rioted.

How did the nightly saturnalia at Stonewall produce protests that would kick start the modern gay-rights movement? The uprising was inspirited by a potent cocktail of pent-up rage (raids of gay bars were brutal and routine), overwrought emotions (hours earlier, thousands had wept at the funeral of Judy Garland) and drugs. As a 17-year-old cross-dresser was being led into the paddy wagon and got a shove from a cop, she fought back. “[She] hit the cop and was so stoned, she didn’t know what she was doing–or didn’t care,” one of her friends later told Martin Duberman, author of the history Stonewall.

Although TIME had mentioned the events in a single paragraph October 1969, the words "Stonewall Inn" had not appeared in any issue of the magazine until 1979 (ten years afterwards) in an article entitled "How Gay is Gay."

CITE: TIME magazine web site.

SIDE NOTE: Regarding the assertion that Judy Garland's funeral contributed to the uprising, see Some People Think Stonewall Was Triggered by Judy Garland’s Funeral. Here’s Why Many Experts Disagree on the TIME magazine web site..
contrib. Ambrosio. late 2022.
2003, Nov. 1 The autumn meeting of the MACC is held at Gateway MC’s 30th anniversary run “ Show Me 30: It’s A Wonderful Life “ in St.Louis. Two new clubs, Minnesota Storm Patrol and the Chicago Leather Club, are admitted , bringing the total membership to 30.
2003, Dec. Veteran Texas leatherman Dean Walradt dies
ADDENDUM: Veteran Texas leatherman Master Dean Walradt passed away on December 15, 2003 with family at his side.

Master Dean was the Founder and President of NLA-Dallas, the first Mr. Texas Drummer, NLA International's Man of the Year for 2001, and the Executive Producer of boy's Training Camp and Master's Retreat, and one of the owners of Leather by Boots - Dallas. He was associated with leathernetwork.com and a multitude of other projects and events.

Mistress Constance writes Master Dean was a tireless advocate of the both the Leather community and Master/slave relationships and he and his contributions will be sorely missed.

I didn't know Mr. Waldradt very well, but the few times I've met him and corresponded with him revealed a kind and generous spirit. He was a perfect gentleman and a true role model for leather folk.

Dean Walradt and his Mr Texas Drummer vest

IMAGE SOURCE: texasobituaryproject.org

2003, Dec. Painfully Obvious Writer Robert Davolt's collection Painfully Obvious is published by Daedalus.

In "Painfully Obvious," Davolt gathers 40 essays and runs the topical gamut from why leather matters to how to be a better citizen while still wearing cowhide. While Davolt's credentials are obvious (he turned the lights out at the legendary Drummer Magazine), it is his knowledge of history and literature outside the leather world that make this a better than average read. In fact, one of the best columns of the book is Davolt articulating his thoughts on the demise of Drummer, with thoughtfulness and nary a trace of bitterness.

contrib. Tim Brough
Time Event
2004 Rocky Mountaineers of Denver turn 35
ADDENDUM: "A Brief history of Black Rose" by Chris M. is published in the Black Rose 2004 Program Book.

contrib. Chris M. Dec. 2022.
2004, Feb. My Vicious Valentine featured Guy Baldwin at their pansexual weekend February 13-15 in Chicago, IL with the theme, We Can Do It.
2004, Feb. The anthology Speaking For Our Lives is published by Haworth Press, containing works by Joseph Bean and John Eric Larsen as representatives of  leather rhetoric and poetry.
2004, Feb. 12 Alan Selby of Mr. S Leather celebrates his 75th birthday in San Francisco
2004, Feb. 13-15 Pantheon of Leather XIV is held in Chicago.
2004, Feb. 14 Avatar Club Los Angeles celebrated its 21st Anniversary.
2004, Feb. 27 Bay State Marauders, a new Leather social club in Boston held their kickoff party at the Boston Ramrod.
2004, Mar. 13-14 The Saber Motorcycle Club, South Florida's oldest Levi/Leather club for men celebrated its 22nd Anniversary with a festive weekend.
2004, Mar. 14 The first annual "Blessing of the Bikes" is held in New Orleans, sponsored by the Metropolitan Community Church of Greater New Orleans and the Cavaliers Motorcycle Club.
2004, Mar. 20 Spearhead Spearhead Toronto celebrate its 34th Anniversary with a dinner at the Ramada Hotel and Suites. Also the Seattle Men in Leather presented its Man of the Year Award to Seattle Leather Daddy 2004 Jim Drew.
2004, Mar. The Phoenix boys of Leather hosted their first Spring Break: Western boy Run in sunny Phoenix, AZ featuring pool parties, games, a sleep-over, demos, vendors and the Phoenix boys of Leather Taking it to the Edge workshop series.
2004, Apr. 2-4 Tribe MC hosts its 33rd Do-A Fool run in Detroit, themed as a parody on Grease. The same weekend, the eighth Leather Leadership Conference is held in New Orleans.
2004, Apr. 3 Spring meeting of the Mid America Conference of Clubs held in Detroit.
2004, Apr. 10 A Leather Day of Caring II is held.
2004, Apr. 16-18 The KC Pioneers presented Trails End XXIX: Under the Big Top was held at the Hyatt Regency Crown Center Hotel in Kansas City, MO. Demonstrations and workshops were presented by KC Leather University, featuring special guest Jack Rinella.
2004, Apr. 22-24 The Arizona Power Exchange (APEX) and Butchmann's Academy held their first all-female weekend in Phoenix, AZ.
2004, Apr. 29 The Leather Network conducted boys Training Camp VI in Dallas, TX at Inquisition Dallas. NLA: Dallas honored key note speaker and guest faculty member Judy Tallwing-McCarthy with 75 in attendance.
2004, Apr The Cell Block, Chicago's popular leather bar, closes for repairs. Also, Bears LA celebrated its 10th Anniversary with a business casual dress Casino Night at a private residence in Alta Dena, CA.
2004, Apr. 30 CLAW (Cleveland Leather Annual Weekend) is held, including an International Leather Family Dinner.
2004, May 15 The Arizona Power Exchange (APEX) hosted Kink Karnival in Phoenix, AZ. Also, the Threshold Society based in Los Angeles, presented Breath Play: The Safe and Erotic Approach, A Hands-On Learning Experience by Ms Cynthia.
2004, May 22 Defenders LLCThe Washington, DC chapter of the Defenders Leather Levi Club held its second annual Leather Flea Market at Titan Bar in Washington, DC. Founded in 1991, The Defenders LLC is a fellowship of concerned Christians associated with Dignity/Washington and the leather/Levi community. The club is pledged to help gays and lesbians reconcile their spirituality with their sexual orientation under the motto, ''Deum cognoscere, hominem amare,'' or, ''To know God is to love man.'' The same weekend the Rochester Rams hosted their Can-Am Weekend which was limited to 60 for a weekend of debauchery, fun and games.
2004, May International Mr. Leather 2004, Jason Hendrix was announced the winner. The LA&M; raffled off John Pendal's prize from 2003, a 25th anniversary Harly Davidson Motorcycle. The monies raised benefited the LA&M; and the Spanner Trust in the UK. That same weekend, Shibaricon held its pansexual annual exhibition and conference focusing on education and information exchange of rope bondage during Memorial Day weekend in Chicago, IL. Shibaricon was hosted by Fetish Diva Midori and was organized by Mortis and a team of bondage enthusiasts under his BDSM-Chicago organization.
2004, Jun. The meeting of the Trident  International is held in Orlando, Florida, hosted by Trident Central Florida.
2004, Jun. 2 The Renegaydes of Augusta, GA held their first run at the Parliament House the weekend of June 2-4 and attracted several Leather/Levi clubs from across the South.
2004, Jun. 7 The final business meeting of LASH (Leather And Sister Hood) of San Diego after five years of existence.
2004, Jun. 20 GMSMAGay Male S/M Activists' hold the Eighth Annual Folsom Street East block party in New York City. An estimated 8,000 people celebrated the occasion of its new location on West 28th Street in Chelsea with dozens of community groups and vendors, as well as entertainment. The event raised tens of thousands of dollars for several different charities, including the New York City Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project.
2004, Jun. 25 The Leather Network held Master's Retreat VII in Houston, TX the weekend of June 25-27 which was produced by Master Roy of Houston, an alumnus of five previous Retreats. Lynda Blakeslee, Ms Twisted, of Austin was the keynote speaker. Also, The Phoenix Uniform Club of San Francisco, CA held its 27th Annual Uniforms Leather Ball in the Green Room of the War Memorial Building.
2004, Jul 4. The Los Angeles boys of Leather hosted Stars and Stripes II over Fourth of July weekend in Los Angeles. The Rocky Mountaineers Motorcycle Club of Colorado held their 30th Golden Fleece Run: Jason Returns to 69, July 2-5 that featured a visit from the Cycle Sluts.
2004, Jul. 9 Bears LA and the Southern California Bear Alliance hosted a great Bearquake 4-Ever at the Wilshire Grand Hotel in downtown Los Angeles the weekend of July 9-11 with about 250 attending most of the events.
2004, Jul. 24 The Bay Area Cigar Buddies held a benefit at the Eagle Tavern that raised $256 for the AIDS Emergency Fund in San Francisco. This was the club's first afternoon event, called the Saturday Afternoon Cigar Social.
2004, Jul. 25 The Rocky Mountaineer Motorcycle Club held their 19th Annual Cruise Against AIDS and raised $9,247 for the Colorado AIDS Project. There were 39 bikes on the ride.
2004, Jul. 30 The Journeymen of Syracuse, NY held Motorcycle and Leather Weekend at Hillside Campgrounds July 30 - August 1 with 50 attendees.
2004, Aug. The autumn meeting of the Mid America Conference is held on a farm in rural Wisconsin.
2004, Aug. 5 The Pacific Coast MC held their annual Black Mountain pioneer style run in the mountains east of Los Angeles the weekend of August 5-8 with the usual club cocktail parties, events and the traditional Sunset Party at Cocktail Rocks.
2004, Aug. NELANELA (New England Leather Alliance) Fetish Fair Fleamarket moved from the Park Plaza hotel to the Sheraton Boston. Political fallout from a negative Boston Globe column, which criticized the Park Plaza for hosting the event last year, made one of the co-owners of that property, The Donald Saunders Company, inhospitable to NELA. However, the other part of the ownership and management of the Park Plaza Hotel, the national chain known as Starwood (which includes Sheraton and Westin), loved NELA, valued the business NELA generated and wanted the Flea to remain their client. They offered their premier convention property, the Sheraton Boston, as the new location for both the August and December Fleas.
2004, Aug. 19 The San Diego boys of Leather were the official hosts for the 2005 Western boy Run to be held August 19-21
2004, Aug. 20-22 The Black BEAT (Black Expressions Alternative Tastes) BDSM conference took place in Hanover, MD.
2004, Aug. 27-29 The Rochester Rams hosted Hell Weekend, their 29th Annual run in Rochester, NY.
2004, Aug. The autumn meeting of the Mid America Conference is held on a farm in rural Wisconsin.
2004, Sep. 3 The Seattle Men in Leather hosted Equinox V: Back to Basics over Labor Day Weekend, September 3-6 at a camp on the slopes of Washington's picturesque Mt. Rainier about 90 minutes from Seattle.
2004, Sep. 10 The Corn Haulers LL Club of Des Moines, IA held Cornball 2004 the weekend of September 10-12 which featured all of the usual Levi/Leather club mischief.
2004, Sep. The Chicago Hellfire Club's Inferno has two Sessions and the first always starts the Thursday after Labor Day at a private location in western Michigan. Possibly for the first time, there was no rain all week and the run sold out, meaning that approximately 350 men got to experience Inferno XXXIII. Also, Delta 2004, the run's 10th Anniversary, was held about an hour outside Philadelphia and was well attended.
2004, Sep. 24 smOdyssey smOdyssey hosted their Fifth Annual national conference in conjunction with the Folsom Street Fair, smOdyssey Unleashed: Folsom Fringe 04, the weekend of September 24-26 in San Jose, CA. Activities included two dungeon parties, more than 25 classes, luxury coaches to and from the Folsom Street Fair on Sunday and a wind down Sunday night social.
2004, Sep. During Las Vegas Bike Fest in September, a yearly event held since 1995 drawing over 150,000 bikers to the City of Las Vegas, the Desert Brotherhood Motorcycle Club was chosen by the Travel Channel to be featured in an hour-long documentary about motorcycling. During the taping, interviews were conducted with the members, motorcycle rides were taken with the film crew, and cameras followed the members as they enjoyed and participated in the different events at Bike Fest throughout the five day event.
2004, Oct. October started in Provincetown, MA with Mates Leather Weekend featuring a uniform ball, Leather market and swap meet, demonstrations by Winter Encampment, a Leather T Dance at The Boatslip, a First Mate Contest, Sunday cookout and Heavy Metal party to close the weekend that drew hundreds.
2004, Oct. 2 OCLA produced Draggin' A Title Around, a fundraiser for the Long Beach AIDS Food Bank and the Center of Orange County, at Pistons in Long Beach
2004, Oct. Portland Uniform Weekend XII, sponsored by Andy Mangels and IN UNIFORM On-line, was held in Portland, OR and included two dinners, haircuts by the men of Clippers, bar and club nights, buffet brunches and a guided uniform shopping tour.
2004, Oct. 9 VASM celebrated their 22nd Anniversary in Vancouver, BC the weekend of October 9-10 with events including a men's only dungeon, the Anniversary dinner and a Sunday brunch.
2004, Oct. 15 Gateway MC hosted Show Me XXXI: Meet Me in St. Louis the weekend of October 15-17. The run weekend was a reminiscence of the 1904 World's Fair.
2004, Nov. 5-7 Black Rose hosted BR XVII, its annual pansexual extravaganza of programs and play, socializing and shopping in New Carrollton, MD. The entire event - programs, play, and vending was under one roof.
2004, Nov. COMMAND MCCorps Of Men Making A Noticeable Difference Motorcycle Club (COMMAND) celebrated their 16th Anniversary in Baltimore, MD with events taking place at the Baltimore Eagle, Spike, Leon's, and the Phoenix. Also, The Santa Clara County Leather Association's yearly Leather community weekend, Leather Boot Camp Community Fair, was held in San Jose, CA. Events included a meet and greet at Renegades, a vendor fair, demos and classes at the Billy deFrank LGBT Center, a show/contest at the King of Clubs, and a Sunday morning brunch.
2004, Nov. 11 "It just gets better and better!" was a frequently heard statement in Palm Springs on the weekend of November 11-14 as Palm Springs Leather Pride Weekend hosted by the Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert saw a quantum increase in registrations and attendance for a weekend of parties, dinners and the Mr. Palm Springs Leather Contest. That same weekend The Gateway City hosted the 17th Annual Creating Change Conference and HiBearNation. Creating Change was sponsored by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and annually gathers 2,500 activists and community leaders from all over the United States. HiBearNation is a the premier St. Louis Show Me Bears event that historically draws 500 bears and bear lovers.
2004, Nov. 20 Castaways MCThe Castaways MC celebrated their 25th Anniversary with a dinner celebration at South Woods of Cudahy in Milwaukee, WI, followed by a beer bust at the Harbor Room. Also, at the Most Holy Redeemer Community Room in the Castro, the Golden Gate Guards celebrated their 18th Anniversary and inducted their new officers. And A new Leather club, the Appalachian Leathermen of NJ based in New Jersey and will serve the New Jersey Leather community.
2004, Nov. 27 Satyrs MC The Satyrs Motorcycle Club of Los Angeles, the longest running gay organization in the world celebrated its milestone 50th Anniversary at the Hollywood Palladium on Saturday night, November 27 with 330 in attendance. The highlight of the evening was the screening of Original Pride, a documentary produced and directed by Scott Bloom who would later be inducted as club president. The film was impressive and will eventually appear on cable television for all the world to see. The audience seemed to like the encounter with the Hell's Angels and Satyr John Laird's bike challenge with two of them. It led to forming a bond with the legendary and notorious bike club.
2004, Nov. 30 Mystic Rose Books releases The Catalyst And Other Works by Laura Antoniou
2004, Dec.3-5 The Southwest Training Academy presented by Master Jim, Slave Marsha and guests of South West Leather Conference was held in Phoenix, AZ.
2004, Dec. 5 Atons of MN. The Atons of Minneapolis held their Holiday Fundraiser at the Bolt Underground in Minneapolis, MN to benefit the Aliveness Project and Open Arms of Minnesota. The Atons of Minneapolis , founded in 1972, is one of the nation's oldest active gay men's Leather / Levi social fraternity. We are dedicated to promoting a positive image of our lifestyle through our various social activities.
2004, Dec. 11 MSDB hosted its Fifth Annual Bizarre Bazaar at Trikkx in St. Paul, MN.
2004, Dec. Hooker and Boys Production whipped out another year of their tinsel town antics with the Sixth Annual production of The 12 Days of Christmas at Baltimore's Club Hippo and raised $47,887. Also, THOR, a new men's BDSM club in Buena Park, CA saw about 15 men attend the first meeting in December.
2004, Dec. 31 The Spirit of Tri-Cen was alive and well in the City of Brotherly Love. The Philadelphians celebrated their 30th Anniversary during Tri-Cen XXX December 31 - January 2. The weekend included a formal banquet, cocktail parties, brunches a visit to the world-famous Mummer's Parade on Broad Street.

The following was largely lifted from an archived page from the LA&M's web site.

Time Event
ADDENDUM: Black Rose 2005 is canceled due to a lack of venue.

contrib. Chris M. Dec. 2022.
2005 The Lexington Lyons L/L Club of Lexington, KY published a cookbook, A Matter Of Taste: Feasts from the Lyons Den.
2005 After almost four years of being a productive member of the business community in Allentown, PA, through its Bureau of Planning and Zoning, the City of Allentown forced the closing of Leather Masters II, a Leather/BDSM/Fetish shop.
2005 Alex Wisniowski Fetish Diva Midori Fetish Diva Midori released a new book in August entitled Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink Educational, Sensual, and Entertaining Essays. Midori is an educator and writer on s/m, fetish and human sexuality. She has traveled the world presenting to universities, the s/m community, media and the greater society, and lives in San Francisco. Also, Alex Wisniowski introduced his second documentary, "My Leather Jacket II: More Stories from the Road".
2005 Attorney General Alberto Gonzales announced that his office will specifically target beastiality, urination, defecation, as well as sadistic and masochistic behavior, in pursuing new obscenity prosecutions. The Department of Justice began recruiting in late July for a new anti-obscenity squad to pursue obscenity prosecutions, and the FBI announced in September that it was forming an anti-obscenity task force to crack down on pornography.
2005 After being in the same location on 7th Street for some 14 years, Mr. S relocated two blocks away to a 28,000 square foot retail and manufacturing space. The building would house both Mr. S and Madame S under one roof.
2005, Jan. The Vancouver Men in Leather celebrated their First Anniversary and AGM at the end of January.
2005, Jan. 1 Bob Gunther died due to emphysema on January 1. He was the founder and owner of the Sling bar on Western Avenue in Hollywood, CA. He served as president of Avatar Club Los Angeles, president of Somandros, and was on the Christopher Street West board for several years.
2005, Jan. 5 John Klamik The death at 2:34 p.m. on Wednesday, January 5, of John Klamik - better known as "Sean", the artist. An artist and activist, John succumbed to pneumonia at West Anaheim Medical Center in Anaheim, California following a series of strokes and a diagnosis of lung cancer, listed as the official cause of death.

John was born on July 22, 1935 in Chicago, Illinois, where he studied at the world-famous Art Institute. He moved to California in the mid '60s, settling in West Hollywood, which, next to Chicago, was his favorite city in the world.
2005, Jan. 6 Billy Collison passed away on January 6 and was connected to so many in so many ways including Centaur MC, Academy of Washington, Theatrical Drag Entertainment Organization, Atlantic States Rodeo Association, Regional Rodeo Organization and Brother, Help Thyself. Billy held the title of Mr. BHT one year, won during one of these events by raising money and performing. Billy came on the BHT Board of Directors as the representative of Atlantic States Gay Rodeo Association. Billy had been a Rodeo Director and Assistant Rodeo Director, both major jobs. When he was appointed to BHT, he served as a director, vice president and other positions.
2005, Jan. 21 Jimmy Lee Murray lost his battle with the virus on the night of January 21, 2005. He worked for six years as the Chicago House and Social Service Agency facilities manager. He was recognized by the Gay Chicago Magazine Awards as Employee of the Year. Jimmy was the first Mr. Ebony in Leather and was an early International Mr. Cheeks and Chaps titleholder, and was Mr. North Atlantic Leather 2000.
2005, Jan. 30 The 501 Eagle in Indianapolis caught fire. The fire was found to have started on the second floor in the office area due to a faulty paper shredder.
2005, Feb. 11 A new group, known as PerverCity, presented Bondage and Bonbons at the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco, CA.
2005, Feb. 4-6 LIFE Detroit held its first Detroit Area Rough and Kinkfest (DARK) Weekend.
2005, Feb. 20 Mortgage Burning With a fiery flash and a puff of smoke culminating seven years of intense fundraising, the Leather Archives & Museum loudly took ownership of their permanent home on Sunday, February 20. A capacity crowd filling the Etienne Auditorium watched as LA&M President and Founder Chuck Renslow set afire the paid-off mortgage.
2005, Feb. 25-27 The 15 Association of San Francisco celebrated its 25th Anniversary.
2005, Mar. The Philadelphians MC commemorated their 30th Anniversary with a weekend-long celebration that drew Leatherfolk from across the Mid Atlantic region to the City of Brotherly Love. During their entire 30-year history, the Philadelphians MC have been avid fundraisers and staunch supporters of a variety of local charities.
2005, Mar. 7 Jeffrey L. Bays (Daddy Jeff) was killed in a traffic accident in Las Vegas, NV. Jeff was survived by his partner, Stan Harrell. Jeff was Mr. Drummer Texas 1997-1998.
2005, Mar. 11 New York artist Albert Crudo had two of his paintings vandalized at an Upper West Side cafe, La Fenice 2012 Broadway, NYC. The painting, entitled "The Nature of the Beast: Parts I, II, III" has been causing quite a stir among patrons since its installation in early December.
2005, Apr. 8-9 The first Mr. Midwest Leather Contest was held at One Flite Up in Dubuque, IA.
2005, Apr. 22-24 The Regiment of the Black and Tans, a Los Angeles uniform club currently celebrating its 30th year, held its annual Spring Maneuvers at various locations around the Los Angeles area.
2005, Apr. 29-May 1 CLAW The Fourth Annual CLAW (Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend) held April 29 - May 1, with proceeds benefiting the Leather Archives & Museum and other charities.
2005, Apr. 29-30 Dynamic Diversions, a BDSM event for women only sponsored by American Leather Woman 2001 Phyllis Darcy and her partner Piper Fairbanks, made its debut in Denver, CO.
2005, May. 7 The Leather Archives and Museum opened the Uniforms Gallery, which exhibited uniforms along with media and artifacts related to uniforms.
2005, May. 8 Tom of Finland The Tom of Finland Foundation, based in Los Angeles, CA, held its spring Tom's Bar in the Faultline parking lot in celebration of the birthday of the man whose illustrations played a major role in shaping the image of a Leatherman, Tom of Finland. The Foundation was celebrating its 20th year.
2005, May. 9 Mark Richard Isenberg, a founding member of Leatherpost.com died on May 9, 2005 due to complications from a heart attack.
2005, May. 13 Palpable Testosterone was an introduction to the homoerotic work of Chicago artist Etienne. The exhibit opened Friday, May 13 at the 1926 Exhibition Studies Space in Chicago, IL.

Source: Leather Archives & Museum
2005, May. 20-22 The Tom of Finland Foundation presented its Fifth Annual New York Erotic Art Fair at the LGBT Center in Manhattan. More than 40 artists from the United States and Europe displayed and sold their works.
2005, May IML Attendees of the 27th annual International Mr. Leather (IML) weekend raised $40,000 for the Leather Archives and Museum.
2005, May Mr. Chicago Leather 2005 Jeff Willoughby established the Leather Quilt Project in the Spring of 2005.
2005, May. 16 Robert Davolt Robert Davolt died of cancer on Monday night, May 16 at Davies Hospital in San Francisco, CA. Davolt was best known as editor of Drummer Magazine, his book Painfully Obvious: An Irreverent & Unauthorized Manual for Leather/SM, recent editor of Bound & Gagged Magazine, Board member of the Leather Archives & Museum, holding the San Francisco Leather Daddy XIX title in 2003, and wrote numerous columns and articles for a variety of publications. He was born in Renton, WA on June 27, 1958. At 17, he joined the United States Navy, stationed on small ships patrolling the South Pacific and Indian Oceans. While in Wisconsin, Robert won the Wisconsin Leather Daddy title in 1995 and competed at International Mr. Leather. Robert was survived by his loving partner of seven years, Joe Granese of San Francisco. Source: http://www.theleatherjournal.com/?q=user/15/page/140, Leather Archives & Museum 1/31/08
2005, Jun. 25 Bound & Gagged magazine suspended publication immediately after Issue 106 in June 2005.
2005, Jun. As of June 23, the U.S.C. Title 18, Section 2257 adult material record keeping and labeling law was expanded to include the Internet. These regulations updated the record keeping requirements of the Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act of 1988. Barbara Nitke and the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom filed a notice of appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court of the District Court's decision in the Communications Decency Act (CDA) challenge. Their appeal contended the District Court applied an incorrect legal standard for determining whether protected material was improperly banned under the CDA. The District Court also committed legal error in finding that many local communities do not have predetermined standards of obscenity that can be verified and then ruling the plaintiffs failed to prove what those standards were.Source: http://a257.g.akamaitech.net/7/257/2422/01jan20051800/edocket.access.gpo.gov/2005/05-10107.htm 1/31/08
2005, Jun. 27 Iron Eagles Iron Eagles Bar A fire struck the Iron Eagles home bar, the 540 Eagle, in Canton, OH, and it was a total loss. Lost in the fire was the complete seven-year history of The Iron Eagles - the club's colors, their many trophies and awards, and archives, along with the Colors presented to both The Iron Eagles and The 540 Eagle from other Clubs.
2005, Jul. The Rochester Rams held their 30th Anniversary, Run XXX.
2005, Jul. 1 The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) and the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) announced that they formed a partnership. Also, the renowned Gauntlet II Leather bar, in the Silver Lake district of Los Angeles, CA changed hands.
2005, Jul. 1 Hudson, curator and owner of Feature Inc., a gallery influential in the early recognition of artist Tom of Finland, has donated two pivotal drawings by the artist to the Permanent Collection of the Art Institute of Chicago.
2005, Jul. 21 The 15th Annual International Deaf Leather Contest was held in conjunction with the International Deaf Bear Contest at the Grand Hyatt Washington in Washington, DC.
2005, Jul. 22 The Harbor Room in Milwaukee, WI celebrated its Fifth Anniversary.
2005, July 22
ADDENDUM: A New York court dismisses trademark case brought by Mattel against Barbies Shop, a Canadian store selling bondage clothing. Mattel's complaint was that barbiesshop.com, the domain name for Barbies Shop, infringed on Mattel's trademark rights and its own Web address -- barbieshop.com. A Mattel spokesperson claimed We own the Barbie name, clothing and dolls. Even if your name happens to be Tommy, Ralph or Barbie, in some areas that's already a trademark. But Barbies Shop owner Barbie Anderson-Walley argued that if you're born with a name you can use it for a place of business. The New York dismissed the case because it did not have jurisdiction.

CITE: Grace Wong, "Mattel vs. bondage Barbie -- is it over?" July 22, 2005 CNN

As of January 2023, neither URL works.

contrib. Ambrosio Dec. 2022.
2005, Aug. 5-7 Rodeo Riders Chicago celebrated their 30th Anniversary with The Antique Rodeo Run in Chicago, IL.
2005, Aug. 14 Pistons bar in Long Beach, CA celebrated its 10th Anniversary with a low-key buffet and door prize giveaway.
2005, Aug. 18-19 The Knights of Leather of Minneapolis, MN celebrated their milestone 20th Anniversary with a beer bust at the Minneapolis Eagle on Thursday night, August 18 and a fantasy and demo night at the Bolt Underground on Friday night, August 19.
2005, Sep. 1 Frank Blondale and Dan Majewski bought the Cell Block in Chicago, IL from founder Roger Hickey and took over operations.
2005, Sep. 3 Chicago Leather Club The Chicago Leather Club held its first Back To School Dash. The sold out one-day run featured presentations from community educators on diabetes in the scene, building dungeon furniture and Leather history. The Back To School Dash also included a lunch barbeque at Touche' and a homemade pasta bar dinner at Man's Country. The evening was topped off with an erotic hypnotist and an open bar at the Chicago Eagle. All funds raised were donated to the Leather Archives & Museum.
2005, Sep. 15-16 The LA&M; Film Series resumed with SandMutopia University, Rope that Works being shown in the Etienne Auditorium at the Leather Archives and Museum in Chicago, IL.

Source: Leather Archives & Museum
2005, Oct. A new organization named the San Francisco girls of Leather (SFgoL) was open to Leather girls, people whose primary self-identity was a girl. SFgoL defines the term Leather girl as openly as possible.
2005, Oct. 14 THOR (Trust, Honor, Order, Respect) of Orange County, CA held their first Top auction at Pistons in Long Beach.
2005, Nov. 8 Jay Borne, owner of Second Skin Leather and a great contributor to the New Orleans/Southeast Leather community, died Tuesday, November 8 at his home. He fell from his roof while doing repairs in Louisiana. Jay Borne was 51 years old.
2005, Nov. 10 The New York boys of Leather is formed by five founding members.
2005, Nov. 9 David Barker, longtime Hayward resident, passed away on Wednesday morning, November 9. He had been battling AIDS for 23 years and recently cancer. David was one of the original members of the Alameda County Leather Corps and was President of ACLC twice, in 2000 and 2004.
2005, Nov. 11 NGLTFOakland, CA, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force presented its first annual Leather Leadership Award posthumously to Dr. Tony DeBlase, co-founder of the Leather Archives and Museum in Chicago and creator of the Leather Pride Flag. The award, presented in Oakland at the Task Force's 18th Annual Creating Change Conference, was accepted by DeBlase's partner of 24 years, Dr. Andrew Charles.
2005, Nov. 14 The Chicago Hellfire Club, a brotherhood of men who share interests in gay male BDSM, voted at their Monday, November 14 meeting to support a group of charities that support the gay, Leather/SM/Fetish communities with donations totaling over $6,000 for the Leather Archives and Museum, the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, Lambda GLBT Community Services, the 15 Association of San Francisco's Sorrell Fund, GMS/MA's Hocutt-Ferguson Fund, and the Chicago MAFIA's Windhorse Fund.
2005, Nov. 18-24 The DC Eagle in Washington, DC celebrated its 35th Anniversary.
2005, Nov. 26 Mr. Triangle Denver Contest celebrated its 10th Anniversary.
2005, Dec. 2 In a daring daylight raid, thieves got away with a major piece of art from The Barracks Bar in Palm Springs, CA on Friday, December 2. The piece of erotic art, interpreted by local artist William "Taurus" Webster from an original by Stephan, was secured by screws to the outside wall of the bar inside a locked patio area. The thieves removed part of the patio's wooden fencing to gain access to the area. The crime happened between 8:30 AM when the bar's cleaning man finished his work and 1 PM when the day barman arrived.
2005, Dec. 3 KoKo Nancy Alperin and Kendra Keller claimed they were fired after they refused to expose their bosoms to the primate, and after reporting sanitary problems at Koko's home in Woodside, an upscale town south of San Francisco. The pair claimed they were threatened that if they "did not indulge Koko's nipple fetish, their employment with the Gorilla Foundation would suffer," the lawsuit alleged.
2005, Dec. 10 The Ottawa Knights hosted its 25th Annual Toys for Tots Fundraiser at Centertown Pub in Ottawa, Canada. 940 toys were collected and $2,220 in cash donations were received for the Children's Aid Society of Lanark County and were distributed to the children and their families in the Perth, Smith Falls Region.
2005, Dec. 12 Folsom Street Events announced the selection of Demetri Moshoyannis as executive director.
2005, Dec. 28 United States District Court Judge Walker D. Miller issued a long-awaited ruling December 28th, 2005 on the Free Speech Coalition's motion for a preliminary injunction in Free Speech Coalition v. Gonzales, the trade association's challenge to U.S.C. 18 2257, the federal labeling and record keeping regulations.
Time Event
  • 45 Years: Satyrs Motorcycle Club, Badger Flat Run, Los Angeles, CA.
  • 30 Years: Corn Haulers LL, Cornball '06: XXX Wedding, Des Moines, IA.
  • 20 Years: International Ms Leather, Omaha, NE.
  • 15 Years: Three Rivers Leather Club, Pittsburgh, PA; Leather Archives and Museum, Chicago, IL.
  • 10 Years: Leathermen's Discussion Group, San Francisco, CA; Mr. and Ms Oregon State Leather, Portland, OR; Mates Leather Weekend, Provincetown, MA; Mr. International Rubber, Chicago, IL.
  • 5 Years: San Diego League of Gentlemen, San Diego, CA; CLAW (Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend), Cleveland, OH; Southern California Leather Gathering, Whittier, CA; Great Lakes Leather Alliance Weekend, Indianapolis, IN.
Source: http://www.theleatherjournal.com/?q=2007_calendar 2/1/08
2006 Ringold Alley closed in late Spring after serving San Diego's Leather community for about five years. Source: http://www.theleatherjournal.com/?q=user/15/page/141 2/1/08
2006 MC Faucon, Montréal, Canada disbanded. Source: Les Cuirassés de Québec  10/31/08
2006 Leather Invasion Mr. Eagle NYC Robert Valin has launched the NYC Leather Invasion Group composed of diehard leather people who are attempting to revive the "old days of leather" interaction.Source: http://www.theleatherjournal.com/?q=user/15/page/141 2/1/08
2006 Leather Sins, a pansexual BDSM group in the Chicago Area completes its adoption of the Museum Store at the Leather Archives & Museum.

Source: Leather Archives & Museum financial records 2/1/08
2006 Passing of Jan Lyon. Jan was a founding member of the National Leather Association in Seattle where she lived in 1986. Source: http://www.theleatherjournal.com/?q=user/15/page/141 2/1/08
2006, Jan. 26 Wally Sherwood, a Leatherman whose efforts at fundraising befitted the Leather communities of San Francisco, CA and New Orleans, LA over the last 30 plus years, died from renal failure in the early morning of January 26 in Dallas, TX. Source: http://www.theleatherjournal.com/?q=user/15/page/141 2/1/08
2006, Jan. 28 Google The U.S. Justice Department subpoenaed Google to compel the Internet search engine to turn over records on millions of its users' search queries. NCSF believes that Internet users have the right to an expectation of privacy in their web use, and supports Google's refusal to comply with the subpoena. Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/01/20/technology/20google.html 2/1/08
2006, Feb. First Anniversary celebrated by MAsT: Central NJ. MAsT is a community-inclusive support group for those who identify as owner/master/mistress or property/slave.Source: http://www.theleatherjournal.com/?q=user/15/page/141 2/1/08
2006, Feb. 4 The Arts and Entertainment Center saw a representation of the entire San Diego GLBT Community as the first San Diego Leather Community Awards was held.Source: http://www.theleatherjournal.com/?q=user/15/page/141 2/1/08
2006, Feb. 10 Race Bannon and the National Coalition of Sexual Freedom (NCSF) announced the transfer of management of Kink Aware Professionals to NCSF. The Kink Aware Professionals program was founded and had been managed by Race Bannon for many years. Source: http://www.theleatherjournal.com/?q=user/15/page/141 2/1/08
2006, Feb. 10 NCSF releases an Action Alert regarding TV's "Dr. Phil" and his latest hour-long special, where polyfidelity issues are discussed and "Dr. Phil" tells the couple, and the viewing audience, that polyfidelity is nothing but "cheating". Source: http://www.ncsfreedom.org 2/1/08
2006, Mar. The US Supreme Court refused to hear the Barbara Nitke case against Alberto Gonzales and his Communications Decency Act. Source: http://www.theleatherjournal.com/?q=user/15/page/141 2/1/08
2006, Mar. 15 Top Chef Winner The new reality show, Top Chef, airing on the Bravo Channel featured the Mr. S Leather and Madame S store in San Francisco, CA for its one-hour second show in the series. This show was filmed in the store in November. Source: http://www.theleatherjournal.com/?q=user/15/page/141 2/1/08
2006, Apr. 5-7 International Ms. Leather returns to its birthplace, San Francisco, CA under the direction of Glenda Ryder.Source: http://www.theleatherjournal.com/?q=user/15/page/141 2/1/08
2006, Apr. 7 At the 10th annual Leather Leadership Conference, held in New York City April 7-9, 2006, Matt J donated the banner used for the leather, fetish and sm contingent of the 1993 March on Washington. “We found it when we were cleaning out the Leather Pride Night storage container” Matt commented. The banner is in excellent shape and has been well-preserved during LPN’s custody. The banner measures 20’ x 4’, and will be displayed in the LA&M; lobby after processing.
2006, Apr. 7-9 Nearly 350 people attended the 10th Annual Leather Leadership Conference in New York City, where the first conference was held in 1997. In attendance at the Hotel New Yorker in midtown Manhattan were elected leaders and active members of dozens of SM/Leather/Fetish groups, as well as individual community members, from 26 US states, Washington DC, three Canadian provinces and Germany. Source: http://www.leatherleadership.org/news.htm 2/1/08
2006, Apr. 20 Thom DombkowskiThe passing of International Mr. Leather Judge Emeritus Thom Dombkowski on Thursday morning, April 20 at his home in Chicago, IL. Thomas Raymond Dombkowski was born in Rochester, N.Y., June 28, 1950, to Bernard and Helene, now deceased. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Notre Dame and a law degree from DePaul University. Thom left a career with the Internal Revenue Service to devote himself to the needs of people living with AIDS.Source: http://www.theleatherjournal.com/?q=user/15/page/141  and Windy City Times 4/26/06 2/1/08
2006, Apr. 22 Charlie Matula and business partner Vince Quattrocchi, along with bar manager Hunter Fox, announced that the Los Angeles Leather bar Gauntlet II would become the Eagle LA. Source: http://www.theleatherjournal.com/?q=user/15/page/141 2/1/08
2006, May Ray Castro has been the official portrait artist for some of the Leather world's most prestigious contests including International Ms Leather, International Master and slave, International Leather Sir and Leatherboy, Ms World Leather and Mr. Leatherman Toronto. Titleholders for these events have all received portraits of startling vision and passion that captured their unique qualities as champions in Ray Castro's own style. In celebration of this, the Leather Archives and Museum in Chicago, IL hosted a special exhibition of Ray Castro's works during International Mr. Leather Weekend in May. Source: http://www.theleatherjournal.com/?q=user/15/page/141 2/1/08
2006, May IML One of Chuck Renslow’s dreams came true… Who would have guessed that a small contest, held in the Gold Coast would have exploded into the largest leather event in the world and that the contest would be held at one of the premier theatres in the US, the Chicago Theatre.
SOURCE: Charles Renslow 2/1/08 The front of the Chicago Theater with the marque reading "WELCOME INTERNATIONAL MR LEATHER 29"
IMAGE SOURCE: Wikimedia Commons
2006, May 12-13 The Bellingham Leather Men celebrated its First Anniversary the weekend of May 12-13 at Warehouse Studios.Source: http://www.sgn.org/sgnnews34_19/page29.cfm 2/1/08
2006, May 17 The Leather Archives and Museum celebrated its 15th Anniversary at International Mr. Leather 2006 at the Palmer House Hilton.
2006, May The Chuck Renslow President’s Award is presented to CLAW Directors Dennis McMahon and Robert Miller for their continued support of the Leather Archives & Museum. Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend has donated over $10,000.00 to the LA&M; since its inception.

Source: Leather Archives & Museum Donation Records 2/1/08
2006, Jun. 16 Tennessee Raptors was formed in Nashville. Espousing Old Guard or Traditional Leather values, the group had its first bar night on June 16 at their home bar, The Chute Complex.Source: http://www.theleatherjournal.com/?q=user/15/page/141 2/1/08
2006, Jun. In San Diego, CA Pleasures and Treasures opened at the end of June. This was only a couple of months after Ringold Alley closed. Pleasures is owned by Bill Freyer of Red Hankies of San Diego fame. Source: http://www.theleatherjournal.com/?q=user/15/page/141 2/1/08
2006, Jun. Alex Werner develops a new Road Show exhibit for the Leather Archives & Museum called "Women of Leather". It makes its debut at International Ms. Leather in July.

Source: Leather Archives & Museum 2/1/08
2006, Jun. 26 Ray Ray Ramon (Ray Ray) Thomas passed away late in the afternoon of June 26th after a very brief illness in Palm Springs, CA. He was 50 years old. Memorial services were held at the Leather Archives & Museum. Ray Ray's involvement with IML goes all the way back to the very first weekend in 1979. In past years, he worked as our Food and Beverage Coordinator and, most recently, as the Co-Coordinator in charge of the Day Pass/Wristband Registration area. He was a longtime member of the Chicago Leather community and a member of what has come to be called "The Chicago Leather Family." He was very active with the "12 Step Recovery" community, and helped many newly sober Leather folk to understand they could have a life in Leather and Recovery. Ray Ray and his partner John moved to Palm Springs early in 2005 to begin a new life out in the desert. Source: http://www.theleatherjournal.com/?q=user/15/page/141  2/1/08
2006, Jul. 28 A Taste of Cine Kink - Chicago, presented by the Leather Archives and Museum, showcased feature films and videos from the best of Cine Kink NYC, the really alternative film festival, with topics that include SM, Leather and Fetish, swinging, non-monogamy and polyamory, and gender bending.

Source: Leather Archives & Museum Press Release 2/1/08
2006, Jul. 29 The Leathermen's Discussion Group celebrated its 10th Anniversary at San Francisco's Gay and Lesbian Center. Source: http://www.theleatherjournal.com/?q=user/15/page/141 2/1/08
2006, Aug. 30 Kink Blamed for Hurricane Katrina: Southern Decadence, a world-famous LGBT event, was slated to start August 31st. According to an evangelical Christian group that regularly demonstrates at LGBT events, "Hurricane Katrina has put an end to the annual celebration of sin." Source: http://www.fetish-news.org/fn/a/090505.html 2/1/08
2006, Sep. The Leather Archives & Museum publishes a special edition of the Leather Times to commemorate its 15-year anniversary. This full color issue contained a timeline of the LA&M; along with photos from opening day on Clark Street, the ribbon cutting at 6418 N Greenview and memories from staff and volunteers.

Source: Leather Archives & Museum 2/1/08
2006, Sep. 1-4 The Satyrs Motorcycle Club's Badger Flat Run took place September 1-4 near Huntington Lake northeast of Fresno, CA. This was Badger's 45th year.Source: http://www.theleatherjournal.com/?q=user/15/page/141 2/1/08
2006, Sep. 8-10 The Corn Haulers LL of Des Moines, IA reached a milestone with Cornball '06: XXX Wedding at the Hotel Fort Des Moines, IA. The weekend will also see the 2006 fall MACC Conference. Source: http://www.theleatherjournal.com/?q=user/15/page/141 2/1/08
2006, Sep. 15 San Diego Leatherboys The San Diego Leatherboys held their founders meeting and first bar night at the San Diego Eagle.Source: http://www.theleatherjournal.com/?q=user/15/page/141 2/1/08
2006, Sep. 17 The 15th Annual Leather Walk saw over $21,000 raised for the AIDS Emergency Fund and the Breast Cancer Emergency Fund. Source: http://www.theleatherjournal.com/?q=user/15/page/141 2/1/08
2006, Sep. 20 Closing of the Triangle Bar in Denver, CO. Source: http://www.theleatherjournal.com/?q=user/15/page/141 2/1/08
2006, Sep. 22-23 The Chicago Leather Club held their 2006 Mini Run in Chicago, IL, which benefited the Leather Archives & Museum

Source: Leather Archives & Museum 2/1/08
2006, Sep. 25 The Denver Triangle closed its doors for good on or about September 25. The Triangle had served the Leather community for over 30 years and was the oldest gay bar in Colorado. Source: http://www.theleatherjournal.com/?q=user/15/page/141 2/1/08
2006, Nov. 1 The Free Speech Coalition announces its selection of Diane C. Duke as its new Executive Director. Source: http://www.ncsfreedom.org 2/1/08
2006, Nov. 27 Andrew Charles passed away on Monday, November 27, 2006 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 67. He is survived by his partner of five years, Thom Butts, and his mother, Carol Goettel in Chicago. Source: http://www.colors-of-leather.com/In%20Passing/CD/charles,_andrew.htm 2/1/08
Time Event
ADDENDUM: Book published:
  • Spiritual Transformations through BDSM: Stories and Submissions from Fellow Travelers, an anthology Ephemera Bound Publishing, 2007

contrib. Chris M. Dec. 2022.
ADDENDUM: BR20 - The Twentieth Anniversary of Black Rose

contrib. Chris M. 2007.
ADDENDUM: Kink, studio that makes S&M movies for distribution on X-rated Web sites, buys the old State Armory --- a historic building in the Mission District of San Franciso that once housed the National Guard --- for $14.5 million.

contrib. Ambrosio April 24, 2023.
2007, Jan. 23 The Windy City Boys Troop celebrated five years recently with a private dinner at T's Restaurant in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago. Source: http://chicagoden.com/2007.aspx 2/1/08
2007, Jan. 24 The Chicago Leather Kennel Club has signed its charter, making it a fully functional leather organization in Chicago. Source: http://chicagoden.com/2007.aspx 2/1/08
2007, Feb. 3 Bondage Video Company Too Much Even For San Francisco...

Kink, which distributes its videos on X-rated Web sites with names such as Hogtied and Men in Pain, bought the old State Armory in the Mission District for $14.5 million, saying the vacant building's dark Moorish architecture would make a perfect backdrop for fetish films.

SOURCE: http://www.ktvu.com/news/10891121/detail.html 2/1/08

2007, Mar. Alden Spafford was killed in a motorcycle accident on a freeway in the East Bay.

SOURCE: http://ebar.com/marcus 2/1/08
2007, Mar. 21 Mr. Marcus Hernandez, columnist for the Bay Area Reporter, celebrates his 75th birthday.

Source: Leather Archives & Museum 2/1/08
2007, Mar. 23-25 25th Anniversary of the Mr. and Ms. Washington State Leather Contest at the Cuff Bar in Seattle. Source: http://www.sgn.org/sgnnews10/page16.cfm 2/1/08
2007, Mar. 25 wedding The LA&M; hosts its first wedding today, between Joseph and Leslie and ordained by Mistress Joanne C. Gaddy.

Source: Leather Archives & Museum 2/1/08
2007, Apr. 10 The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) announces that Kink.com has become its newest Corporate Sponsor. Source: http://www.asacp.org/page.php?content=news&item=438 2/1/08
2007, May 22 Release date of the DVD, Mr. Leather, a documentary by Jason Garrett about the contestants vying for the Mr. L.A. Leather 2003 title. Source: http://www.amazon.ca/Mr-Leather-Jason-Garrett/dp/B000JJRYE2 2/1/08
2007, May 30 $50,000 was raised for the Leather Archives & Museum during International Mr. Leather 2007, held over Memorial Day Weekend in Chicago. Over $29,000 was raised through daypass admissions to the infamous IML Leather Market. The remaining $21,000 was raised through a fetish gear auction, individual contributions and other fundraisers. The museum will use these funds to support its core mission of preserving and providing access to leather and fetish culture and history. The Leather Archives & Museum thanks the organizers and attendees of International Mr. Leather 2007 for their generous support of the institution.
2007, Jun. 5 Mid Tangent Productions MidTangent Productions (MTP) presents their third annual production of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM: A QUEER TALE. This wild adaptation, written and directed by Tony Lewis, is an adrenaline-fueled and modernized twist to the Bard’s crazed classic. It is thought-provoking, fun and even a bit heartbreaking. This year MTP decided it was time to start giving back to the LGBT community that has supported us these past few years. The show’s themes of sexuality, personal rights and forbidden desire made the Leather Archives & Museum a natural fit. Source: http://www.chitowndailynews.org/Community+calendar/2007/6/29/A_Midsummer_Nights_Dream_A_Queer_Tale 2/1/08
2007, Jun. 11 Sen. Larry Craig of Idaho was arrested by a plainclothes police officer investigating complaints of lewd conduct in a men's restroom at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, according to a report just issued by Roll Call.

Source: GOP Senator Enters Guilty Plea Over Lewd Incident In Public Men's Room Huffington Post. Mar 28, 2008.
2007, Jun. 16 Rav4 The Leather Archives & Museum auctioned off a 1998 convertible Toyota RAV4 automobile to raise funds for the organization. The RAV4 was donated to the museum by a local Chicago man for fundraising purposes. The LA&M; received $6,500.00 for the automobile.

Source: Leather Archives & Museum Donation Records 2/1/08
2007, Jun. 21-27 A display on the Leather Archives & Museum’s Teri Rose Memorial Library won second place at the Diversity Fair at the American Library Association’s 2007 Annual Conference. This prize came with a $200 gift certificate from DEMCO, a library/archives supplier and the Diversity Fair sponsor.

Source: Leather Archives & Museum 2/1/08
2007, Jul. 1 10th Annual Butch Revue at the Hole in San Diego. This event is produced by former Ms. World, Annie Romano.Source: http://www.ebar.com/arts/art_article.php?sec=mrm&article=112 2/1/08
2007, Jul. 1 In Orlando, Florida, Full Moon Saloon owner Bob Graves announced, rather abruptly, that his 18-year-old bar would close on Saturday July 1.Source: http://www.ebar.com/arts/art_article.php?sec=mrm&article=112 2/1/08
2007, Jul. 8 Castro Lions 20th annual Leather & Whatever Auction at the Eagle Tavern. Over $37,000 will be distributed to worthy charities. Source: http://www.castrolionsclubsf.org/newsletters/CastroLionRoarv14-12.pdf 2/1/08
2007, Jul. 20 Police have arrested a San Francisco man on murder charges stemming from what authorities believe was a sadomasochistic bondage session that ended in the victim's death. Terry D. Frazier, 40, was arrested Wednesday in the July 11th death of former community activist Joe Konopka, 65. Source: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2007/07/20/SFSLAY.TMP 2/1/08
2007, Jul. 21 Aids Emergency Fund AIDS Emergency Fund 25th anniversary gala at the Marriott Hotel in San Francisco. This is a quarter century of AIDS activism. Source: http://www.sfbaytimes.com/index.php?section_id=2&sec=tpl 2/1/08
2007, Jul. 22 Fifth Folsom Fair North flourishes thanks to perfect weather. The fifth edition of the annual leather fair, FFN drew record crowds to a fenced-off area of Allan Gardens on Jul 22 in Canada.

Source: Leather Archives & Museum 2/1/08
2007, Jul. 29 San Francisco Leather Daddy contest celebrates 25-year anniversary.Source: http://ebar.com 2/1/08
2007, Aug. 16-19 The organization for people of color, Black Beat, holds an event in Baltimore, Maryland. Viola Johnson receives the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Source: Leather Archives & Museum 2/1/08
2007, Aug. 27 NCSF celebrates 10 years of advocacy. Source: http://ncsfreedom.org 2/1/08
2007, Aug. 27 An S&M; dungeon run by an Allston-Brighton, MA. couple allegedly trawling the Web for johns was busted by police as part of a citywide crackdown on Internet prostitution postings. Source: http://www.topix.com/boston/2007/08 2/1/08
2007, Sep. 14 The Eagle Tavern in San Francisco celebrates its 10th anniversary. Source: http://ebar.com/arts/art_article.php?sec=outabout 2/1/08
2007, Sept. 27 The Miller Brewing Company, a sponsor of Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, has asked to have its logo removed from an advertising poster that has offended some Christians. However, Folsom Street Events, the non-profit organization putting on the 24th annual Folsom Street Fair put out a press release that indicated the design is the first in a series that draws from well-known paintings, album covers, movie posters or other iconic images.

SOURCE: Miller Brewing Pulls Logo From 'Last Supper' Advertisement (Sept. 27, 2007) on Cybercast News Service
2007, Oct. Touche Leather Bar in Chicago turns 30. Also, Galleria Domain II in Chicago celebrates its five-year anniversary. Source: http://chicagoden.com/2007.aspx 2/1/08
2007, Oct. A special THANKS! to The Society of Janus in San Francisco for the donation of over 700 books and magazines to the Leather Archives & Museum collections.

Source: Leather Archives & Museum Donation Records 2/1/08
2007, Oct. 12 The Catholic League, Concerned Women for America and Americans for Truth have called for a boycott of Miller Brewing Company because they are one of the sponsors of Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. "Miller is sponsoring an incredibly outrageous and palpably anti-Christian event," said Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League. Source: http://americansfortruth.com/issues/the-agenda-glbtq-activist-groups/homosexual-meccas/san-francisco/page/2 2/1/08
2007, Oct. 18-21 "Hoedown," the 10th anniversary of Mr. Kentucky Leather in Louisville, KY.Source: http://www.ebar.com/common/inc/article_print.php?sec=mrm&article=128 2/1/08
2007, Oct. 20 CellBlock/Detroit Eagle manager Dan Majewski passes away from a massive heart attack. Source: http://chicagoden.com/2007/.aspx 2/1/08
2007, Oct. 23 United States Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit issued its decision in the case of Connection Distributing Company v Keisler striking down 2257 as unconstitutional on its face. Source: http://www.ncsfreedom.org 2/1/08
2007, Nov. 2-4 Mr. Leather Ottawa contest in Ottawa - their 15th edition by the Ottawa Knights. Source: http://www.pbiproductions.com/livingleather.htm 2/1/08
2007, Nov. 9-11 25th Anniversary of the Mr. and Ms. Philadelphia Leather contest sponsored by the Bike Stop.Source: http://www.ebar.com/common/inc/article_print.php?sec=mrm&article=131 2/1/08
2007, Nov. 13 Peter LaBarbera International Mr. Rubber Peter LaBarbera of American’s For Truth tries to stir up trouble for the International Mr. Rubber Contest by posting his usual blatherings on his website mentioning the LA&M; and the Center on Halsted… “Rubber-men were treated to the lecture, “A brief history of kink in America,” at the Center on Halsted in Chicago on November 10. History is important to the “fetish community”: this particular presentation was made by the Leather Archives & Museum, a Chicago “museum” that caters to sadomasochists”. With a link in his story that points to the LA&M; website. Unfortunately, www.leatherarchives.org only received 8 hits from the link. Source: Leather Archives & Museum WebStats, http://americansfortruth.com/news/just-when-you-thought-it-couldnt-get-any-weirder-international-mr-rubber-comes-to-chicago.html  2/1/08
2007, Nov. 23 Bound South and the Leather Masked Ball raises over $8,000.00 for the Leather Archives & Museum.

Source: Leather Archives & Museum 2/1/08
2007, Nov. 23-25 The LA&M; Road Show makes its first debut in Canada for the Mr. Toronto Leatherman Competition. This is the first time the LA&M; has exhibited in Canada, showing off its new Canadian Pride exhibit.

Source: Leather Archives & Museum 2/1/08
2007, Nov. 29 CineKink is back in Chicago. This special showcase featured films and videos culled from the best of CineKink NYC, "the really alternative film festival," with topics that include S/M, leather and fetish, swinging, non-monogamy and polyamory, and gender bending. The films were shown at the Leather Archives & Museum in the Etienne Auditorium. Source: http://www.leatherarchives.org/calendar/month.php?date=20071101 2/1/08
2007, Dec. 1 The new owners and producers of ILSb and ICBB, Mark Frazier, Randal Kinnear and Lou Molnar, announce a change to the long-standing "bio-male" requirement for the ILSb contests and float the possibility of moving the content weekend to San Francisco.Source: http://www.leathersir.com/News.html 2/1/08
2007, Dec. 2 Jack Mackness Jack Mackness, a founding member of Spearhead and co-owner of the legendary Leather bar, the Toolbox, passed away after a battle with cancer at the age of 76. "He was one of the community's elders," says Leatherman and friend David Adkin. "He was a true leader with a generous spirit."

SOURCE: Jack Mackness in Xtra magazine (May 16, 1931)
2007, Dec. 17 NCSF announces the addition of a new, full-time Executive Director, Keith Richie. Source: http://www.ncsfreedom.org/ 2/1/08
ADDENDUM: The film The Pet is released theatrically in South Korea and elsewhere on DVD.

It had been screened on May 18 and 21, 2006 at the Cannes Market (Marché du Film), the business counterpart of the Cannes Film Festival held annually in conjunction with the Festival de Cannes.

STORY: A young woman in dire financial straights accepts an offer to be a wealthy aristocrat's human "pet" for six months before ruthless modern "pet-nappers" kidnap the woman to sell her on the GSM (Global Slave Market.)

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Time Event
2008 Release of The Loving Dominant 3rd Edition by John Warren. Source: John Warren  9/1/08
ADDENDUM: Susan Wright, MA of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) starts a petition calling on the American Psychiatric Association (APA) to require that all diagnoses in DSM be based on empirical research. 3,288 supporters signed the petition out of the 4,000 goal.

We, the undersigned, support the American Psychiatric Association's (APA) own goal of making its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) a scientific document, based on empirical research and devoid of cultural bias. A diagnosis of a mental disorder can have a severe adverse impact on employment opportunities, child custody determinations, an individual's well-being, and other areas of functioning. Therefore we urge the APA to remove all diagnoses that are not based upon peer-reviewed, empirical research, demonstrating distress or dysfunction, from the DSM. The APA specifically should not promote current social norms or values as a basis for clinical judgments.

The petition is closed, but you can still view the petition, the signatories, and comments made to it online.

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2008, Jan. Dykes on Bikes The US Supreme Court ruled that the San Francisco Women's Motorcycle Contingent now owns the trademark of Dykes on Bikes. San Francisco Dykes on Bikes Women's Motorcycle Contingent is an organization committed to creating a local, national and international community of women motorcyclists and friends of women motorcyclists. Our mission is to support philanthropic endeavors in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and women's communities and beyond, and reach out to empower a community of diverse women through rides, charity events, Pride events and education.

SOURCE: http://dykesonbikes.org/1_women_history.html 2/1/08
2008, Jan. The Regiment of the Gloves and Garter forms in Los Angeles. Source: The Leather Journal Issue 214  2/1/08
2008, Jan. 4 Kasidie.com announced its launch of a new online magazine published, edited and written by one of this country's most controversial and misunderstood sub-cultures: Swingers. Source: http://www.xyhd.tv/2008/01/site-reviews/kasidiecom-relax-its-just-sex-a-site-for-swingers-by-swingers/ 2/1/08
2008, Jan. 14 A German couple were fired from their jobs at a retirement home after using company expenses for an S&M; vacation, instead of attending a work-training seminar. Bosses learned that "the middle-aged couple had actually taken a holiday apartment used by devotees of sado-masochistic sex near the Dutch border." Source: http://www.playboy.com/sex/sex-news 2/1/08
2008, Jan. 18 In Italy you can legally record a sex tape without consulting your partner, according to the country's supreme court. The court ruled in favor of a man who was being tried for taping his bedroom antics with a former girlfriend without her consent. Source: http://www.playboy.com/sex/sex-news 2/1/08
2008, Jan. 20 Ronald "Daddy Clyde" Clark passed away in Jacksonville, FL. He is survived by his life partners, Jim & Wayne. Source: The Leather Journal, Issue 215 page 18 2/7/08
2008, Jan. 21 The 21st sees the first national fetish day in the UK and a concept and day that seems to be spreading around the world. The concept first mooted on an Internet forum was simple enough, a proposal that on a specified day anyone in the BDSM / Fetish scene show their support by wearing anything from an item of purple to a full purple outfit. Source: http://www.worldwidebdsm.com 2/1/08
2008, Jan. 23 Goth Couple BBC News: A goth man who leads his girlfriend around with a dog lead and collar was stopped from getting on a bus amid fears for passenger safety, a bus firm confirmed. The company said it was writing to Mr Graves "to apologize for any distress caused by the way this matter was handled". Source: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,324551,00.html 2/1/08
2008, Jan. 24 Mr. Marcus of the Bay Area Reporter gives an oral history to a crowd of over 40 people in the Etienne Auditorium of the LA&M.; Seen that evening, Marcus dressed in drag singing "Down-town" in the movie Men Behind Bars.Source: http://www.leatherarchives.org/calendar 2/1/08
2008, Jan. 30 Scolding Fetish Gets Man in Hot Water: Tokyo - A lonely Japanese man has been arrested for allegedly calling directory assistance thousands of times because he liked to be scolded by female operators. Source: http://www.altavista.com/news/results?nc=8&nd=3&nr=0&q=arrested&stq=70 2/1/08
2008, Jan. 30 Despite complaints from some alumni, the College of William and Mary is hosting the Sex Workers' Art Show on campus. Source: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/keyword?k=College 2/1/08
2008, Jan. 31 In a controversial move believed to be a first by an American college, San Jose State University President Don Kassing has suspended all campus blood drives because of a longstanding government policy that bars gay men from donating blood. Source: http://www.mercurynews.com/ci_8137248 2/1/08
2008, Jan. 31 Adult Lego Some Lego fans are making the famous children's toy "more 'adult.'" The Sun, a U.K. based newspaper recently discovered Lego porn videos on YouTube that include "explicit toy action in animated video spoofs of adult films." One of the videos named, 'Crissy's Lonely Valentine's Night', starring Crissy Canyon as 'Suzie' and Eric Neverhard as 'Phone Guy', features voiceovers and saucy music.Source: http://www.playboy.com/sex/sex-news 2/1/08
2008, Feb. 1 Avatar Club Los Angeles, CA celebrates 25th Anniversary. Source: http://www.avatarla.org/publicweb 2/1/08
2008, Feb. 4 A federal judge upheld a jury verdict that found the Rev. Fred Phelps and his two daughters, Shirley Phelps-Roper and Rebecca Phelps-Davis, had invaded privacy with intent to inflict emotional distress on the father of a Marine whose funeral Phelp's Westboro Church had picketed. Source: http://www.365gay.com/newschannel/newschannel.htm 2/6/08
2008, Feb. 7 Chastity Device A copper male "chastity belt" used in 19th-century Catholic France is expected to fetch up to £3,000 on eBay. According to U.K.'s Metro, the antique "anti-masturbation device...was designed to enclose the genitalia to make sure boys did not commit the 'sin' of masturbation." Source: http://www.playboy.com/sex/sex-news 2/7/08
2008, Feb. 9 The Eagle PDX closes the doors at its old location and moves to 27 NW 6th St. Source: http://www.portlandeagle.com 2/6/08
2008, Feb. 9 Guy Baldwin received the Leather Leadership Award today for his longtime work on behalf of the Leather community. Mikel Gerle, International Mr. Leather 2007, presented the award to Baldwin, a Los Angeles-based psychotherapist, author and activist on behalf of “erotically uncommon people.” Accepting his award, Baldwin talked about how our community needs to be united against agents of intolerance. Source: http://www.thetaskforce.org/press/releases/PR_013008 2/9/08
2008, Feb. 9-10 (Detroit) With attendees that included homeless youth, LGBT and straight elders, civil rights leader Julian Bond and New Hampshire Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson, the National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change celebrated its 20th anniversary. Source: http://www.365gay.com 2/12/08
2008, Feb. 17 A children's book about two male penguins that hatch and parent a chick was pulled from library shelves in Loudoun County, Virginia elementary schools this month after a parent complained that it promoted a gay agenda. Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/02/16/AR2008021600749.html?nav=rss_metro 2/19/08
2008, Feb. 19 A U.S. federal appeals court has overturned a statute outlawing sex toy sales in Texas, one of the last states - all in the South - to retain such a ban. Source: http://www.365gay.com/Newscon08/02/021908toys.htm 2/19/08
2008, Feb. 19 Imaging Sadomasochism: Robert Mapplethorpe and the Masquerade of Photography Japan's Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that a collection of erotic photographs by the late Robert Mapplethorpe does not violate obscenity laws, a decision that should allow the sale of the book for the first time in eight years. The decision overturned a 2003 Tokyo High Court ruling that the book "Mapplethorpe" was indecent, court spokesman Takashi Ando said. It was believed to be the first time the top court has overruled a lower court ruling on obscenity. Source: http://www.365gay.com/Newscon08/02/021908pix.htm 2/19/08
2008, Mar. The Spike, New York's famed leather bar opens after being closed for years due to gentrification. Source: http://www.thespikenyc.com/MainSpike.htm 3/2/08
2008, Mar. CineKink Film Festival in New York City celebrates its 5th year with Audience Choice Awards given to Call Me Troy, produced and directed by Scott Bloom. Source: http://www.thespikenyc.com/MainSpike.htm 3/2/08
2008, Mar. 8 John Turner John Turner, 63, of Deptford PA, one of the first openly gay physicians to treat HIV/AIDS patients in the earliest years of the epidemic, died Friday of complications of a neuromuscular disease at Underwood Memorial Hospital in Woodbury. Source:http://www.philly.com/philly/news/20080311_John_Turner__63__gay_physician_who_pioneered_AIDS_treatments.html 3/12/08
2008, Mar. 10 Nampa, Idaho - After an open meeting, the Nampa Public Library board ruled in favor of removing two books containing sexual content. The Joy of Sex and The Joy of Gay Sex are no longer on the shelves at the library. Both sides came out in force to a Monday night meeting to voice their opinion over the books. Source:http://www.ktvb.com/news/localnews/stories/ktvbn-mar1108-library_books.43bb49c1.html 3/12/08
2008, Mar. 10 LONDON (Reuters Life!) - Faced with rising divorce rates and poor communication between couples, the Church of England says it is time to talk about sex. The Anglican Church is publishing a course and a guide to marriage called "Growing Together" that encourages married couples to be open and frank with each other. Source:http://www.reuters.com/article/lifestyleMolt/idUSL1051831820080311 3/12/08
2008, Mar. 18 GLAAD Awards held in New York, among the recipients, ABC's "Boston Legal" won the nod for outstanding individual episode (in a series without a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered character in its regular cast) for "Do Tell." Source:http://www.reuters.com/article/entertainmentNews/idUSN1864347320080318 3/18/08
2008, Mar. 20-25 BLF to host their 10th Anniversary weekend, Easter in Berlin. Source: http://media.recon.com/magazine/recon_magazine_february_2008_world.pdf 2/4/08
2008, Mar. 21 Ronald H. Haines, 73, who was bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington throughout the 1990s and ignited a stormy dispute when he ordained a lesbian priest, died of cancer at his home in Lancaster, Pa. Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/03/25/AR2008032503572.html 3/28/08
2008, Mar 27 Rainbow Rampage Rainbow Rampage: CEMS (Chennai Event Management Services) launches the World's first Gay Motorsport events in Europe and America. Source: http://www.pr-inside.com/rainbow-rampage-cems-launches-the-world-s-r505322.htm 3/27/08
2008, Mar 28 Margot Weiss, assistant professor of women’s studies at the College of William & Mary, presents a lecture, “Sex Play and Social Power: Race, Gender and the Politics of SM.” Source: http://www.sbc.edu/news/?id=2506 3/25/08
2008, Mar 29 Mr. LA Leather, in collaboration with Outfest, hold a kinky film festival with films from Alex Wisniowski and T. Arthur Cottam.

SOURCE: http://www.mrlaleather.com/HOME.html 3/25/08
2008, Mar 29 Investors sought for The L.U.R.E.'s NYC reopening.

SOURCE: LeatherTitleholders @ yahoogroups.com 3/25/08
2008, Mar 30 Hundreds of people from Kansas and across the country gathered Sunday in Topeka to protest Pastor Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church. The march was also a way to promote peace, love, and equality. Source: http://www.ksn.com/news/local/17141626.html 4/1/08
2008, Apr NBJC National Conference To Address Gay Black Concerns: Hundreds of LGBT African Americans will meet in Baltimore this month in the first ever conference aimed at empowerment. The three-day conference is being organized by the National Black Justice Coalition - the nation's largest Black LGBT rights group. Source: http://www.365gay.com/Newscon08/03/032408conf.htm 3/25/08
2008, Apr. 4-6 30th Anniversary of the Mr. San Francisco Leather Contest Source: http://mrsanfranciscoleather.com/  4/3/08
2008, Apr. 4 Chaps II opens at 1225 Folsom in San Francisco, CA in the former Ramrod and My Place location. Source: LeatherTitleholders@yahoogroups.com  4/3/08
2008, Apr. 5 The 5th Anniversary of Bear Cafe, New York. Source: LeatherTitleholders@yahoogroups.com  4/3/08
2008, Apr. 6 Bonk, a new book about science and sex, investigates the history of sex research over the centuries. The book reveals details about the history of sexual beliefs -- if two testicles are good, aren't three better?! -- but also how little is still known about some basic mechanics of human sexuality. Source: http://www.salon.com/mwt/feature/2008/04/04/mary_roach/  4/7/08
2008, Apr. 9 After 16 years the Phoenix Uniform Club of San Francisco has decided to discontinue their Pride Weekend annual "Uniform & Leather Ball." Source: LeatherTitleholders@yahoogroups.com  4/9/08
2008, Apr. 9 Detroit, MI. City Council passes an ordinance banning discrimination against transgender people by an 8–1 vote. The measure’s passage comes on the heels of last week’s victory in Kansas City, Mo., where the City Council unanimously passed an identical ban. Source: NGLTF  4/9/08
2008, Apr. 9 NLA: International, a leading organization for activists in the pansexual leather community, announces the creation of annual awards for excellence in writing and publishing about leather, SM, bondage and fetishes. Source: http://chicagoden.com/2008/04/09/nla-international-launches-writing-awards.aspx  4/10/08
2008, Apr. 10 COPENHAGEN (AFP) — Homosexuals have been designated an area in a Copenhagen cemetery for those who want to be buried among people who shared their sexual orientation, one of the project initiators said on Tuesday. "We founded an association called Regnbuen (Rainbow) and our goal is that gays and lesbians can be buried next to each other," Ivan Larsen told AFP. The association has rented spots that can hold up to a total of 45 urns at Assistens cemetery. The cemetery already hosts figures as diverse as the Danish fairytale author Hans Christian Andersen and the philosopher Soeren Kierkegaard. Source: http://afp.google.com/article/ALeqM5j8v4MvrFeKvh9M1lBxfhjJPYstOA  4/10/08
2008, Apr. 12 Mistress Simone Worthington of Chicago, IL is awarded the title as the first Illinois Ms. Leather Pride Source: http://chicagoden.com/2008/04/23/illinois-ms-leather-pride.aspx  4/24/08
2008, Apr. 13 San Francisco, CA. 10th anniversary of the Sundance Saloon at 550 Barneveld Ave. Source: NGLTF  4/9/08
2008, Apr. 20 VANCOUVER: After 23 years of fighting Canada Customs' seizures of books bound for the gay and lesbian bookshop, the partners have put Little Sister's up for sale. The fight against Customs put the store at the forefront of the battle against censorship in Canada.

Among books seized were Jean Genet's Querelle, Quentin Crisp's The Naked Civil Servant, Joe Orton's Prick Up Your Ears, The Joy of Gay Sex and The Joy of Lesbian Sex.

SOURCE: http://canadianpress.google.com/article/ALeqM5h7U7U4yutLAGzCi2Mv4faPGY8MbA (The requested URL was not found on this server.)
2008, Apr. 23 The BC Court of Appeal has ruled that the province's Human Rights Tribunal can resume hearing a complaint of alleged discrimination on the basis of BDSM practices to determine whether BDSM is protected from discrimination under the Human Rights Code and, if so, whether any discrimination took place in this case.

SOURCE: http://www.xtra.ca/public/viewstory.aspx?AFF_TYPE=4&STORY_ID=4690&PUB_TEMPLATE_ID=2 4/24/08
2008, Apr. 23 Dan Clark, International Mr. Drummer, 2000 and the co-founder of the Great Lakes Leather Alliance passed away due to a stroke. Source: Ms. Kendra, Great Lakes Leather Alliance Producer  4/24/08
2008, Apr. 24 SM Odyssey in San Jose, the group that produces the Folsom Fringe weekend during San Francisco's Leather Week, has abandoned that project and this year will be staging the Northwest Leather Celebration the weekend of May 16-18. Source: http://www.ebar.com/arts/art_article.php?sec=mrm  4/24/08
2008, Apr. 24 The Historical Society of San Francisco presents an opportunity to become a Dykes on Bikes Warrior; displaying a showcase of Dykes on Bikes exhibit honoring that group.Source: http://www.ebar.com/arts/art_article.php?sec=mrm  4/24/08
2008, Apr. 26 A memorial service was held for Kathleen Cheryl Bolton, RN, who died Monday, April 14 when a tree limb snapped and fell, hitting her and her car in Stern Grove in Golden Gate Park. She was 50. Ms. Bolton was active in the LGBT community; she did volunteer work in BDSM education with the Exiles and the Butch Femme GroupSource: http://ebar.com/news/article.php?sec=news&article=2922  4/24/08
2008, Apr. 30 The University of Wisconsin Law School canceled an event with controversial sexual content and some students are calling the action a possible First Amendment violation. The Wisconsin Law Students for Reproductive Justice had planned an event called “Sex Toys 101” to promote safe alternatives to sex, educate about sexual health and pleasure, and discuss law concerning sex toys. Source: http://badgerherald.com/news/2008/04/30/law_school_shuts_dow.php 5/1/08
2008, May 1 The passing of Steven Duane Johnson. Steven was Mr. Sooner State Leather, 2001 and a long time volunteer for International Mr. Leather Source: Mark F. Malan 5/1/08
2008, May 1-4 The 10th Anniversary Celebration of the International Ms. Bootblack Contest. Source: Glenda Rider 3/13/08
2008, May 2 For the first time in 116 years, Canada's age of sexual consent changed on Thursday, climbing to 16 from age 14. Source: http://www.nationalpost.com/news/canada/story.html?id=485539 5/2/08
2008, May 3-4 The Bullet bar in Southern California will be celebrating its 10th anniversary Source: http://www.ebar.com/arts/art_article.php?sec=mrm  4/24/08
2008, May 8 A new law in the UK gets the final go-ahead which will make it illegal to own violent porn. From next January extreme videos, photos and online material will be banned. Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/hi/newsbeat/newsid_7389000/7389331.stm  4/24/08
2008, May 10 Equality Illinois Equality Illinois Education Project and the Leather Archives & Museum [LA&M;] are coming together to host a seminar day to educate people on the importance of the Illinois civil union bill (House Bill 1826) and legal protections for the LGBT community.

Source: Leather Archives & Museum 2/1/08
2008, May 10 C.O.M.M.A.N.D. MC of Baltimore, MD celebrates its 25th Anniversary

Source: Leather Archives & Museum 3/12/08
2008, May 14 (Chicago, Illinois) Former state Rep. Larry McKeon - the first openly gay member of the Illinois General Assembly - dies at age 63.Source: http://www.365gay.com/Newscon08/05/051408obit.htm 5/14/08
2008, May 27 Germany unveiled a monument to the tens of thousands of homosexuals persecuted under the Nazis, whose laws were used to prosecute gay men for a generation after World War Two. Berlin mayor Klaus Wowereit, who is openly gay, hailed the grey, concrete memorial as a long overdue acknowledgement of the repression of homosexuals, 50,000 of whom were convicted by Nazi courts during Adolf Hitler's 12-year dictatorship. Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/worldNews/idUSL2773392820080527?feedType=RSS&feedName=worldNews&rpc=22&sp=true 6/15/08
2008, May 30 - Jun. 1 The Knights of Leather hold Tournament, their 20th Run. Source: The Leather Journal, Issue 215 page 18 2/7/08
2008, May 22-26 IML 30 The 30th Anniversary Celebration of the International Mr. Leather Contest Weekend which raised $55,000 for the Leather Archives & Museum. Gary Iriza, Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2008 was announced as International Mr. Leather 2008 and Bootdog, of the Alameda County Leather Corps in Castro Valley, CA. was announced as International Mr. Bootblack Source: www.imrl.com 3/13/08
2008, Jun 6 Cuba, in the latest change since President Raul Castro took office in February, has allowed doctors to perform sex change operations, a specialist at the National Center for Sex Education. Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/latestCrisis/idUSN06395397 6/10/08
2008, Jun 8 The elephant in the room at the ongoing child pornography trial of R&B; icon R. Kelly is the fact that the man shown in the amateur sex video—the prosecution's key piece of evidence—seems to take pleasure in urinating on his sex partner.

Staff writer for the Chicago Tribune, By Rex W. Huppke contacts the Leather Archives & Museum for some guidance on this, sometimes, uneasy subject. Huppke quotes Susan Wright of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom among others in his eyebrow-raising story.

SOURCE: A case of discomfort (opinion) By Rex W. Huppke. Chicago Tribune. Jun 08, 2008 at 2:00 am
2008, Jun 9 Jury selection begins in a downtown Los Angeles courtroom in the trial of an adult filmmaker facing federal obscenity charges for selling films featuring beastiality and defecation.

Ira Isaacs, 57, a Bronx native who lives in the Hollywood Hills, is charged with four counts of importing or transporting obscene material for sale or distribution and two counts of importing or transporting obscene material.

SOURCE: http://www.knbc.com/news/16548895/detail.html (error 404) 6/10/08

ADDENDUM: The date might be wrong. The original source is not available, and justice.gov indicates that Ira Isaacs was convicted on January 16, 2013, almost four and a half years after jury selection began.

contrib. Ambrosio. late 2022.
2008, Jun 10 An attempt to stop homosexual women calling themselves lesbians begins in Athens with a court hearing that comes amid growing national debate over gay rights in one of Europe's most socially conservative countries. Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2008/jun/10/gayrights.greece   6/11/08
2008, Jun 13 Out & Proud Americans for Truth About Homosexuality President Peter LaBarbera today accused the Chicago public TV station WTTW, and by extension the Public Broadcasting System, of using taxpayer monies to celebrate Homosexuality and worse, air programs that displays flagrant anti-religious bigotry during "Gay Pride Month." WTTW aired a program called Out and Proud in Chicago. The documentary showcased the struggle that Chicago gay & lesbians faced in the days of oppression and their struggle for basic human rights. Resources from the Leather Archives & Museum and Gerber Hart Library, among other institutions, were used to make this documentary. The documentary aired during WTTW's annual fundraising efforts. Reports state that the fundraising gole was surpassed durring the airing of the program. Source: http://www.americansfortruth.com, The Leather Archives & Museum, WTTW, Public Broadcasting Station in Chicago 6/11/08
2008, Jun 14 The passing of Wayne Nesbitt of Washington DC. Wayne served as Mr. DC Eagle 1997-98. He emceed numerous contests in DC and around the leather community, volunteered on numerous boards and several events, including Eagle Wings. Source: LeatherTitleholders@yahoogroups.com 6/15/08
2008, Jun 17 Author Larry Townsend sues Oklahoma-based Nazca Plains Corporation for copying Townsend's works without permission and then distributed the books to booksellers.

SOURCE: Publishers Weekly
2008, Jun 21-22 Ottawa, Canada. The First ever BDSM Boot Camp, Jun 21-22 at Breathless. The weekend included over 20 workshops, along with round table discussions, and a play as you like pansexual party on the Saturday night. Source: http://www.xtra.ca/public/viewstory.aspx?AFF_TYPE=2&STORY_ID=4921&PUB_TEMPLATE_ID=2 6/10/08
2008, Jul. 1 Indiana Flag A new law in Indiana that takes effect July 1 requires businesses that sell sexually explicit material to pay a $250 fee and register with the secretary of state, who would then pass the information to municipal or county officials so they can monitor the businesses for potential violations of local ordinances. Source: http://www.indystar.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080325/NEWS/80325063 3/28/08
2008, Jul 13 Two condoms have been found inside a medicine book dating from the XVI century at Salamanca University. Made from pig gut, and with a blue ribbon used to tighten, the condoms were discovered during a revision and cataloguing of the historical books in the library. Library Director, Margarita Becedas, said that the two condoms were perfectly wrapped in a newspaper dating from 1857, and are thought to date from the 19th century.

CITE: http://www.typicallyspanish.com/news/publish/article_17371.shtml 7/15/08

SEE ALSO: 19th century condoms found in medieval medical book
2008, Jul 18 Barbie as Black Canary Religious conservatives are accusing Mattel's racy new Black Canary Barbie of promoting S&M.; The Sun reports that the doll, which wears leather and fishnets and is based on the D.C. Comics character of the same name, is being described as "filth" by a group called Christian Voice. "Barbie has always been on the tarty side and this is taking it too far," the organization said in a statement.
SOURCE: The Sun (UK) 7/18/08
2008, Jul 20 Pantheon of Leather awards are handed out at the Leather Archives & Museum. Among the winners, Glenda Rider is woman of the year, Rick Storer is man of the year and Jeanne Barney wins the Lifetime Achievement Award. Source: Dave Rhodes, the Leather Journal 7/20/08
2008, Jul 20 International Mr. Leather is recognized as the 4th largest, non trade show convention in the City of Chicago.
SOURCE: International Mr. Leather 7/20/08
2008, Jul 29 Larry Townsend The passing of Larry Townsend. 27 October 1930 – 29 July 2008) Author of dozens of books including Run Little Leather Boy (1970) and The Leatherman’s Handbook (1972) at pioneer erotic presses such as Greenleaf Classics and the Other Traveler imprint of Olympia Press.

SOURCE: obituary written by Jack Fritscher originally pubished in the Leather Archives & Museum's Leather Times number 2, 2008.

SEE ALSO: About Larry Townsend which contains the fully obituary by Jack Fritscher

contrib. Ambrosio March 21, 2023.
2008, Aug 5 A collection of pornography belonging to Franz Kafka was discovered in the British Library in London and the Bodleian in Oxford. It appears that the stash had been concealed by scholars in an attempt to preserve the writer's image.

Source: http://www.nysun.com/blogs/letter-from-london/2008/08/kafkas-porn-stash-and-edinburgh-off-to-a.html 8/14/08
2008, Sep 19 Dallas boys of Leather Dallas Boys of Leather (DbOL) disbands. During its history DbOL was well known in Dallas and the United States for its leadership, charity and social events.

DbOL had hosted many boy/sub gatherings in both Dallas and Oklahoma , at such events as Beyond Vanilla, South Plains Leather fest, ILSb (when in Dallas ). As well as co-producing Dallas Leather Sir/boy contest 2002-2003 and North Texas Leather Sir boy 2005-2006.

DbOL's crowning charity program was the annual boys and bears stuff animal drive for the children in Scottish Rite Hospital. Last year DbOL added Bryans House for children affected by AIDS to its charitable work.

Source: Dallas boys of Leather 9/19/08
2008, Sep. 10 Passing of Robert W. Davis (December 1964 - September 2008) Source: http://www.leathersir.com/InMemoriam/RobertDavis/index.html 9/10/08
2008, Sep. 10 Passing of Ken Jacobson (1960-2008). Past Hellfire Club President and Secretary Ken Jacobson passed away on September 27, 2008 from ALS which is also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. Ken was active for many years in the leather community. He founded the Northwest Gay and Lesbian Organization and served on the Chicago Commission on Human Rights in the 1980's Source: The Leather Journal Issue 224 11/9/08
2008, Oct. 5 Jim Clark, THOR Leathermen founder died at Hoag Hospital in Orange County CA on Sunday October 5th, 2008 A celebration of life was held in his living room on October 14 with about 25 in attendance.Source: The Leather Journal Issue 224 11/9/08
2008, Oct 9-12 Domcon celebrates its 5th year in Atlanta, GA Source: www.domconatlanta.com 10/10/08
2008, Oct 3-5 Les Cuirassés de Québec Les Cuirassés de Québec, celebrated its milestone 15th Anniversary in Québec City. No special theme was used on that occasion Source: Les Cuirassés de Québec 10/31/08
2008, Oct 17-19 20th Oklahoma Mr. Leather Contest is held at Angles Event Center. Source: Bay Area Reporter 10/10/08
2008, Oct 18 The California B&B; Corps held its 40th Anniversary Source: The Leather Journal Issue 224 11/9/08
2008, Dec 12 Legendary pinup queen Bettie Page died of pneumonia at the age of 85 in a hospital in Los Angeles, California, a week after suffering a heart attack. Source: http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/12/12/bettie.page.obit/?iref=mpstoryview 224 12/12/08
2008, Dec 12 The Leather Archives & Museum receives a $10,000.00 donation from an anonymous Chicago donor.

Source: Leather Archives & Museum 12/12/08
2008, Dec 31 On New Year's Eve 2009 in Studio City, California, the country western bar Oil Can Harry's celebrated its 40th anniversary, a record-breaking run these days. Some of you may recall the Oil Can Harry's in San Francisco in the early '70s on the corner of Larkin St. at Geary. Source: http://www.ebar.com/arts/art_article.php?sec=mrm 1/7/09
Time Event
2009 The Annual Mid Atlantic Leather weekend in Washington DC receives an unusual amount of press because it takes place the weekend before the inauguration of Barack Obama. Source: http://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2008/12/31/Leather_convention_precedes_inauguration/UPI-30521230781959  1/2/09
2009 The Leather Archives & Museum receives a $10,000.00 donation from Bound South and the Leather Masked Ball, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. and a $2,500.00 donation from American Brotherhood Weekend, New Orleans, LA.

Source: Leather Archives & Museum 1/2/09
2009, Jan 16-28 Mid Atlantic Leather Weekend Logo The Centaur Motorcycle Club celebrate the 25th annual Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend in Washington DC.Source: http://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2008/12/31/Leather_convention_precedes_inauguration/UPI-30521230781959  1/2/09
2009, Jan 12 Death of Mark Olson. Mark served as SVL President through most of 2008 and Vice President in 2007. He also held the title of Sacramento Leatherboy 2006. Source: david shorey  1/15/09
2009, Jan 16 Beauties Service The Leather Archives & Museum mounts a new exhibit in the Guest Artist Gallery. “Beauties Service," is a themed retrospective of watercolor figures, by Chicago Fetish Artist Kate Tastrophe. Her works illustrate women who have taken complete and utter control over their own external sexuality.

Kate Tastrophe, who speaks of her images as if they where real, works toward contemporary theories of 3rd wave feminism and shows that this newly found sexually liberated woman is nothing new. The images show women who use and accentuate their “assist,” and in doing so take hold of beauty and make it their servant. These ladies want to be looked at. They want to be studied. They want to inspire those dirty little thoughts. And it’s their rendering of “beauty” that grants them the power in that moment. Source: Leather Archives & Museum  1/2/09

2009, Feb The South Florida boys of Leather announced its formation (www.sflbol.com) and will continue in the tradition of most of the boy organizations across the nation.Source: http://www.ebar.com/arts/art_article.php?sec=mrm  1/15/09
2009, Feb 6 Ohio Boys of Leather Beginning in February of 2009 six boys/bois in Cleveland, Ohio saw a hole in the community that they felt boys/bois were uniquely qualified to fill; the need for dedicated volunteers. Knowing that one of the biggest passions in a boys/bois heart is service and hearing the call for help from everywhere, they decided to form a club. They held their first meeting February 6, 2009 and thus The Ohio Boys of Leather was formed.

The club is called appropriately enough….The Ohio Boys of Leather Source: Leather Title Holders List  2/24/09

2009, Feb 27-Mar 1 15 Association The 15 Association in San Francisco holds its 20th anniversary weekend party and the 10th annual South Plains Leather Fest takes place in Dallas, Texas with the naming of the new International Master/slave. Source: http://www.ebar.com/artscolumns/artcolumn.php?sec=mrm&id=192  1/15/09
2009, Mar 21 The first ever Mr. Stonewall Inn Leather contest takes place in New York City. Source: http://www.ebar.com  2/19/09
2009, Apr 5 WALP (Women @ Amsterdam Leather Pride) ended its 12 year run. Source:http://www.walp.nl/index.html  4/5/09
2009, Apr 7 Gay porn icon Jack Wrangler died from complications of lung disease. He was 62Source:The Leather Journal issue 230 7/1/09
2009, Apr 17 The Leather Archives & Museum mounts a new exhibit, Under Orders by Kelly Courtney in the Guest Artist Gallery.
2009, Apr 25 The ShipMates Club of Baltimore celebrates their 35th Anniversary Source:John Crockett  4/5/09
2009, Apr 25 Chuck Renslow, John Willie and Tom of Finland are the first inductees into the Leather Hall of Fame at Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend (CLAW). Source:claw
2009, Jun 20 Leather SINS Screening Room The Leather Archives & Museum opens a new exhibit in the Multi Media Gallery, the Leather SINS Screening Room. Leather Sins, a pansexual BDSM group near the city of Chicago has adopted what houses the Leather SINS Screening Room (adoption in progress). This upscale and contemporary screening room will house the institution's vast audio/video collection and will run clips from that collection during regular museum hours.

SOURCE: Leather Archives & Museum 6/1/09
2009, Jul GMSMA (Gay Male S/M Activists) goes into the history books and ceases existence. During its heyday, GMSMA had hundreds of members from not only New York City but from across the country and even from overseas. Regular meetings were held twice a month, and it was not uncommon for the third floor meeting room of the gay community center on West 13th Street to be jam packed with dozens or even 100 or more men eager to learn and to socialize. One night the topic might be how to tie up your boyfriend in really good rope bondage, another time you could learn all about flogging and whipping, or how to put together a really kick-ass cop or firefighter uniform. Source:GMSMA Organization
2009, Jul 2-5 The Rockymountaineers celebrate their 35th Anniversary, The Golden Fleece RunSource:The Leather Journal Issue 230
2009, Jul 3-5 The DC boys of Leather celebrate their 10th AnniversarySource:The Leather Journal Issue 230
2009, Jul 27 Cathy Kuhlum, former President of the T-Bears in Boston and active member of the East coast leather community, passes away from a heart atackSource:The Leather Journal Issue 234  11/1/09
2009, Aug 10 The passing of Gary Coulter of the Rochester RamsSource:THE ROCHESTER RAMS
2009, Aug 12 Boy Pride Flag The passing of one of the founders of the DC Boys of Leather Ray Hall. Ray's work lead to the founding of 27 Boys of Leather Clubs were founded across the country, including Chicago.Source:Windy City Boy's Troup Digest 1139
2009, Aug 15 WOOLF celebrates Leather Camp V in Wichita, KSSource:The Leather Journal Issue 234
2009, Aug 15 Al Reese, the first Mr. San Diego Eagle and the 1st runner up at International Mr. Leather 1995 passes away. Source:The Leather Journal Issue 234
2009, Aug 18 Jack McGeorge, founder of Black Rose, an officer of the Leather Leadership Conference and frequently recognized regional leader for BDSM advocacy and education passed away from a complication of open heart surgery.

SOURCE: wikipedia.org 6/14=/09
2009, Sep 12 The Regiment of the Black & Tans celebrate their 35th AnniversarySource:The Leather Journal Issue 230
2009, Oct In Toronto Canada: The Bent Inn, a "leather themed" bed & breakfast, closed its doors. Source:bentinn.com
2009, Oct 8 Mr. Marcus Marcus Hernandez, who served as the Bay Area Reporter's longtime leather columnist, died Thursday, October 8 at Pacifica Nursing and Rehab Center in Pacifica. He was 77.

The cause of death was complications from diabetes and arteriosclerosis.

Mr. Hernandez was known to his legions of readers by his pen name "Mister Marcus" and dubbed the "dean of leather columnists." His weekly columns of contest goings-on and gossip were a must-read for leather community leaders, titleholders, and newcomers alike for 38 years.

SOURCE: Bay Area Reporter
2009, Oct 10 After 10 years of serving the Sydney/Petersham, Australia fetish community, the Manacle closed its doorsSource:Sydney Leather Pride Association
2009, Oct 10 In honor of their 45th Anniversary, the Empire City MC celebrate aboard the USS Lexington at the Skyport Marina in New York CitySource:The Leather Journal Issue 234
2009, Oct 17 While sorting the collection papers of Tony DeBlase at the LA&M;, Board Member Rob Ridinger uncovers the original draft of the Leather History Timeline including all citations on the compellation of the Timeline and a paragraph explaining how to contribute more information. This information will be made available to the general public before the end of 2009.Source:Leather Archives & Museum
2009, Oct 23 The LA&M; opens a new exhibit in the Guest Artist Gallery, "Restraint" by John Randle. Born in 1944 and raised in Chicago, John Randle received a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1968 and taught art in high school for 31 years in suburban Chicago. He also received an MA degree in Interdisciplinary Arts from Columbia College in 1989. He has been retired for 10 years and enjoys travel and working for small theater companies. He was resident scenic designer for the NeoFuturists for 5 years and created two shows of drawings and paintings for their productions of "Alice" and "The Last Five Minutes of the Complete Works of Henrik Ibsen". He had a show of drawings and paintings this year at Touche'. Source:Leather Archives & Museum
2009, Oct 23-25 Leather SINS celebrates their annual event, Kinky Kollege V, "Taboo, Taboo" in Chicago Source:Leather Archives & Museum
2009, Oct 25 Bob Maddox Robert "Bob" Maddox. co-founder of Male Hide Leathers passed away suddenly at the age of 74. Bob, with his lover and partner Frank Goley, began making leather attire for friends at their kitchen table before opening their first store in Chicago. A memorial service was held at the Leather Archives & Museum in November where hundreds of leather folk showed up to celebrate his life. Source:Leather Archives & Museum
2009, Oct 31 Longtime gay activist Larry Stansbury, 61, died Saturday, Oct. 31, following a weeks-long struggle at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in the District. Source:http://www.metroweekly.com/gauge/?ak=4622
2009, Nov Atlanta-based Window Media, ceased operations at gay-oriented publications, which include the Washinton Blade newspaper, Southern Voice newspaper and David magazine in Atlanta, and the South Florida Blade and 411 magazine in Florida. Source:http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/11/16/AR2009111601477.html?hpid=moreheadlines
2009, Nov 21 The Thanksgiving Slave Auction takes place at Dragons Gate Studios in Yorba Linda, CA in the Dungeon of Mistress Jordan. This is its 10th year AnniversarySource:The Leather Journal Issue 234  11/1/09
2009, Nov 21 Memorials for Mr. Marcus were held all over the United States wit the main service taking place at City Nights in San Francisco, CA Source:The Leather Journal Issue 237  12/5/09
2009, Nov 24 The Atlanta Eagle, and patrons who were present during the police raid on September 10, 2009, filed a federal civil rights lawsuit this morning against the City of Atlanta, Police Chief Richard Pennington, and the individual police officers involved in the raid. The lawsuit was filed jointly by Atlanta attorney Dan Grossman, Lamdba Legal, and The Southern Center for Human Rights. Source:The Leather Journal Issue 238
2009, Nov 28 The Satyrs MC celebrate their 55th AnniversarySource:The Leather Journal Issue 230
2009, Nov 28 IML 79 Vest At the Leather Masked Ball in Fort Lauderdale, FL. International Leatherboy Bill Hoeppner donates David Kloss' International Mr. Leather 1979 title vest to the Leather Archives & Museum. Bill had won the vest in an auction at the International Leather Sir/boy contest in San Francisco and thought it was only fitting that it be sent home to the LA&M; Source:Leather Archives & Museum
2009, Dec 1 SPICE (South Florida People Involved in Consensual Endeavors" disbands donating their remaining funds to the Leather Archives & Museum and the NCSF. Source:The Leather Journal Issue 237
2009, Dec 16 Mr. Bullet Leather 2000 Ted "Tedbear" Kuehner passed away on Wednesday December 16 while visiting his family in Indiana for the Christmas Holiday.Source:The Leather Journal Issue 238
Time Event
2010 Publication of and donated to the Leather Archives & Museum
  • A Nice Boy From A Good Family by David May
  • Band of Bikers by Scott Zieher
  • My Leather Workbook by Matt Johnson
  • Smoke, Ash and Burning Embers by John D. Weal
  • Packed Cod, Hard Rod by G.W. Leatherman Parks
  • Secret Historian, the Life and Times of Sam Steward by Justin Spring
  • Ariane Arborene's Classic FemDom Stories by Ariane Arborene
  • Hombres De Acero Y Terciopelo (Spanish Edition) by Juan Calderón
2010 Spearhead of Toronto Canada celebrates its 40th Anniversary Source:Phalia Issue: Mar/Apr 2010
2010 Ottawa Knights of Canada celebrate their 35th Anniversary Source:Phalia Issue: Mar/Apr 2010
ADDENDUM: Release of two films directed by Lina Mannheimer and featuring Catherine Robbe-Grillet, the author of L’Image:
contrib. Ambrosio. late 2022.
2010, Jan 1 WLHP The Leather Archives & Museum along with Leigh Fleming and Sarah Humble announce The Women's Leather History Project. The Leather Archives & Museum (LA&M;) is committed to collecting, preserving and providing access to the contributions, experiences, and histories of women in leather, BDSM, fetish, and related lifestyles. The Women’s Leather History Project (WLHP) represents the LA&M;’s ongoing commitment to making the diverse voices of women in leather visible and heard. The WLHP will collect artifacts, stories, and other items that represent the experience of all women (straight, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, women of color). The resulting collections will be featured in future exhibitions at the Leather Archives & Museum. Source:The Leather Archives & Museum
2010, Jan 15-17 40th Anniversary of Centaur Motorcycle Club's Mid Atlantic Leather Weekend Source:Todd Davidson
2010, Jan 19 The Chicago Leather Kennel Club, who's goal was to help you achieve your personal best in the pursuit of a local, regional, national, or international fetish title, disbands Source:Todd Davidson
2010, Jan 24 Rick Storer is honored with the Leatherman's Heart Award presented at South West Leather Conference in Phoenix, AZSource:The Leather Archives & Museum
2010, Feb 5-7 15th Annual Dark Weekend sponsored by LIFE Detroit, Detroit, MISource:The Leather Journal Issue 239
2010, Feb 22 The passing of Jamie Gillis, who died today in New York at the age of 66 after a battle with cancer. Gillis is best known for his work in classic BDSM roles.Source:http://www.xbiznewswire.com/view.php?id=117677
2010, Mar 27-28 15th Annual Tom of Finland Erotic Art Fair takes place in West Hollywood, CASource:The Leather Journal Issue 240
2010, Mar 12-13 On Friday March 12 and Saturday March 13, history was made within the NYC Leather community when the city's oldest and original Leather/Levi bar, Rawhide, held its first ever Mr. Rawhide, NYC leather competition. Despite the monsoon conditions outside for two days the bar was packed with Leather men and women as they celebrated the first Mr. Rawhide, NYC, Ryan Mollar. The esteemed panel of judges consisted of Darrell Perry, Cirrtone, Grant Anderson, Master Tip, Morgaine, Kip Hollar, and Mike Dreyden. The judges boy for the event was Fenix, with Spanky and Damian serving as tally masters. Behind the scenes, serving as Den Daddy, was Hillary S. Naploleone Williams. The event was emceed by Will Clarke with DJ Delroy spinning tunes and Ray Daniels dancing "Coyote Ugly" style throughout the weekend. Source:http://willclarkworld.typepad.com/photos/first_annual_mr_rawhide_c/index.html
2010, Mar 22 Jim Dohr Jim "Dottie" Dohr passed away today, Monday-March 22- at noon after a very short battle with liver cancer. Jim produced the IML Contest and weekend in the early years, and also managed Chicago's legendary Gold Coast bar before going to work for the Chicago Department of Health. Source:[LeatherTitleholders] Digest Number 3853
2010, Apr 9-11 20th Anniversary of Chain of Command, TCC Landsite, Cameron, TXSource:The Leather Journal Issue 238
2010, Apr 15 The Los Angeles Band of Brothers conducted its founding ceremony. As current and former Los Angeles-area Leather Titleholders gathered at a member's home in Los Angeles, CA.Source:The Leather Journal Issue 243
2010, Apr 16-18 30th annual KC Pioneers Trails End Run, Kansas City, MOSource:The Leather Journal Issue 238
2010, Apr 1-4 10th annual Las Vegas Smoke out sponsored by Desert Brotherhood Motorcycle ClubSource:The Leather Journal Issue 239
2010, May 14-16 35th Anniversary of Excelsior MC, Long Island, NYSource:The Leather Journal Issue 238
2010, May 31 Tyler McCormick Self-proclaimed "Leather gimp" Tyler McCormick, a wheel chair-reliant female to male transgender man, breaks down barriers to win the 2010 INTERNATIONAL MR. LEATHER contest - the first time in the competition's 32 year history.

Lance Holman, Mr. San Francisco Leather, took first runner-up, and Jack Andrew Duke, Mr. Texas Leather, took second runner-up. The IML competition was held Memorial weekend (May 27-31 2010) in ChicagoSource:International Mr. Leather

2010, May 31 CHICAGO -Chuck Renslow, founder of International Mr. Leather and the Leather Archives & Museum, announced plans to donate or give International Mr. Leather, Inc. to the Renslow Charitable Foundation with the Leather Archives & Museum as the sole beneficiary at the 32nd annual IML contest on May 30, 2010.

Renslow cited the creation of the foundation as a way for International Mr. Leather to benefit the international kink and fetish community directly. "I am pleased to announce that all profits from the annual IML contest will flow back to the leather tribe through the LA&M; -- the only organization that preserves, displays and celebrates the history of IML, the leather tribe, and the expanding international kink and fetish community."

The Trustees of the Renslow Charitable Foundation will operate the International Mr. Leather Weekend and ensure that all proceeds benefit the LA&M; when Renslow retires as IML Executive Producer.

Rick Storer, LA&M; Executive Director was overjoyed but not surprised by the announcement. "All of us in the LA&M; family are grateful for the continued support and leadership of our founder, Chuck Renslow. Once again, Chuck is setting a stellar example of how each of us can generously support and serve the community that makes our lifestyle real, fun and possible." Source:International Mr. Leather

2010, Jun 25th Anniversary of the Cosmic order of KA. This celebration will also mark the disbanding of the clubSource:LA&M VF
2010, Jun 5 Diamond Jim's Saloon closed its doors after serving the community for more than a decadeSource:The Leather Journal Issue #244
2010, Jun 10-13 15th Anniversary of SouthEast LeatherFest Atlanta, GASource:The Leather Journal Issue 238
2010, Jun 15 Passing of boy xody. 30-year-old Michael Winters died of a heart attack in Henrietta Township, OH. boy xody was a founding memer of NAIL (New Age In Leather) and volunteered for CLAW. xody was the boy of Mid Atlantic Leather Sir 2009, Ky of Pittsburgh, PA. A celebration of Michael's life was held Saturday, June 9 at the LGBT Community Center of ClevelandSource:The Leather Journal Issue #244
2010, Jun 28 The Lexington Lyons Leather Levi Club out of Kentucky officially disbandSource:The Lexington Lyons L/L Club, Inc.
2010, Jul 10 Detroit Eagle closed its doors. This is the 3rd gay bar to shut its doors in this city in the last couple monthsSource:Detroit Eagle Advertisement
2010, Jul 10 California B&B; Corps hosted a dress uniform cocktail party and dinner to celebrate their milestone 500th meeting in Pasadena, CA Source:The Leather Journal Issue #244
2010, Jul 16-18 ABW Family 2009 American Brotherhood Weekend is held at the Leather Archives & Museum in the Etienne Auditorium. ABW, a celebration of the bonds shared as a Leather family of men and women took place in and around two iconic Chicago Leather institutions: Touché, one of the oldest and most established Leather bars in the city, and the Leather Archives and Museum, the definitive library, museum and archive of our history as Leatherfolk.Source:The Leather Journal Issue #244
2010, Jul 21 Madrid - A Spanish erotic museum housing more than 800 exhibits went up for sale on Ebay - at a starting price of 300,000 euros (380,000 dollars). The Danish businessman who owns Barcelona's Museum of Erotica is selling it because he wants to focus on other interestsSource:http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/news/335831,museum-erotica-sale-ebay.html
2010, Aug The Rochester Rams celebrate 35 yearsSource:The Leather Journal Issue 247
2010, Aug 6-8 The 5th annual Utah Rebellion was held at Club Try-Angels in Salt Lake City UtahSource:The Leather Journal Issue #244
2010, Aug 12-15 Pantheon of Leather 20 returns to the place where it all started in 1991, Los Angeles, CASource:The Leather Journal Issue 244
2010, Sep. 4 Bobby "Eisenbeis" Drake, a member of the Satyrs Motorcycle Club of Los Angeles, CA since 1956 passed away due to natural causes.Source:The Leather Journal Issue 247
2010, Sep. 16 John Embry John H. Embry, a pioneering gay author, Drummer magazine publisher, and activist died in his sleep on the morning of Thursday, September 16 at his home in San Francisco. He was 83.

After a successful career in advertising and marketing, Mr. Embry founded Drummer, the groundbreaking and most successful national publication for gay men in the leather lifestyle. Mr. Embry published the magazine from its inception in 1975 until 1986 when he sold it.

SOURCE: Cynthia Laird Drummer magazine founder John Embry dies Wednesday October 13, 2010 Bay Area Reporter
2010, Sep. 24-26 20th Anniversary of Beyond Vanilla hosted by NLA DallasSource:http://www.beyondvanilla.org/home/
2010, Sep. 24-26 15th Anniversary of Mr. Michigan Leather contestSource:The Leather Journal
2010, Oct. 1-3 40th Anniversary of The Eagle NYC CelebrationSource:The Leather Journal #248
2010, Oct. 7-10 15th Anniversary of Blackout hosted by Onyx: Mid AtlanticSource:http://www.onyxmidatlantic.com/index_blackout15.htm
2010, Oct. 7-10 1st Leathermen's Academy was held in Ft. Lauderdale, FL becoming an International event with 126 men from as far away as Argentinia, Canada and France as well as from all over the US.Source:The Lether Journal #248
2010, November 12
ADDENDUM: Def Jam Recordings and SRP Records releases Loud, the fifth studio album by Barbadian singer Rihanna. It includes the song "S&M" which includes the following lyrics:

Feels so good being bad (Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)
There's no way I'm turning back (Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)
Now the pain is my pleasure 'cause nothing could measure
(Oh, oh, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)
Love is great, love is fine (Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)
Out the box, outta line (Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)
The affliction of the feeling leaves me wanting more
(Oh, oh, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)

'Cause I may be bad, but I'm perfectly good at it
Sex in the air, I don't care, I love the smell of it
Sticks and stones may break my bones
But chains and whips excite me
'Cause I may be bad, but I'm perfectly good at it
Sex in the air, I don't care, I love the smell of it
Sticks and stones may break my bones
But chains and whips excite me

contrib. Ambrosio. December 2022.
2010, Nov. 26 The Leather Masked Ball, the premiere annual dance party and charity event in South Florida’s Leather Community raises funds for the Leather Archives & Museum while celebrating its 5th anniversary Source:Leather Archives & Museum
2010, Dec. 7 Atlanta Eagle The Atlanta city council has agreed to million-dollar settlement more than a year after four-dozen police officers stormed a gay nightspot and allegedly forced patrons to lie facedown on the floor in handcuffs and endure background checks during an hour-long search.

The police raid descended upon the Atlanta Eagle on Sept. 10, 2009, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution recalled in a Dec. 6 article. The raid was reportedly triggered by reports of sex and drugs at the establishment; the Eagle had hosted an "Underwear Night" on the evening of the raid, according to a Dec. 6 GA Voice article. Source:http://www.edgeonthenet.com/?113815

Time Event
  • Leatherman: The Legend of Chuck Renslow: Keehnen/Baim
  • Winner Takes All: Christopher Pierce
  • We're Here, We're Queer: Owen Keehnen
  • Folsom Street Blues: Jim Stewart
  • Ageplay: from diapers to diplomas: Paul Rulof
  • Leather Nights: Alex Ironrod
  • Brave Men and Fetish: Bruno Gardner Books
  • Jim Flint: The Boy From Peoria: Owen Keehnen
  • The Dionysian Alliance: A Novel of Sex, Religion, and Murder: Jack Rinella
  • Leather Blues (reprint): Jack Fritscher
2011 The Chicago Hellfire Club celebrates its 40th anniversary Source:Chicago Hellfire Club
2011 Formation of the Philadelphia Leather Alliance Source:The Leather Journal Issue #261
2011 The Leather Archives & Museum celebrates its 20th anniversary Source:Leather Archives & Museum
2011, Jan. 25 Cellblock Chicago announces that it will no longer be holding the Cellblock Leatherman Competition, a feeder contest to International Mr. Leather. Brian Mincey was the last titleholder in 2010 for this contest Source:Cellblock Chicago
2011, Feb. 5 Chuck Renslow Chuck Renslow, often called “The Leatherman of the Century,” received the Leather Leadership Award for his outstanding lifetime work of creating leather community institutions to foster a leather cultural identity and to preserve its history. A Leather Color Guard paved the way for Matt Foreman, former Task Force executive director, and Tyler McCormick, International Mr. Leather 2010, who presented the award to Renslow.
2011, Feb. 26 Denver boys of Leather celebrate their 5th anniversary
2011, Mar. 25 Mattachine James "John" Finley Gruber, Jr., the last original member of the Mattachine Society, died in his home in Santa Clara February 27, at the age of 82. Born in Des Moines on August 21, 1928, Gruber enjoyed sexual relations with both men and women from an early age. In 1946, Gruber enlisted in the Marines where, as he recalled, he "went bananas in the sex department." After Gruber was honorably discharged in 1949, he studied English literature at Occidental College and befriended authors Christopher Isherwood and W. H. Auden and psychologist Evelyn Hooker.
2011, Mar 28 The passing of Lenny Waller. Lenny was manager of The Vault in NYC. Later he managed Hellfire and served on the board of TES. He was a supporter of Leather Pride Night, giving donations and always attending and buying at the auction. His pet project was the AIDS Candlelight Vigil which he organized every year during Gay Pride weekend.
2011, Apr. 5 Today marks the passing of Maryland Drummerboy 2000 William Finnerty and & Northeast Drummerboy 1993/Mr. New Jersey Leather 2008 Mark Spanky Bialous Source:www.facebook.com
2011, Apr. 8-10 Rubbout celebrates its 20th anniversary Source:www.rubbout.com
2011, Apr. 8-10 Leather Leadership Conference celebrates its 15th anniversary.
SOURCE: Leather Journal #251
ADDENDUM: Guy Baldwin deliver a keynote address: Herd Any Cats Lately?

contrib. Ambrosio Jan. 27, 2023.
2011, Apr. 14-17 International Ms. Leather IMsL celebrates its 25th anniversary Source:www.imsl.org
2011, Apr. 15-17 National Leather Association: Houston Presents Spring Iniquity XX its 20th anniversary.

SOURCE: SpringIniquity.com
2011, Apr. 22 The passing of one of the founding Associate Members of COMMAND MC, Jeff Roberts. Jeff, along with others, helped to form COMMAND MC back in the late ‘80s into the proud club it is today Source:http://www.commandmc.org/
2011, Apr. 30 Wicked Grounds, A Kink Café and Boutique in San Francisco, CA closes its doors after only a little over a year in operation Source:http://www.wickedgrounds.com/WG/Blog/Entries/2011/3/23_Important_Announcement.html
2011, Apr. 28-May. 1 Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend CLAW celebrates its 10th anniversary Source:www.clawinfo.org
2011. May
ADDENDUM: In a May 2011 interview with the New York Times, real estate developer Donald Trump explained his stance on gay marriage:

It's like in golf. A lot of people -- I don't want this to sound trivial -- but a lot of people are switching to these really long putters, very unattractive. It's weird. You see these great players with these really long putters, because they can't sink three-footers anymore. And, I hate it. I am a traditionalist. I have so many fabulous friends who happen to be gay, but I am a traditionalist.

SEE ALSO: Everything President Trump Has Said About The LGBTQ Community, Including Fighting For Them from TIME (VIDEO)

contrib. Ambrosio Jan. 1, 2022.
2011, May 18 Boot Camp Saloon One of Milwaukees’ oldest Levi/Leather bars burned to the ground. The Boot Camp Saloon, located at 209 E. National Ave. had been in business since 1984 and was owned by Si Smits. The two-alarm fire broke out around 4:00 a.m. and was put out by Milwaukee Fire Department (MFD) by 6:00 a.m. Though the fire was contained to the back of the building fire department officials have declared the building totaled with heavy water and structural damage. Source:thescenemilw.com/?p=112
2011, May 27 The Leather Archives & Museum Women's Leather History Project announces the opening of its premiere exhibition "A Room of Her Own". As the inaugural exhibit of the Women's Leather History Project, "A Room of Her Own" showcases women's Leather history from 1970. The exhibit incorporates women's artwork, artifacts, books, leathers, magazines, posters, t-shirts and films in an engaging display that highlights a wide range of women's experiences in Leather.

Source: Leather Archives & Museum
2011, May 27 Leatherman The long awaited biography; Leatherman: The Legend of Chuck Renslow is released at International Mr. Leather. Renslow, the man behind Kris 'physique' Studio, the Gold Coast leather bar, Man's Country, Center Stage disco, Bistro Too, The Eagle, International Mr. Leather, The Leather Archives and Museum and many other businesses and organizations. There's payoffs, The Mob, political wheeling and dealing, a communal Family, celebrities like Marlene Dietrich, Ted Kennedy, and Rudolf Nureyev - sex, power, and more.

Source: Leather Archives & Museum
2011, Jun 6 The passing of community activist George Wong Source:Leather Archives & Museum
2011, Jun 17 RJ Chaffin Roger J. Chaffin, International Mr. Leather Coordinator and great friend and supporter of the Leather Archives & Museum passed away today, but friends and family members say his legacy as a gay business leader and long-time community volunteer will continue to live throughout the community he proudly served. Mr. Chaffin was surrounded by family and friends at Weiss Hospital when he passed away at 8:30 p.m. He was 59.

Source: Leather Archives & Museum
2011, Jul. International Deaf Leather celebrates its 20th anniversary Source:www.internationaldeafleather.org
2011, Jun. 24 The Leather Archives & Museum unveils the Fakir Musafar exhibit in the main gallery with special guests Cleo Dubois and Fakir himself. The Etienne Auditorium was packed with body modification enthusiasts who enjoyed a 60 minute presentation given by Fakir on his life in the Body Play genre. VIP guest were treated to a light buffet and a chance to have their picture taken with Fakir and to pick up a copy of his book Spirit + Flesh. The weekend was topped off with a lecture from Cleo Dubois and a film screening of Dances, Sacred and Profane.

Source: Leather Archives & Museum
2011, Jun. 25 10th Annual Southern California Leather Gathering (SLUG) is held in South El Monte, CA.Source:The Leather Journal  1/1/11
2011, Jul. 21-22 The Unicorn Motorcycle Club of Cleveland, OH will celebrate its 40th Anniversary.Source: The Leather Journal 3/7/11
2011, Jul. 27 Eastern Canada Leatherboy 2005 Andrew MacDonald passed away Wednesday July 27 in Nova Scotia, following a courageous battle with cancer.Source: Titleholders Yahoo Group 7/29/11
2011, Jul. 29 Ohio Valley Leather celebrates its 10th Anniversary.Source: The Leather Journal 3/7/11
2011, Aug. 12-14 FLAG (Fits Like A Glove) celebrates its 20th anniversary Source:The Leather Journal 5/1/11
2011, Aug. 19-20 The Alameda County Leather Corps presents its 20th anniversary in Hayward, CA Source:www.brownpapertickets.com/event/178555
2011, Aug. 19-21 Great Lakes Leather Alliance (GLLA) celebrates its 10th anniversary
SOURCE: greatlakesleather.org
2011, Aug. 25
ADDENDUM: The Dallas Observer runs a story about the effects of the Internet on the Dallas, Texas Leather community: How The Internet Killed (Or Maybe Just Changed) Dallas' Leather Scene by Anna Merlan. August 25, 2011.

Dallas Observer is a free digital and print publication based in Dallas, Texas. The Observer publishes daily online coverage of local news, restaurants, music, and arts, as well as longform narrative journalism. A weekly print issue circulates every Thursday.

contrib. Ambrosio. late 2022.
2011, Sept.
ADDENDUM: The American D.O.D. repeals the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, which prohibited gay and lesbian Americans from serving openly in the armed forces.

contrib. Ambrosio Feb. 5, 2023.
2011, Sep. 29-Oct. 2 15th Annual Mates Leather Weekend is celebrated in Provincetown, MA. Source:The Leather Journal  5/1/11
2011, Oct. 22 The first Connell-Stanley Award for Kentucky Leather Person of the year was presented to Thomas Smith in Lexington, KY at Crossings Bar. The first Award Receipient, Thomas Smith, was Mr. Kentucky Leather 1997, Mr. International Rubber 1999, and Chair of the Leather Leadership Conference 2011-2012. Source:Thomas Smith  1/21/12
2011, Dec. 14 The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force announced today that Viola Johnson will receive its 2012 Leather Leadership Award, to be presented at the Task Force's 24th National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change. Source:Leatherati  1/21/12
2011, Dec. 15 The Leathermen's Discussion Group celebrates its 15th Anniversary. Source:The Leather Journal  #262
Time Event
ADDENDUM: Woody Woodruff, Mr. Michigan Leather 2012, from Waterford, Michigan wins the IML 2012 title.
contrib. Ambrosio. late 2022.
2012, January 19 RJ Chaffin OUT at CHM: Chicago in Leather Program and Party:

Being home to the first dedicated leather bar in the United States, the first gay motorcycle club outside of Los Angeles and the first (and still running) BDSM club for gay men, the Windy City is rich with LGBT leather history.

The LGBT leather community in Chicago has made a historic, cultural, and meaningful impact in the city in a variety of ways. Join us for an evening that will discuss the importance of gay men's leather motorcycle and backpatch clubs, bars, women's groups and spaces and large events like International Mr. Leather in creating Chicago's leather subculture. Panelists explored how gender and sexual orientation collaboration and separatism have co-existed throughout the past five decades. In collaboration with the Leather Archives & Museum and the Chicago History Museum.

Source: The LA&M 1/19/12
2012, Jan 20-22 The Southwest Leather Conference celebrates its 10th Anniversary.Source:The Leather Journal  #262
2012, Jan 22 The Atons of Minneapolis celebrate their 40th Anniversary.Source:The Leather Journal  #264
2012, Feb 17 Tony Hepworth, one of the founding members of the 69 club London died today on his 83th birthday.Source:Leatherhistory.eu
2012, Mar 16 The passing of Bob DeJardine owner of TuffStuff Leatherwear.Source:LA&M
2012, Mar 16-18 The Long Island Ravens MC hold their 20th Anniversary run in New York and the Conductors L/L hold their 30th Anniversary run in Tennessee.
2012, Apr 1 British artist Jim Stewart, the pioneer founder of Fetters bondage company (London/San Francisco) died today in the UK at age 79.
2012, Apr 13-15 Leather Leadership Conference XVI was held in Nashville, TN from April 13 to April 15, 2012. Thomas Smith, Chair of the LLC and CC, Southeast Regional Operating Committee Chair presented the "Leadership In Action Award" to Rick Storer, Executive Director of the Leather Archives & Museum. Rick Storer presented a keynote address. Closing ceremonies included an address by Lady D. Reverend Deborah Harrison, better known as Lady D.
2012, April 26-29 5th Annual Beyond Leather in Dallas, TX.Source:The Leather Journal  12/8/11
2012, Apr 27 The passing of Daddy Ken Thomas, after a lengthy hospitalization in Oklahoma Citv. Ken had traveled to Oklahoma in March, to suooort his partner, Tim, in making the arrangements for Tim's mother's funeral. It was while they were there that Ken suddenly took seriously ill and was hospitalized.
2012, Apr 30 The passing of Kent Arnold at his home in Long Beach, CA. His obedient boy Joe, who has been with him for 14 years, was at his side.
2012, May The Leather Journal celebrates its 25th Anniversary.
SOURCE: The Leather Journal 12/8/11
2012, Aug. 4 The Toronto Leather Pride weekend is extend to a whole week.
2012, Aug 16-19 Black BEAT - Black Expression Alternative Tastes celebrates its 10th AnniversarySource:http://www.blackbeatinc.org  12/8/11
2012, Sep 1 The Chicago Leather Club celebrates its 10th Anniversary.
2012, Nov 1-4 Touche, Chicago's longest running leather bar celebrates its 35th Anniversary.
2012, Nov 9 Leather Archives and Museum announced plans for a Capital Campaign to acquire additional space.
2012, Nov 9-11 Mr. Leather Ottawa celebrates its 20th Anniversary.
2012, Nov 9-11 Cowboi Jen was awarded the Chuck Renslow President's Award by the Leather Archives & Museum at Philadelphia leather Pride Night for her continued service to the Leather Community.

Jen has volunteered at numerous events and fundraisers and has taught DM classes throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. She has judged leather contests across the United States and in several countries, making history being the first female judge for the Mr. South Africa Leather contest in 2012. Cowboi Jen has won several awards including the Pantheon of Leather President's Award as well as the Diaboiique Foundation Community Service Award in 2010.
2012, Dec 1 The Alameda County Leather Corps held its 2Oth Annual Santa's Slave Auction at the Turf Club in Hayword. CA The Slave Auction produced by the current Mr. & Ms. Alameda County Leather Jay Williams and Christy Ford, raised just shy of $5.000.00 for the Tri City Hearth Center's cancer program and The Crucible art school.
Time Event
2013 Books The following books were pubkshed and donated to the Leather Archives & Museum in 2013
  • The Killer Wore Leather: An S/M Mystery by Laura Antoniou
  • The Sand Bar by Owen Keehnan
  • Heartbeat: Musings on Leather and Leadership by Thomas Smith
ADDENDUM: Andy Cross, Mr. San Francisco Leather 2013 from San Francisco, California wins the IML 2013 title.
contrib. Ambrosio. late 2022.
2013 20th Anniversary of the publication of The Marketplace by Laura Antoniou
2013 40th Anniversary of MSC London. MSC London is London's largest membership club for gay and bisexual men into fetish wear including leather, rubber, uniforms, skinhead, sportswear and denim.
2013 10th Anniversary of CineKink, the Kinky Film Festival.
2013, May 12 Bob "Puppy" Redder, 56 passed away peacefully at his home in Medford surrounded by his family and loved ones.
2013, Jun 5-9 The 15 Association hosts Boot Camp XXV.
2013, June 26
ADDENDUM: In the Case of United States v. Windsor, the United States Supreme Court finds that Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) --- which prohibited any federal recognition of same-sex marriages entered into at the state level --- was unconstitutional under the equal protection clause of the Fifth Amendment.

The 14th Amendment to the US Constitution states:

No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

contrib. Ambrosio. late 2022.
ADDENDUM: The ADA publishes the DSM-5. For the first time, the condition of experiencing "distress over one's sexual orientation" (under whatever name) does not appear.

The manual renames sexual sadism as sexual sadism disorder.

SEE ALSO: contrib. Ambrosio Dec. 31, 2022.
2013, Jul. 30 The Leather Archives & Museum (LAAM) announced today an OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) of the institution's book and magazine collection has gone live. The OPAC can be found at http://webopac.infovisionsoftware.com/leather/
ADDENDUM: Unfortunately, the OPAC seems to be no longer extant as of 11/14/2022.
contrib. Ambrosio. late 2022.
2013, Aug 1 The Leather Archives & Museum hosted Dr. Gloria Bramc for a reading from her new book Sex for Grown-ups: A Sex Primer for the 21st Century. Dr. Giona Brame is a world-renowned author, blogger, sex therapist and historian, who is best known for her previous book Different Loving.
2013, Aug, 19 The passing of Jose Juho Sama, Empress I de San Francisco, the Widow Norton, who founded the Imperial Court System with chapters all over North America, which celebrates drag while fundraising for our communities.

An Amencan poetical activist from San Franesco, California who, in 1961, became the first openly gay candidate for public office in the United States. He is also remembered for performing as a drag queen at the Black Cat Bar and as the founder of the Imperial Court System.
2013, Aug 29 Metro Detroit's Biggest Annul Leather Party and Vendor Mart Turns 5 years oid.
2013, Aug 30 - Sept 1 The International LeatherSIR, Leatherboy and Community Bootblack contest weekend moves to Dallas, TX.
2013, Sep. 1 Longtime LRA Member Tattoo Joe Passed Away.
2013, Sep. 1 Leather Archives & Museum welcomes Jakob VanLammeren as Archivist/Collections Librarian.
2013, Sep. 2
ADDENDUM: Doug O'Keeffe interviews Guy Baldwin in front of a live audience at the Master/slave Conference in Maryland September 2nd, 2013.

It is part of a series of "Fireside Chats" co-produced by Douglas O'Keeffe, Christina Court, and Joanny Goaddy in association with the Leather Archives and Museum. The "Chats" seek to capture the memories, reflections and experiences of community leaders. Presented live on stage in a talk show format, the "Chats" consist of a formal interview followed by an opportunity for the audience to ask questions of the subject. Each "Chat" is filmed for historical preservation at the Leather Archives and Museum.

contrib. Ambrosio Jan. 18, 2023.
2013, Sep. 3 The passing of Jeff Gord of the House of Gord.
2013, Sep. 3 Glenda Rider issued a statement on Monday, September 3rd stating that she was resigning as sole proprietor of IMsL. LLC. IMsL is the annual event which hosts both the International Ms Leather and International Ms Bootblack tries. Glenda stated that her resignation was effective immediately.
2013, Sep. 3 Gateway MC, St. Louis's oldest levi/leather club, announced Tuesday, Sept. 17, that they would be shutting down after 40 years.

Founded in 1973, the club was also the sponsor the Mr. Missoun Leather contest, a board lead by Mr. Missouri Leather 2010 Terry Laupp will continue to produce the contest.
2013, Sep. 20 Last week, the City of Cleveland had to walk back a letter to the owners of Cocktails, a gay bar on Cleveland's west side that has been under sieoe bv neiborborhood thugs. saying thev were calling the police too much. That embarrassmentment have done some good. Cleveland police seemed to have stepped up then efforts into finding the young men who nave been terrorizing the bar's patrons.

Tuesday, police arrested a Sixteen-year-old they say was part of the crowd caught on surveillance video assaulting New York resident Jared Fox as he walked from his car to Cocktails. The suspect, whose name was not released due to his age, was booked on robbery and felonious assault charges, and taken to the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Detention Center.
2013, Sep. 23 The International LeatherSir/boy contest announced Sunday that it was dissolving ail regional producer contracts and limiting contestants to only contest winners (no appointed) and only cisgendered (born) male contestants, removing transgender men from consideration.
2013, Sep. 27 Jeffery Payne and the board at International LeatherSir/Leatherboy announced Friday morning that the board has changed its decision on allowing transmen to compete in the ILSb contest. Both cisgender and transgender gay men can compete. In a lengthy letter on both Payne's and iLSb's Facebook pages, the board explained their reasoning in last week's decisions.
2013, Sep. 27-29 The first Mr. Ripcord Toledo Leather contest will be on Sept. 27-29 at the Ripcord Bar, 115 N Erie St., in Toledo.
2013, Oct 3 Cynthia Artemis Silverowl Babbitt, born on April 5, 1957 in Worcester, MA passed away on October 03, 2013 in Arlington, TX. Artemis was instrumental in the formation of the National Leather Association: Dalias and former title holder Ms NLA: Intemabonal. Her work in the Leather community and her documenting of local leather history will preserve it for future generations.
2013, Oct 5 25th Annual Mr. Iowa Leather contest took place at The Blazing Saddle, Des Moines, LA
2013, Oct 11-13 MR. WISCONSIN LEATHER 2014. The Inaugural Event takes place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
2013, Oct 11-12 The Reading Ratimen celebrate their 35th Anniversary.

We, the members of the Reading Radmen Inc., join together in fraternal friendship and brotherhood.

We bind together to promote personal pride on the part of all members of the club, for its aims and purposes. We will bring honesty, forthrightness, fellowship, and brotherly love. We will display the club patch with pride and dignity. We bind together to recognize and assist all fellow members and fraternal clubs. Whenever possible, we will extend the hand of friendship and hospitality in every possible way within our capabilities.
2013, Oct 21 Priape, Canada's leading gay store and sex shop, has closed its stores. Denis Leblanc, general manager at Priape Inc. confirmed that Priape's four stores across Canada - Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver - closed their doors Oct 21 at 8am Eastern Standard Time.

The company has been under bankruptcy protection since June 27.

Leblanc says the closings affect 58 employees.
2013, Nov 5 The passing of David Durman. David served as the 4th president of the Bay State Marauders. He was also Mr. Boston Leather 2010.
2013, Nov 9 This morning, at 11:50am (ET), Tan Starkey. International Mr. Bootblack 2010, lost his final battle and passed on to the next part of his journey. His love of life, community and of course, boots, will be missed more than words can describe.
2013, Nov 9 The 5th Annual Philadelphia Leather Pride Night took place at Voyeur Nightclub in Philadelphia, PA.
2013, Nov 30 Seattle Men in Leather (SML) sponsor the 25th Annual Seattle Leather Daddy and Daddy's boy Contest at The Cuff Complex, 1533 13th Avenue, Seattle, WA.
Time Event
2014 Books The following books were published and donated to the Leather Archives & Museum in 2014:
  • Steel and Velvet: A Soldier's Story by Juan Cordoba
  • Biker Bar, Bikes, Beer & Boys by Thom Magister
  • Young Digby Swank by Owen Keehnen
  • The LGBT Book of Days by Owen Keehoen
ADDENDUM: Ramien Pierre, Mr. D.C. Eagle 2014 from Washington, D.C. wins the IML 2014 title.
contrib. Ambrosio. late 2022.
ADDENDUM: According to the LGBTQ History Timeline Reference - GLSEN: Austin City Council approves ordinance for single-stall bathrooms to be recognized as gender-neutral.
contrib. Ambrosio. late 2022.
ADDENDUM: Release of La cérémonie (The Ceremony), a documentary about Catherine Robbe-Grillet and the sadomasocistic rituals she directs at her chateau.

contrib. Ambrosio. late 2022.
2014, Jan 24 Luis Alcala, founder of Alcala's, one of the Midwest's biggest Western wear stores, dead at 92.
2014, Feb 2 Death of Green Lantern's beloved owner, Greg Zehnacker. It appears that he died peacefully in his sleep. Greg was 55.
CORRECTION: The Washington Blade gives the date as February 18th.

SEE ALSO: contrib. Ambrosio. late 2022.
2014, Mar 28 The Chicago History Museum holds an event called "Dangerously Explicit" featuring a presentation on the artist Etienne.
2014, Jun 21 The winners of the 2014 Leathertarian Award were announced.
  • Male Winner: LOYD POWELL, of Texas
  • Female Winner: C. KEIKI STACY WEIGLE (aka Domina DeManda), of Florida
  • Lifetime Award: THOMAS SMITH, of Kentucky
The Male and Female winners receive a Check in the amount of $500.00. The Lifetime Award winner receives a check in the amount of $1,000.00.
2014, October 1
ADDENDUM: Publication of Master of O by Ernest Greene. The novel is a retelling of the Story of O set in contemporary Los Angeles.

This book deserves all the financial success given to the unnworthy Fifty Shades of Gray.

contrib. Ambrosio. late 2022.
2014, November
ADDENDUM: In ruling on the case of Obergefell v. Hodges, US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit upheld state same-sex marriage bans in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

The decision would be appealed to the Supreme Court of the United States which would rule on it on June 26, 2015.

contrib. Ambrosio. late 2022.

End of the Leather History Timeline as published by the Leather Archives and Museum.

The Leather Archives and Museum stopped updating the Leather History Timeline on their website in 2014. All entries after 2014 are additions by other contributors.