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Health & Safety

General BDSM Safety Advice

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First Aid

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Dungeon Monitoring at Parties

Please see the articles under the "Dungeon Monitoring" category in the Community Service section of this site.

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Medical Advice

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Emotional Health and Psychological Issues

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     "President Bush has pushed to fund abstinence-only sex education, saying that is the only 'surefire' way to prevent unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, and immoral, nasty, hot teen sex."
     "Abstinance, of course, does prevent all of these terrible things.  Abstinence education, however, does not."
 -  Al Franken
    "Abstinence Heros"
    Lies And the Lying Liars Who Tell Them


Sexually Transmitted Infections Including Hepatitis


"Life is a sexually transmitted disease."
- R. D. Laing


Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) -- also called Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) -- include Herpes, HIV/AIDS, Chlamydia, Genital Herpes, Gonorrhea, Human Papillomavirus, Genital Warts, Syphilis, Vaginitis, and Hepatitis.

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More Support Groups

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Medical Sites on the Internet

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Find a Doctor

  • The "Kink Aware Professionals List" is a national list of Doctors, Lawyers, and Professionals who are knowledgable and friendly toward the scene. It was started by Race Bannon but is now maintained by the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.

  • Gay and Lesbian Medical Association's Physicians' Referral Network: There's no guaranty that a GLMA referral for "practitioner who is sensitive to LGBT healthcare needs" will be (BDSM) kink friendly as well but it's more likely.


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