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(With Some Mythology)

Under fire by British soldiers Cuirassiers in Napoleon Bonaparte's Imperial Guard retreat at Waterloo.

Leather History and More

Largely Leather History plus LGBTQ+ History and Some Marginalia for Leather and BDSM History

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WIITWD on the Internet: BDSM Online in the 1990s

What It Is That We Do

The World Wide Web began to become more widely available in the mid 1990s and it became a catalyst for the growth of BDSM. It was an excellent source for information --- and disinformation as well.

  • About BDSM Usenet Newsgroups: In the mid-1990s, visiting newsgroups was a great way to learn about WIITWD. The resource on this page are mostly offered as historical documentation.
  • About the POWERotics Foundation and Hans Meijer: The POWERotics Foundation was one of many Internet publisher with BDSM themed web sites. It no longer exists, but many of the articles by its chairman, Hans Meijer, are still available on-line and still relevant. Some are on EvvilMonk.org.
Robots crawl over a world wide web being spun by Iktómi, a spider-trickster spirit in Lakota mythology

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Related: Protocol, Ethics, and Manners

They don't strictly qualify as history, but they're closely related.

In addition to the documents listed on this page, please also see our Protocol section.