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Internet Relay Chat Commands

The following short list of IRC commands are adapted from a more comprehensive list at The commands in bold are especially important if you are looking for a partner over the IRC. (If that is the case, then please read the article entitled Some Notes on Safety for Meeting Online and Off elsewhere on this site.)

/ignore [nick/address]

use to prevent someone from talking to you. The persons nick or address may be used.
example: /ignore Domlydom
example: /ignore *!*

/join [#]

use to join a channel --- or create a channel of your own if there is no channel with that name on the IRC server to which you've connected.
example: /join #txdungeon

/leave [#]

same as part
example: /leave #txdungeon


requests a list of currently formed channels from the server. The listing you request is not updated until you issue the request again.
example: /list

/mode [nick] +i

This is the invisible mode. You are not literally invisible on IRC. Users on the same channel as you still see you there. You are invisible to a user who does a /who or /names. A /whois nick, however, will show your user information and the channels you're on.
example: /mode Ambrosio +i

/msg [nick] [message]

sends a private message (whisper) to a user.
example: /msg Ambrosio hello there handsome. ;-)


shows nicks of users on a channel. You can also use this commend to see if a channel currently exists. If that is the case, you'll get a list of people who are currently in the channel.
example: /names #txdungeon

/nick [newnick]

if I wanted to change my current nick, Ambrosio to Domlydom, I would use this command.
example: /nick Domlydom

/part [#]

use to leave a channel
example: /part #txdungeon

/query [nick]

opens a new window for private dialog with a nick.
example: /query Ambrosio

/quit (message)

use to quit IRC. A quit message may be added to the command, but is optional.
example: /quit see ya later!

/topic #Topic

use to set or change the topic for a channel. This is command can only be used by a channel operator (the person who created the channel or his delegate
example: /topic #How to clean toys
example: /topic #  ©º°¨¨°º©©º°¨¨°º©  Dungeon Safety  ©º°¨¨°º©©º°¨¨°º©
example: /topic #  @}}--`--,--  Book discussion on "Screw the Roses ... "  --,--`--{{@

/who [#]

shows nicks, addresses, and optional user info if available for users on a channel.
example: /who #txdungeon

/whois [nick]

used to get info on a nick.
example: /whois Ambrosio

/whowas [nick]

used to get info on a nick that has just left IRC or a person who has just changed their nick.
example: /whowas Ambrosio

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