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The S/M Library Project

A Press Release from the SM/Leather/Fetish Community Outreach Project

To further our goals of gaining understanding and acceptance, we plan on working to get representative books placed in libraries.

The first step would be aimed at college and university libraries.

This would put information in the hands of both individuals exploring their own sexuality and potential community and health care professionals. We would start with a core group of books.

The initial proposed list is:

The Libary Project - Core Booklist

COMING TO POWER ed. by SAMOIS ISBN 0-932870-28-7 (1981, 1987) Alyson Publications, 40 Plympton St., Boston, MA 02118

This is another S&M handbook of sorts, edited by the members of a women's group called SAMOIS (named for the estate of Anne-Marie from Story of O) The information in this book is priceless to both novices and experienced practitioners. Also has short stories of erotic adventures.

DIFFERENT LOVING by G. Brame, W. Brame & J. Jacobs ISBN 1-679-40873-8 (1993) Villard Books, 201 E. 50th St. New York, NY 10022

A positive and empathetic exploration of the world of SM, including extensive interviews with players from around the country. Well written and well-researched it covers a wide range of sexual practices, with the emphasis on the heterosexual.

LEARNING THE ROPES by Race Bannon ISBN 1-881943-07-0 (1992) Daedalus Publishing Co, 584 Castro St, # 518, San Francisco, CA 94114

A basic guide to safe and fun S/M lovemaking. This brief volume explains how partners can explore their dominant and submissive S/M fantasies in a safe and fun manner. The author attempts to dispell negative myths and replace them with the truth about the kind of S/M erotic play that so many adults enjoy. You'll learn what safe S/M is, how to do it safely, and more.

LEATHERFOLK edited by Mark Thompson ISBN 1-55583-187-7 (1991) Alyson Publishers, 40 Plympton St., Boston, MA 02118

28 articles on what it's like to live and play with erotic power. Covers the development of radical sexuality by decades, starting in the 1940's. The authors include Dorothy Allison, Guy Baldwin, Joseph Bean, Pat Califia, Ganymede, and Gayle Rubin.

LEATHERSEX by Joseph W. Bean ISBN 1-881943-05-4 (1994) Daedalus Publishing Co, 584 Castro St, # 518, San Francisco, CA 94114

"A Guide for the Curious Outsider and The Serious Player" Lots of good information about Leathersex and the gay male leather scene and play. Includes some history and spiritual insights from a very experienced and thoughful participant in the leather scene.

ON THE SAFE EDGE by Trevor Jacques, et. al ISBN 1-895857-05-8 (1993) WholeSM Publishing P O Box 75075-329, Toronto, ONT M4W 3T3 (Hdbnd 1-895-857-06-6)

A systematic guide for novices that has the feel of an SM textbook. On the Safe Edge was reviewed by a group of leather men and women so that it would reflect the perspectives of tops, bottoms, gays, hets, and players with different specialties.

SENSUOUS MAGIC by Pat Califia ISBN 1-56333-131-4 (1993) Masquerade Books 801 Second Ave, NY 10017

An honest and supportive guide for the novice into the realm of dominant/submissive sexuality, with explanations of technique and terminology.

THE LEATHERMAN'S HANDBOOK II by Larry Townsend ISBN 0-503-09999-6 (1989) Carlyle Communications,462 Broadway, NY 10013

A leather classic, with chapters on the technique and psychology of doing SM. Written from a gay male perspective, it does not include specific information about women.

URBAN ABORIGINALS by Geoff Mains ISBN 0-917342-38-0 (1984) Gay Sunshine Press, Box 410690, San Francisco, CA 94141

This lyrical exploration of SM and leather popularized the idea of an endorphin high. One of the first books to take SM seriously as a spiritual journey.

We are open to suggestions for additions or deletions to this list. The list would be supplemented by a bibliography of additional books.

We would attempt to get these books on library shelves in a variety of ways:

  • Lobbying library acquisition committees to purchase the books.
  • Lobbying faculty members and researchers to request the books of their libraries.
  • Raising money and donating sets of books to libraries.

As support for the lobbying part of the program we will be soliciting endorsements from academics and professionals in the social and health sciences.

Difficulties or resistance that we feel is due to political or censorship issues will be referred to appropriate committees, organizations or individuals.

Our initial goal is 100 Libraries!!

What can you do?

  1. Let us, as a co-ordinating committee, know that you're interested in starting a local project.
  2. Set up a local committee to work on the project--it can be part of an existing organization, part of a coalition or a free-standing, ad hoc group.
  3. Identify which schools in your area you would like to contact.
  4. Define funding strategy--will you be supported by a group or groups, or do you have to do your own fundraising? Are you collecting funds just to cover postage, telephones, computer access, or are you going to be donating books?
  5. Identify the libraries acquisition policies.
  6. Try to locate sympathetic individuals at the institutions involved.
  7. Sell them the idea!!
  8. Report your results back to the co-ordinating committee (good or bad) to be shared with the other groups around the country.

To participate, or for further information, contact:

SM/Leather/Fetish Community Outreach Project
874 Broadway, Suite 806, New York, N.Y. 10003