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BDSM Manners & Traditions


In addition to the documents listed here, please also see our Dating section and our Netiquette listings in the Internet section.

In the Scene

"Think of three Things, whence you came, where you are going, and to whom you must account."

- Benjamin Franklin    


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At Parties

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"Old Guard" Traditions

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  • What is Gor? by Silk: A thoughtful article on the Gor phenomena.
  • Chain gang By Julia Gracen: a fascinating, well written, and insightful article about the Gor community.
  • House Plants of Gor: A parody of the Gor novels
  • Golfers of Gor: another parody of the Gor novels

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"If you fear lest you may not be perfectly equitable in treating more than one wife, then you shall be content with one."

The Koran - 4:3    


BDSM: The 'Net Generation

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St. Andrew and the St. Andrew's Cross

Religion, Spirituality, and BDSM

  • Sado-masochistic Ritual in a Thelemic Context by Raven Greywalker (Lilith)
  • Feminism, Wicca, and D/s by Rowan Ste. Julian
  • "Masochism as a Spiritual Path" from Dorothy Hayden's "Whereas psychology considered masochism as a disease, pre-nineteenth century religion regarded it as a cure. The ancients were in touch with the spiritual, physical and emotional value of masochism. For them, it was an essential part of reality; a combination of the soul in a tortured state, rapturous delight, exquisite pain and unbearable passion that brought them closer to experiencing union with something greater than their individual egos."

  • Christians and BDSM: A site that discusses Christian principals for BDSM and has places to post your views and/or meet with others.
  • Christian Domestic Discipline: Loving Wife Spanking in a Christian Marriage. A haven for married couples who practice safe and consensual Christian Domestic Discipline, or for those who would like to learn more about it. The site reads in part: "Though we recognize by its very nature this subject can be erotic, we will keep this website as clean and wholesome as possible. However, we will not seek to deny the erotic nature of some CDD marriages as we believe it is a natural consequence of following God's plan. After all, He created eroticism to be enjoyed inside a Christian marriage."

  • "Wife-Spanking 101: Neither parody nor porn": A feminist response to the Christian Domestic Discipline site.
  • Christian FemdomDs: This list is a forum for members of the Femdom malesub community to discuss all areas of the D/s relationship from a Christian perspective. We are Born Again Christians and we have an eternal commitment to Jesus Christ and a life long commitment to our wife/husband. All couples involved in a lifestyle Femdom D/s relationship or are interested to learn about the relationship are welcome to join the list. Singles may also join the list if they are seeking to have a lifestyle Femdom relationship with their future spouse. We now allow Christian Femdom Singles Personal Ads that are in good taste on this list.
    Yahoo eGroup:
  • ChristianDs: It is a forum to discuss BDSM and Ds from a Christian perspective. You may join if you are not a Christian as long as you respect those values. We are open to both Maledom and Femdom relationships.
    Yahoo eGroup:

Love is patient. Love is kind. It does not envy.
It does not boast, it is not proud
It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered
It keeps no record of wrongs
Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth
It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres
1 Corinthians 13


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The Triskelion

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Resources for Historical Research


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Polite Behavior for Vampyres

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Behaving Well Inside and Outside the Scene

The BDSM world is an extention of the larger world and the etiquette and protocols of the larger world still apply -- sometimes to a greater extent. A good dom still says "please" and "thank you" and apologizes when appropriate. A good sub will not push others out of his way when fetching a drink for his dom.

Click on the image below to order the hardcover facsimile of the original 1922 "Etiquette."


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