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BDSM and the Internet

I. The Internet: Vanilla History and BDSM Applications

Vanilla History and Guides

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The use of the Internet is in its relative infancy. In the words of counsel, it is 'an unruly beast.' Or so it will certainly become without a foundation of good-neighbor commercial principles.
  -- Justice Janet M. Wilson
    of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice
    in Toronto

Please, know the protocol before you post to newsgroups or mailing lists. Any one of the first five resources listed below will gave you a basic understanding of Netiquette.

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BDSM Resources on the Internet

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Social Networking Sites

  • This started as a site for kinky personals but it's used for networking as well.
  • FetLife: An extremely popular site exclussively for kinky networking.

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BDSM News Groups

    This section has moved to it's own page.

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Fake Virus Warnings, Urban Legends, and Hoaxes

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II. Webdesign

HTML Reference

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Webdevelopment Applications

  • Recommended Fonts
  • Submit your site to Search Engines: Free services but be warned that the email address you provide might get added to spam lists.
    • AddMe: The Wizard can submit to any or all of these search engines: Lycos, Northern Light, Google, Subjex, HotBot, Scrub The Web, FAST Search, Alexa, REX, LookSeek, ExactSeek, InfoSpace, Search It, Voila, NerdWorld, Excite, Mall Park, and EntireWeb
    • AddPro: I've only heard of three of the 20 SE AddPro lists.
    • Easy Submit: not as easy as it should be

  • Web Safe Color Selector by Jade (requires JavaScript)
  • Window Resizer (requires JavaScript)
  • Network Solution's Domain Name Query: Check to see if your Domain Name is available.

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Enter a word in the form below and press "GO!" to see if it's available as a Domain Name.
You will be taken to the Network Solutions website. Privacy Warning: Network Solutions
will identify you as coming from this site because I am a member of one of their affiliate programs.


Network Solutions

Hey, are you available? Enter your domain name here and find out.


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BDSM Clipart

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Recommended Programs

  • NoteTab: First rate text editor for writing HTML. It's available in both freeware and shareware versions.
  • PaintShop Pro: Graphic shareware from Jasc. It's not a powerful as Adobe photoshop but for most web graphics, it's more than adequate. It comes with a simple animation program.

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BDSM WWW Resource Sites

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Web Hosts for WIITWD

  • Adult Hosts: a list of hosts, both free and pay, who are adult/kink friendly.
  • Cyberbest Their Adult Site Policy reads "OL Communications is a believer in free speech. We make every effort to allow webmaster's to promote their own beliefs. While the courts are not clear on the definition of pornography, they are very definite about pedophilia and bestiality. Outside of that, we leave it up to your judgment as you are responsible for your own site. As long as you're over 21, we will allow most subjects that are socially acceptable in your local jurisdiction. Please note: Web Sites that have adult content must have their own Domain Name or they will be hosted on our servers."
  • D/s Haven Free BDSM Hosting: "Due to the growing intolerance of BDSM sites by free webspace providers ... it is becoming more difficult for community members to build and maintain BDSM websites that express themselves and their lifestyles."
  • MyBDSM.COM: Free web pages for the BDSM community.

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