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BDSM Mailing Lists

List of Mailing Lists

  • The Guide to Free BDSM-communities: The Original Humanly Edited List from Sadistic Hell. "A list of several thousands of free BDSM communities. Ever since MSN started to become "difficult" about BDSM-oriented facilities, other communities are once again starting to play a more important role. Yahoo, although somewhat paranoid at times, is a good source for free BDSM resources. However, without this list they are often very hard to find."

Mailing Lists

  • Ambrosio's BDSMTX News: a low volume mailing list featuring announcements, press releases, occasional relevant articles about WIITWD, privacy issue links, interesting URLs, etc., The emphasis is on Central Texas but the rest of Texas, the U.S., and -- occasionally -- the World are covered. For more information visit the unoffical Ambrosio's BDSMTX Newsletter page on this site or the official Yahoo Groups page at If you're ready to subscribe, simply submit your email address in the form below.
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  • BDSM San Antonio is a ONEList mailing list designed to keep the BDSM, D/s, and related communities in San Antonio informed and in contact with each other.
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  • The BDSM_Texas mailing list at Yahoo: "Exchange information, settings, lifestyle experiences involving an object, a thought, or an emotion through the senses or mind in conjunction with BDSM. We welcome all people regardless of preferences!!!!! Absolutly NO FLAMING ALLOWED."
  • Dr. Franklin has created a mailing list entitled "BDSMTexas" to provide a forum for Texas Leather Folk and S&M groups. The list is open to members of all Texas BDSM groups and unaffiliated individuals for announcements, news items, questions, advice, articles, and discussions on BDSM issues as they specifically relate to the Texas scene or the scenes in individual regions and cities. This list is open to anyone interested in subscribing, provided they are prepared to respect the opinions, lifestyles, and privacy of others (no "flamming" or indiscretion please.) In addition, Personals, Flames, commercial advertisements, chain letters, off topic threads, personal attacks, Binaries, JPEGS, AVI's, and other attachments are inappropriate. There are other resources available for those postings. (See the item below and our General Resources page.) To subscribe, send email to The mail server will send a confirmation request (an email you simply need to reply to) before you will be added. Subscribing to this newsgroup implies agreement to comply with the standards and terms outlined above.
  • BDSM_Texas-FLUFF: A mailing list "... for those in the Texas BDSM community to have an outlet for BDSM oneliners and fluff messages and to have a good time."
  • Different Strokes of Fort Worth/Dallas, Texas is sponsoring a DFW BDSM Discussion mailing list. Interested parties can subscribe by sending email to with "subscribe dfwbdsm" as the body of the email message
  • If you are look for a relationship or encounter in Texas try the BDSM Texas Personals Mailing List. To subscribe: send email to But if you are new to the scene, first please read the article on Meeting Someone Else into BDSM.
  • NLA-Austin Mailing List:The secretary of the Austin chapter of the national Leather Association is moderating a mailing list for "serving the BDSm/Leather community in Austin, Texas and teaching Safe, Sane, Consensual Sex habits." It includes notices of events -- both National and statewide. To subscribe, point your browser to
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  • The Next Generation Mailing List: NLA: Austin also sponsors The Next Generation mailing list. TNG is a safe venue for newcomers and experienced from the age of 18 to 30 to come and learn about the BDSM community with others within the same age group. This group is moderated in order to preserve the TNG nature of the list. NO TROLLING or FLAMING will be tolerated. "This is a source of information for new or existing members to the BDSM community. Group members should be between the ages of 18-30 but older newcomers to the BDSM community will be allowed to join. This is meant to be a safe place for education and learning with people in your age group sharing a common interest. There will be NO TROLLING allowed or FLAMING of others. Members should have a legitimate Egroup profile accessable to moderators indicating your age. If you violate the rules for this group, you will be removed and banned." For more information visit TNG holds bi-monthly meetings on either the first Friday or first Saturday of even numbered months.
  • Dom-Mentoring-BDSM Mailing List: is another highly successful mailing list from NLA-Austin. It is for novice Doms to learn from more experienced scene people. It is "a lively discussion about what being a Dominant means to you and also to receive answers from more experienced Dominants in an effort to further your education about BDSM." To subscribe, visit
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  • LEAsH is a mailing list from Houston, Texas that covers D/s protocol. "We are in hopes of using this platform as an arena for sharing our thoughts, opinions and suggestions on pan-sexual, protocol oriented D/s lifestyles. This is a serious on-topic discussion group. Flames and personal attacks will not be tolerated. Off topic messages will not be welcomed and those who abuse this will be warned only once before being removed from the list. Thank you for your participation and cooperation."
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  • Happenin-l is "a discussion list established for people interested in BDSM, and related topics." Although it isn't a regional list, I'd say about 95% of the people subscribed are Texans. To subscribe send an email message to with the word "subscribe" as the first and only word in the message.
  • POWERotics Daily BDSM News: The Daily is a six days a week (not on Sundays) email based newspaper for the BDSM community. It is unique since it is the only facility of its kind, it (sometimes) uses the multilingual capacities of the POWERotics Foundation (which makes it of interest to a worldwide audience) and it offers a combination of high quality information and entertainment. And, best of all, it is free!
    The Daily offers news from or for the community - straight from some of the most influential BDSM-related newsdesks in the world, such as LeatherMedia, BDSM-events, the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, SWL, Boudoir Noir, Secret Magazine and of course our own POWERotics News Desks in Miami and Amsterdam, event announcements, an informational article every day, pointers to BDSM information and fun on the Internet, personal ads, a serial story and more.
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  • Jaguar's D/s-BDSM Discussion Mail List
  • Christian FemdomDs ( This list is a forum for members of the Femdom malesub community to discuss all areas of the D/s relationship from a Christian perspective. We are Born Again Christians and we have an eternal commitment to Jesus Christ and a life long commitment to our wife/husband. All couples involved in a lifestyle Femdom D/s relationship or are interested to learn about the relationship are welcome to join the list. Singles may also join the list if they are seeking to have a lifestyle Femdom relationship with their future spouse. We now allow Christian Femdom Singles Personal Ads that are in good taste on this list.
  • ChristianDs ( It is a forum to discuss BDSM and Ds from a Christian perspective. You may join if you are not a Christian as long as you respect those values. We are open to both Maledom and Femdom relationships.
  • SteelSky: ( SteelSkys Leather PlayGround is a pansexual newsletter. The mission of this newsletter is to provide education, resources and support to all within our community who share a sincere interest in safe, sane and consensual BD/SM.
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If you are the moderator of a BDSM related mailing list and you'd like it to be included on this page please send all the relevant details to Ambrosio via email. If it's relevant, I'll post it at my earliest opportunity.


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