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Press Release Generator

(With special thanks to an anonymous web programmer.)



Before you compose your press release, here are some suggestions:

  • To make it easier to read, capitalize the first letter of all words in the headline (except for "a", "an", "the", and prepositions).
  • Learn exactly who you should address the email to -- and spell the names correctly.
  • Write it in third person.
  • Include the most relevant information at the beginning followed by the supporting details. Use the five W's (who, what, when, where, why) in the first paragraph -- it will grab the readers attention.
  • Give us a little background at the end by including a brief description of your group.

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Input Form

Capitalize the first letter of all words in the headline (except for "a," "an," and "the.")


Example: TX

Please enter the date of the press release in one of the common date formats such as MM/DD/YY or MM/DD/YYYY.

Text of PR
Remember the "Five W's": who, what, where, when and why.

About the Organization
Include a short paragraph of back ground information about the organization.

Contact - person
This is the person who is providing the release or can be contacted by a reporter or editor with questions about the event; can be multiple people.

Contact - title

Contact - organization

Contact - phone number

Contact - fax number

Contact - email address

Web Site URL


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Further Modification Will Be Necessary:

If the press release is only a single page you should add "###", "-30-", or "END" in the horrizontal center of the page at the end of the release. If the press release continues to another page you should put "- more -" on the bottom center of the first page and start the next page with a shortened version of the headline.

If you are mailing or faxing this press release, follow these guidelines:

  • Use 8 ½ x 11 paper.
  • Print single sided.
  • Use one-inch margins at least on both sides of the page.
  • Use a Bold typeface for the headlines.
  • Don't carry over paragraphs. Complete them on one page.

Good luck. I hope this helps.