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Online Shopping for BDSM Toys


Ambrosio's Favorite Shopping Sites

  • Forbidden Fruit: Although it's has three brick and mortar stores based in Austin, TX, the Forbidden Fruit site features online shopping. The 107 A. East North Loop location specializes in B&D, corsets, and Gothic fashions. (512-453-8090) The 513 E. 6th Street location features body art. (512-478-8358). Forbidden Fruit supports the local community and has been in business for over 20 years. For more information write or visit
  • Google's new online shopping site -- Froogle -- is a convenient way to find products for sale from across the web. It doesn't seem to have a special category for fetish toys but the search function came up with some hits.
  • The Mindfold website describes the Mindfold as" a sleep and travel mask impervious to light, even direct sunlight. It can be used to sleep or relax while traveling on airplanes, in dentist's offices, and it can be used for meditation, by night workers, for seminars and for training the visually impaired. The mask is held away from the eyes by comfortable foam padding with cutouts allowing the wearer to enjoy TOTAL darkness even with their eyes open. MINDFOLD consists of a highly durable plastic lens; high density, soft foam; and is secured by a comfortable elastic strap." I would further add that's it's the only blindfold I choose to use.
    Toll free number: (888) 705-3805.
    Electronic mail General Information:
    Postal address:
    8043 E. 7th St.
    Tucson, AZ 85710 Telephone
    888-705-3805 FAX
    505 865-5155
  • Snakepit Leatherworks: Custom made and hand crafted leather work. (Austin)
  • The Stockroom: "JT's Stockroom is the original internet source for quality sex toys."
  • Words of Wisdom for the New BDSM Buyer by Sartan

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Forbidden Fruit

Medical and Veterinarian Suppliers

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Police, Military, and Equestrian

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Electrical Toys such as Violet Wands

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Texas Craftsmen

This is strictly a list of vendors who make their own toys, clothing, and furniture. For Texas based retailers, see Elsewhere on This Site below.

  • BDSM Depot: "BDSM Depot is destined to be your complete online BDSM supplier. We are constantly on the lookout for hard to find items as well as providing better pricing for all your BDSM needs. ... We also carry a full line of leather products for the do-it-yourselfer." Shop: 1-713-681-4407. Toll Free: 1-866-739-8733
  • Ed's Leathers at - Hand made quality leather items from the heart of Texas.
  • Snakepit Leatherworks: Custom made and hand crafted leather work in Austin.
  • The Music of Butt Boy: Dallas based electronic composer who writes music specifically for leathersex. (Dallas)
  • Darksyde Leathers: "Take a walk on the Darksyde." High quality handmade floggers from Korwin (
  • Dungeon Enterprises, Inc.: "Wholesale/Retail for all of your Fetish/Kink/SM needs." 214-522-2796. (Dallas)
  • Sacred Heart Rubber: Rubber clothing at (Austin)
  • Thunder Struck Leather Whips and Toys: Custom orders welcome. office: (972) 276-9787 / pager: (972) 597-5537. (Dallas)
  • Unrestrained Designs: P.O. Box 3686, Arlington, Texas 76007. 817-261-6184. (Dallas)
  • Travis ("Just Travis") of Houston wholeheartedly recommends Zurell for his talons and whips. Zurell's web site is or he can be reached by email at . (Dallas)
  • Angelita Tickel of Tickell Fashions, Gothic/Erotic Fashions. "Dare to Be a Goddess." (173) 667-8186 or (713) 684-8625 (pager.) (Houston)
  • Leather OGD Works: John's Pg: 713-994-6233 (Houston)
  • Paddles by pain: Custom made paddles of unique design and materials. P by p, P.O. Box 532, Anahuac, TX 77514 (Houston area)
  • San Antonio's "Kinktoymaker" Paul ( makes beautiful wooden paddles out of hardwoods including cherry, maple, red oak, hickory, and other exotics on requested.   They are finished in either natural color or with a dark stain and given 3-5 coats of hand rubbed tung oil to a high lustre.  Some are finished in virgin olive oil with no shine (the olive oil protests it from water and bleach but does have to be reapplied occasionally).  He also works in leathers and steels and has fabricated many of types bdsm equipment and furniture such as cages,  whipping posts, tether posts,  suspension systems, and just about everything in between. Pictures of some of his most recent work are avaiable upon request via email. (San Antonio)
  • Lopez Bros. Silversmiths in Bandera produce custom silverwork. They are fetish friendly: It might have been Rick who told Ambrosio that he "loves custom orders -- the more exotic the better." 830-796-4621. P.O. Box 2741, Bandera, TX 78003 (San Antonio area)
  • TLC - Today's Leather and Chain: "Specializing in high quality, custom-made Renaissance, Fantasy, and BDSM products. All items are made from chainmail, leather, and other hand worked materials. Custom orders are very welcome." The owners often attend SAS/M socials and parties. or ICQ # 46076059. (San Antonio)
  • blossom's silhouettte gifts: statues, cards, leather work, mystical, fantasy, decor, and new age. email: P O Box 380802, San Antonio, TX 78268-7802 (San Antonio)
  • Dominatias Floggers: Hand Crafted Floggers in leather and suede. In sizes, 30in, 25in, 20in and 15 in  also cats of nine. In Colors red, purple, black, blue and special order colors. You can view these items on Ebay under BDSM or Dominatias for pictures or contact or Ron at 385-4797. (San Antonio)

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Vanilla Adult Stores Online

  • Adam and Eve - offers a full line of videos, adult toys, books, lubes, and condoms with discreet, direct-to-your door delivery.
  • EdenFantasys - sells adult toys and gifts, DVDs, erotic books, and lingerie; It also has special categories for gay and lesbian community. The site includes an educational section, containing useful info on sexuality, intimate life, dating, relationships, and homosexuality. The buyer’s guides can help provides customers with info how to buy and care their toys.
  • Good Vibrations - woman friendly, worker-owned cooperative providing access to information, toys, books, and videos to promote healthy attitudes about sex. It has an excellent selection of books and a large collection of vibrators.
  • Romantic Exploits
  • Shades of Love - Sensual enhancement products offered to the public in an upscale, comfortable atmosphere. Women owned and friendly to women and couples. (Physically located in San Antonio, Texas.)

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Auction Sites

  • The AuctionBlock at BDSM-Village
  • Project KinkAuction is a seller's coalition for kink-friendly auction services. They have selected Fetish Auctioneer to target with a regular stream of BDSM listings. Through this effort, it is aim of Project KinkAuction to create a viable auction venue owned within -- and obviously friendly to -- the BDSM community. New sellers are always welcome and the seller requirements are simple to meet.

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Long List of More S&M Shopping Sites

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