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Site Map / Table of Contents

This site maps links all to the individual pages on this site organized into sections. It does not include external links.

Web Site Sections

The Most Important Pages

Not a section of it's own, but rather a subjective listing of the most important pages to read from the categories which follow. If you're new to this, I suggest you start here.


Fundamentals for BDSM and Leather: Books, guides, and external Internet links.

Introductory Articles

About Munches

About Parties

About Bashes and Conferences

Terms and Concepts

D/s Roles

S&M Tips and Techniques

Finding and Making S&M Toys

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Munches and groups organized by location including Texas, the Ohio River Valley, and elswhere

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Health & Safety

Medical advice, First Aid instructions, and an important essay by Jay Wiseman on Breath Control.

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Domestic abuse should not be confused with consensual BDSM. The webmaster abhors domestic violence, abuse, and rape. This document includes several links, a list of mostly local resources, and a statement from the Lesbian Sex Mafia (LSM).

I had trouble naming this section of my web site. Originally I wanted to name it "BDSM vs. Abuse." to make the point that consensual BDSM is distinct from domestic violence. But that would have implied that the two were mutually exclusive. As much as our community largely abhors domestic violence, abuse, and rape, the unpleasant truth is abuse has been and still is an issue in our community. That must be acknowleged and addressed. So I renamed it "Abuse or BDSM."

Most recently I changed the name to simply "Abuse." Since the title of the web site includes the term "BDSM," including it in the name of the section is redundant.

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If you are new to this lifestyle, for your safety and well being, please take the time to read a few of these first four articles before you start dating or playing with strangers:

  1. Ten Tips for the Novice, Single, Heterosexual, Submissive Woman by Jay Wiseman
  2. Three Essays on Finding a Domme by Ms Margo
  3. Some Notes on Networking, Cruising, and Dating by Ambrosio
  4. Some Notes on Safety for Meeting Online and Off by Ambrosio

Once you meet someone you like and trust, you should negotiate your play session. This section includes a plain HTML negotiation form, an online interactive negotiation form, and an online interactive checklist as well as advice and resources for meeting others.

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History & Protocol

Leather and BDSM history, protocol and etiquette for inside the scene and out, the "Old Guard" traditions, and modern Polyamory.

Landing page: History and Protocol

Protocol, Ettiquette, and Manners

History, Tradition, and Mythology

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BDSM and the Law. I am not a lawyer and this section is not offered as legal advice or an attempt to interprete the law. These links are a starting point -- not the final word on legal issues. For reliable legal advice, you must talk to a real lawyer.

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Advice and information on starting and running a BDSM group, throwing parties, acting as a Dungeon Monitor, and being a community activist.

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About Me

My vanity pages, shameless self-promotion, and online cruising.

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Miscellaneous Pages

Anything that doesn't fit into the other categories. That includes personal web sites, humor, and literature (such as the works of Hanns Heinz Ewers, and poetry.)


Art and Literature


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