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Visiting Las Vegas and Paradise, NV

This page is less about any local BDSM and Leather communities in the Las Vegas valley, and more about the businesses and entertainment targeted to visitors.

A chorus line of female dancers performs on stage to a cheering crowd in a Las Vegas showroom.

BDSM in Sin City

I have no personal experience with any of the businesses on the following list. Inclusion on the list does not equate to recommendation. The links are offered purely for you infomation.

  • BDSM Las Vegas on Fetish.com
  • The Green Door: A social club for consenting adults. It is equiped with a dungeon.
  • The Sanctum Adult Playspace Las Vegas, NV
    The Sanctum was conceived and created by Blonde Goddess and Pandora together. The two of them felt that there was a need for a plush, more luxurious, and more inviting adult playspace which would elicit a feeling of fanciful whimsy and playfulness, in stark contrast to the severe, cold and sterile places you will find if you search for a "dungeon" rental.

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Personal Recommendations

Rather than offer the same recommendation every Las Vegas influencer offers up, I want to mostly focus on the less familar locations and businesses (with a few exceptions already well known to tourists and influencers alike.)

  • Area 15 (including Meow Wolf's Omega Mart, an interactive art installation.)
  • Arts District
    • Burlesque Hall of Fame: The Burlesque Hall of Fame is the world’s premier organization dedicated to preserving the living legacy of burlesque as an artform and cultural phenomenon. With a collection of several thousand costumes, stage props, photographs, and personal effects documenting the careers and lives of burlesque dancers, comics, and producers over nearly a century, the museum is a growing testament to the power and social impact of the art of the tease. (I haven't visited this museum so I can't recommend it personally. This listing is purely FYI.)
    • Dig it! Coffee Co.: We envision a thriving community built on inclusivity, equity and kindness. Through coffee and connection we offer a new perspective on what inclusion looks like in the workplace.
    • Esther's Kitchen: Esther’s Kitchen is a seasonal Italian neighborhood restaurant, set in the Las Vegas Arts District in downtown Las Vegas. We are inspired by the bounty of the West Coast and the traditions of Italy.
  • Chinatown Vegas on Spring Mountain Rd west of I-15
  • Erotic Heritage Museum
    The Harry Mohney Erotic Museum, also known as the Erotic Heritage Museum, (the EHM) began as a partnership between Preacher (the Rev. Ted McIllvenna) and a Pornographer (Harry Mohney). Working to build a sex positive exhibition space, these two men from opposite sides of the cultural spectrum created the largest museum in the world for the preservation of erotic artifacts, fine art, film, education and cultural events: The Las Vegas Erotic Heritage Museum.
  • Monzú Italian Oven & Bar: Authentic Italian cuisine way off the strip. The pasta is cooked al dente (i.e., cooked to be firm to the bite) which might be a bit disconcerting to some. But it is a rare treat for the more adventurous.
  • Tacos El Gordo at 3041 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas NV 89104 (across the street from Resorts World)

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These are shows that closed and which I remember fondly.


2003 - 2020

A resident cabaret-style show by Cirque du Soleil at the New York-New York Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. It was the company's first adult-themed show and decidedly erotic. My favorite piece was a tango performance with two men and one woman. It was faithful to the Tango's historical origins. Other notable acts were a water bowl act and an arial act involving self-bondage.

Crazy Girls


Here's my review on Yelp:

I've seen many of the topless shows in Las Vegas but the only one that keeps me coming back at every visit is Crazy Girls. I saw in most recently in November 2017 and was pleased that it's still the hottest topless show on the Las Vegas strip.

The magical act has been cut which gives the multi-talented singer and MC, Danielle Elizabeth, more time on stage to talk to the audience. Her expressive eyes and penetrating gaze reminded me of a favorite Crazy Girl dancer from years past.

The first time I went to Crazy Girls in 2015 it was specifically for titillation --- I had read that it was the raunchiest in Las Vegas --- but I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent dancing. In addition to being beautiful and very sexy, the ladies are first rate, trained professional dancers. More than one has extensive ballet training as displayed by the high kicks and pirouettes. One number in particular --- an erotically charged slow "barre exercise" performed on Pointe to classic R&B --- showcased one dancer's impressive flexibility and strength. It was almost (but not quite) enough to make me forget my reason for being there. These women don't need to be nearly nude to entertain. But it certainly adds to the experience.

Crazy Girls borrows from the Crazy Horse review in Paris. The lighting, music, and smoke effects are reminiscent of the French institution. The last number seems lifted from the Crazy Horse finale.

But the aesthetic is American. The theatrically experience doesn't come at the expense of eroticism. It's not an abstract appreciation of the female form. It's a carnal appreciation of women's beauty and sexuality.

The eroticism is more Christina Aguilera than Britney Spears, more Penthouse than Playboy. It's not another uninspired example of the trendy "contemporary burlesque." With Crazy Girls, the fantasy is less the coy affectation of the "girl next door" and more about the uninhibited sexuality of mature women. In the best solo number a dancer writhes and turns on a revolving circular platform tilted toward the audience. She moves from seductive pose to seductive pose to the rhythm of a slow, seductive chamber pop song. With sultry expression, smoldering eyes, and disheveled hair, she teases the audience with the slim chance of revealing more to the audience than the Cook County ordinances will allow. It is the most successful strip tease I've had to the pleasure to watch in a theater.

The space is very intimate provided you sit in the front half of the house. The seats are more comfortable than the chairs used in X Burlesque at the Flamingo.

The show closed in 2021, but the official web site is still up as of March 2024. I can't image the web host isn't charging for the site. Perhaps the producer has the intention of revising it some day. If he does, I hope he uses the same choreographer/dance captain from 2015 - 2021.


Links for Crazy Girls LV

Sexxy and Exxcite

These were two shows from producer, director, and choreographer Jennifer Romas.

Sexxy ran for seven years at the Westgate Resort & Casino. I saw it once and I was impressed. It was obvious that Jennifer Romas was a gutsy lady with many talents and capabilities.

Exxcite had a run at the Duomo Theater inside the Palms Casino. The website is up but the View Dates function does not work. The show must be on hiatus.

I regret not posting my review for Exxcite to Yelp and TripAdvisor when the show was still running at the Duomo Theater. More people might have had the pleasure of seeing it. But for what its worth, here goes:

Exxcite: The Show at the Duomo Theater inside the Rio Hotel & Casino is undeniably Las Vegas' best-kept entertainment secret. Producer and choreographer Jennifer Romas has demonstrated her exceptional talent, skill, guts, and intelligence to create an intimate dance experience that overcomes resource limitations.

The venue provides an immersive experience, allowing the audience see the performers up close. The intimate space sets the stage for an unforgettable journey through the history of rock and roll, as the dynamic score encompasses synthpop, rock anthems, hard-driven rock, and contemporary pop, celebrating womanhood with playful sexual innuendo.

What truly sets "Exxcite" apart is the remarkable ensemble of dancers. Jennifer Romas has broken away from the norm, presenting a diverse group of performers, each with unique talents and strengths. The choreography showcases their skills, making the show a blend of artistry and sensuality.

These are not just beautiful showgirls but dedicated, formally trained dancers. The choreography seamlessly weaves together traditional jazz, modern dance, aerial ballet, bump & grind, twerking, pole dancing, and unabashed "stripper moves," making the evening both artistic and erotic.

Take for example Abilene René Burics's "Pink Barbie Doll" number. This statuesque platanum blonde with flawless alabaster skin performs a classic strip tease and fan dance during a rock song celebrating the female body.

One of the show's memorable features is the carefully selected moments when dancers interact with the audience. These instances add an unexpected and delightful element to the performance, culminating in moments like a brief but delightful lap dance for one lucky audience member, creating an unforgettable and personalized experience for attendees.

Gabie Lopez's live singing throughout the show is reminiscent of Christina Aguilera, providing a powerful and dynamic musical backdrop. But she deserved a sound system more fitting for a live performance. The nightclub sound system wasn't adequate.

Romas obviously loves dance, loves the cabaret/burlesque artform, and --- most of all --- loves her performers.

Despite the excellent experience, the show could benefit from a better venue. "Exxcite" has the potential to reach even greater heights with a new stage, promotional support, and additional performance dates. The show's combination of talent, diversity, and sensuality deserves a broader platform, and one can only hope that a casino recognizes this opportunity to offer "Exxcite" the stage it truly deserves.

NOTE: While it's acceptable for the dancers to touch the audience, the audience shouldn't return the favor. That's not what the dancers signed up for. It's non-consensual. If you are expecting a different protocol, you must adjust your expectations and keep your hands to yourself.

I look forward to Jennifer Romas' next sexxy and exxciting project.


An Update for Exxcite

Jennifer Romas has announced that Pop-Up performances of Exxcite The Show, will take place at The Composers Room on March 16th, April 1st, & April 29th. If you're in Las Vegas on those dates, do yourself a favor at see the show!

This award-winning Rock Vibe, high-energy, powerhouse production gives a flair of authenticity to the classic showgirl and Vegas Glitz and glam with an erotic, edgy twist! Taking you on a song and dance journey, enjoy jaw-dropping acts, powerhouse vocals, and heart pounding choreography, performed by a cast of classically trained female artists. This his heart pounding show, produced by multifaceted producer Jennifer Romas is “slightly indecent, sexually suggestive and guaranteed to Exxcite! We are thrilled to be performing at the Composers Room with our Pompey Entertainment partners and family!

Flyer for Exxcite at The Composers Room

Links for Jennifer Romas and her Projects

AI Art inspired by "Exxcite: The Show" and dancer Abilene René Burics. Interior of the Duomo in Florence.  An alabaster statue of the goddess of love stands in the center.  The statue wears bright pink clothing and pink evening gloves.  In her hand she holds a large fan made out of pink feathers.

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  • Avoid visiting during Formula One and in the months proceeding it. Preparations of the race make walking and other forms of transporation difficult. The views of the Bellagio fountains are severly limited.
  • Make restaurant and show reservations far in advance. At least for the restauraunts and shows you're most interested in. Start as soon as you've reserved flights and lodging.
  • If you have enough payed time off, travel Sunday through Friday. Demmand for flight and lodging will be less than the demmand Friday through Sunday. And prices might be lower.
  • When pricing hotels, take resort fees into account.
  • For a change of place, consider staying at the Nirvana Hotel. It's across the street from Mandalay Bay on the far south end of the Strip. I haven't stayed there yet, but based on this video from JacobslifeinVegas, it seems like a great option.
  • A few weeks in advance of your trip, start watching Las Vegas local news on YouTube. You will be better informed about traffic issues, new tourist scams, entertainment news, etc., for when you arrive.
  • If you don't absolutely need to rent a car, then don't. If you plan to stick to the casinos on the Strip or Freemont street, a car would be more of a hinderance and an unneccessary expense than a benefit. If you must rent a car, rent from one of the rental desks in the casinos on the Strip instead of the airport car rental campus. The rental desks "at the airport," aren't really at the airport at all. Visitors must hop on a shuttle that takes them to a complex several miles away from the airport. So, it's not really a convenience.
  • Don't fall for the hype for the "$20 Trick" that all the YouTube influencers are pushing. I asked a sister-in-law who works in the hospitality industry about it. She said it's all a bunch of HOOEY! You don't need to bribe the desk staff for a free upgrade. If there is a vacant upgrade available when you check in, they're liable to give it to you if ask. If there isn't, they won't. It's called the hospitality industry for a reason. So just ask. But if they do upgrade you for free, by all means show your appreciation of the desk staff appropriately.
  • If you happen to arrive before check in time, leave your bags with the valets and check in at the front desk. Unless you pay and additional fee for early check in or there happens to be a clean roon available, chances are you will need to wait a few hours before getting in your room. Spend the first few hours of your vacation unencumbered by bagage.
  • Tipping: Yes. Tip the doorperson who delivers your bags to your room. Tip the waitstaff who serve you drinks (whether free or not.) Tip the underpaid cleaning staff. If you can afford a trip to Las Vegas, you can afford to tip the hard working people who work to make your vacation fun.

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